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beard growing cream in nigeria

Are you looking for the best beard growing cream in Nigeria or the best Beard Oil in Nigeria, then you need to read this story before you go waste your money to buy a beard oil in Nigeria or a beard growing that won’t do a single work for you.

Before you drive further down this story, you should read how this Nigerian went from no beard to full beard in just 4 months. Amazing, right?

beard growing cream in Nigeria
From Zero beard to full beard in 4 months. This can be you too!

Okay, so now let’s get down to this little story of how I grew my beard using this beard growing cream from none to all!

So, within the next few minutes, I would be sharing my testimony. Yes, testimony! Because this is a story of how my life switched roles from that of a clown cum object of ridicule to that of pride. How I became a peacock gliding around my hood within a period two months, instead of my previous state of low self-esteem.

So, I will implore you to calm down, grab a chilled bottled of soft drink (for me, Pepsi best fit in here), while you read through every line of my testimony. *winks*

Well, I’m not a stingy person, so I wouldn’t only share my testimony with you, but would also share lots about the engine which powered this testimony. I mean the herbal hair booster that changed my beard story.

You love that right? Fine!

I’m sure you can’t wait any longer. That’s really good and encouraging because I too can’t wait to share my testimony with you!

So without much ado, let’s get down to business.

In The Beginning…

So it all started from my teenage years; from the early days of my period in SS2 at the Gods’ Time College, Lagos.  Then I was fourteen, and although I seem to be the youngest amongst my classmates then, I got unruffled and unperturbed when most of them, if not all actually, started sprouting strands of beards.

Yea. I didn’t find that disturbing, and remember, I was just fourteen…so, I thought it was normal. That I wasn’t just matured enough. So I simply continued living the normal life as I’ve always done.

I kept being normal until the senior WAEC started. I was approaching sixteen then, and it was becoming quite obvious that I couldn’t bear beards, not even just a strand, even when most of my classmates were already getting to shave their beards. I was sixteen.

Sixteen, yet with no trace. I tried getting to live like I wasn’t disturbed about the development, I tried, I really did, but this society I grew up to know – my friends, my classmates, my neighbors didn’t really make life so interesting to live.

This moment I was being mocked, or maybe being teased, and the next I was being advised on what ointments to take to trigger the beards; I still remember adding palm oil to my chin area back then.

Really stupid right? Well, it wasn’t totally my fault…you know that childish mentality that comes with frustration na.

Well, above all odds, I survived the period. So, I thought I’ve conquered them all. But, hell no! I didn’t. Not even a minute quota of them. It was really crazy mehn. But, I did survive anyway; let’s call that a temporary survival. Lol

I held my peace until I got admitted into the university. I was really happy. Yes! Who wouldn’t be anyway? I was happy as well as being enthusiastic. The University of Ibadan is everyone’s dream school you know…

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Where My Plane Crashed…

Fast forward to the first day in class…normal like every other first student…I was happy I finally found peace! I thought I had.

Innocent me, who thought had left all taunting and jesting made towards me in Lagos. I was almost 18 then.

Oh! I forgot to tell you; I’m 6.2ft tall, muscularly built, with a broad face – I’m fine o. lol

So, I think you should understand why I was being mocked for not having beards. I looked way older and matured than my age.

University days in no time became the hell all living humans dread of. Right from my hostel mates who were evidently already bearded masters, to the beard gang in class, even to the old mama who sells provisions in the common room of Zik hall. I remember her calling me one night advising me on what and what to do to make my beard start growing.

Wait; don’t feel I’m exaggerating stuff here. This was what I faced during my days within the four walls of the university. Crazy isn’t it.

I remember Linda as well. Linda was the finest and most busty girl in class back then. I really developed a liking for her and was forced by my inner man to approach her. I actually did! And the picture of that event when played in my head till date just leaves me in a juxtaposed feeling of embarrassment and joy. Why? Well because I found a solution to my dreaded problem in the long run.

Linda actually told me to come to get a reply on the day I become a man. Evidently saying; I should start growing beards before I come to get my reply…

Linda wasn’t the only predator here. Loads of them during my university days were. A close friend of mine told me girls really loved playing with their man’s beards when they’re both alone…this broke my heart completely, and I gave up!

