About MBG

Hello, My name is Adetola. Friends call me Deedee because that’s my brand name for being a relationship counselor and Documentary Photographer.

I started growing my beards in 2017 after I realized that I would always have to deal with razor bumps. The decision to start growing beards was hard because there is a lot of discrimination towards bearded men in my Country. Nevertheless I started grooming my beards and this has become my most noticeable identity – brand.

Mybeardgang started after realizing the dearth of online information about beard care, lifestyle and the promotion of the bearded community and for this I believe it is important we start building the next generation and community of bearded men.

About MyBeardGang

Welcome to the website where you will only find anything and everything beards. We are absolutely sure that after reading the amazing beard stories of bearded men in my beard gang community, jumping into beard lifestyle before heading to beard care, you will fall in love with the blog and will never want to leave.

The list of bearded men keeps growing, and we are defining our style and changing our narrative! This is an opportunity for you to grow, nurture your beards and finally be a part of the BeardGang!

At MyBeardGang, it is not just about your beards, it’s about YOU!

Once again, Welcome!

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