I attempted suicide twice. Ain’t kidding. I get depressed easily. I got tired of life. I thought I wasn’t like a normal person. I was approaching 22 then. 98 percent of my mates now have beards, and I wasn’t even seeing traces that I will have yet.

I did a series of medical tests, yet all to no avail; I was confirmed to be okay. So what’s wrong? Well God knew then.

So, like every human like me, I gave up! Some told me it is hereditary, but, my younger brother now grooms his beards, and my father also isn’t left behind. Or was I a bastard? I do ask myself.

I couldn’t talk and relate well in public places where people who knew me were present in. Even up to the class’ level. I gradually became unnoticed in class (intentional though). My degree of inferiority complex rose tremendously, and I felt I was becoming a near shadow of myself…I felt my plane crashing.

I was tall, built, brilliant, and seem to be every woman’s dream guy, but, my lack of beard erased these properties, thus making me even less than normal.

Oh, I didn’t tell you; I tried lotta acclaimed remedies o. ah! I did. Even my roommate who gave me the nick; ‘BALD’ did advise me.

I started using things like;

  • Mixing igbo (weed) with methylated spirit, and thus started rubbing it on my chin, and even on my head, still, my hair didn’t grow. All I got as result was annoying bald spots all over my face…stupidly irritating!
  • I also used onion and vinegar, whilst also mixing it with eggs…still a waste of effort!
  • I also used lots of creams, hair boosters, sprays, oils, in fact just mention it…all just ended up as a mere waste of money.
  • I even used drugs. Medical ones o. It was when I read about their side effects that I stopped it…i got scared.

Guys, I gave up!

The Turnaround…

In the beginning, I called this article a testimony right? Yea, it really is a testimony. And, the most beautiful aspect of the testimony, which happens to be what, brought you to reading this piece right now, is what I want to share now – my turnaround.

How I finally got it right, and thus started living like a man.

So, during my final year, which got accompanied with a hell of stress – all thanks to the seemingly unending project defense, I met this guy, whose face seems new – I can’t recall seeing that face in class before then.

Fully beardy. But not just with beards, but with healthy and good looking beards. I loved him at first sight! (No homo intended).

So, we got talking, and like I do to almost everyone I get talking with, I explained my to him, and that very moment changed my life…that was a year ago from today.

His name is James, but I prefer calling him James Congo. Oh, sorry I forgot to tell you my name. My name is James as well. Coincidence right?…

Fast forward a little…James became my saviour.

Not that he gave me a cure to my hair loss, and inability to grow beards, but he resuscitated my hope. He lent me a hand to lean on…then it became us against the world. He did stand by me when others mock, and so, I didn’t give up on myself again. I start believing I could grow beards still. And this time, I intensified my researches online.

I started reading journals, blogs, watching vlogs, et all. But still the hair no gree grow o…not at all. No sign sef. But still, james didn’t make me give up. He was fully bearded, like that of rickross’ own (without any treatment), so he himself doesn’t know much hair stimulant to use.

Well, I kept being still until sometimes in April. The breakthrough finally came! I was researching online one Friday night when I came across this herbal cream in Nigeria. I actually, like every other person would, became a doubting Thomas – I didn’t want to believe in its potency. You wouldn’t want to blame me anyway. You know, me who has tested of medical medication, and didn’t work out, how then would a mere herbal cream do the magic – so I thought anyway. But James persuaded me to buying it – I was in Ibadan, and the product is in Abuja.

Long story short, I started using it. The first 3 days showed no improvement, still,l I kept using it. Lo and behold, within 21 days, I got my full miracle package! I got it!…lol.

I was crazy at first. I couldn’t contain my joy alone, even after the 14th day when I started sprouting beards. I was happy, James was happier – he was happier to see me happy finally! He was a brother and a friend.

After one month my beard story changed. My appearance changed. In fact, everything about me changed…I became a changed person.  I became my original extrovert person that I used to be…I was loving myself!

Plus, I now have a girlfriend!…lol (it’s 3 months now tho).

The Miracle Working Herbal Beard Growing Cream in Nigeria

So, at this junction, let me quickly introduce you to the miracle working herbal hair cream that reversed my bald chin, thus giving me a full grown, soft, and inviting beards, without spending a dime on drugs and even hair transplant surgery.

First Class Lady Herbal Booster

First class lady herbal booster is an herbal cream which makes one hair grow tremendously long, even if from the scratch like my own situation. A plus to this: first class lady makes your beard very soft and tender, whilst simultaneously helping you battle acne and dandruff – it leaves your beard sparkling, neat and inviting!

This hair cream is a hair and scalp treatment which was specially formulated with plainly natural oils which unknown to most people are essential for an abundance of hair.

Unlike other hair creams in Nigeria, This cream doesn’t have any did effects, neither does it have an unpleasant smell – “First Class Lady Herbal Booster Contains 100% Natural Ingredients”

How To Use Hair Booster – Herbal Beard Growing Cream in Nigeria

It is one thing to use a hair booster, it is quite another different thing to use it well.

I used this hair booster rightly, and the result I got was really appealing. So briefly, let me quickly give up an expo on how to use hair booster – First Class Lady Hair Booster.

Well, don’t  get scared nor agitated yet, it’s not really a big thing to use this hair booster. It’s quite easy to use.

What’s actually needed of you, is to apply the booster graciously unto unto your scalp, chin, or anywhere you wish to start growing hair, or to increase the density of hair therein. Also, make it your default hair cream…then wait to see the magic!

Yea that’s all! It’s really that simple. Nothing more again. Just follow these simple tests, and you’re good to go!

Hair Booster Herbal First Class Lady Reviews

So, while still reading my own side of the story, let’s branch as well to other people’s – let me quickly show you a few reviews of some users across the nation as well.

  • I used a herbal cream called hair booster. It was recommended to me by someone in the office where I worked. I am sure it worked because my pictures are here to prove it.
  • My beard routine is just washing with soap while bathing, then once done with bathing I use the First Class Lady Hair Booster to rub and also use my beard comb to comb it well. I once battled wit razor bumps though, when I used a shaving stick for my beards, although since i started using tgis hair booster herbal cream, it went off within 3 days, it was really an annoying situation at that time. Not anymore though, as this beard booster now keep my beards soft and well trimmed.
  • I started using this booster in January 2018, and since then I no longer experience hair loss, and my beard now feels softer to touch.

Are we still together friends…we’re right?… Fine!

One good turn they say deserves another. Thus, upon usage of the First Class Herbal Hair Booster, and its satisfactory performance, I feel I wouldn’t be quite fair enough if I do not get to know and also bring to your notice, other products from the stable of the company that changed my story overnight – The First Class Lady.

Now to the icebreaker on this beard growing cream in Nigeria

Even ladies and children can use it. I never knew this was possible until stumbled on this video on Youtube. You should watch it!

A Nigerian lady attempted to do a review of the hair and beard growing cream in Nigeria here on Youtube, you may want to see that as well.

Shall we share the grace in fellowship?

Wow! Quite exhaustive right? Yea it really was, although Interesting, educating, and worthwhile as a whole…*chuckles*

Well, truth be told, I really enjoyed myself. I enjoyed telling my story. I enjoyed also solving your problem. I enjoyed it! And I’m  also happy. Just like my friend James was – I’m happy because you would soon be happy as well…*smiles*

So, I’m happy I could show You The Natural Herbal Hair Booster That Changed My Beard Story.

You see, the truth is, even without considering the stigma posed at me by the society, the point is, without facial hair, you would be considered as being in the end days of your youth, and it doesn’t even end there – the concern gets even fiercer about thoughts of getting older. But once you get using the first class lady herbal hair booster, you will start getting full, healthy and cute beards which gives you this kind of youthful look and vitality you desire.

So go ahead! Get this miracle working herbal hair booster. What are you still waiting for?

Anywhere you are in Nigeria, The My Beard Gang Team will deliver!



Yours in Beard - Emmanuel


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