About MBG

MyBeardGang is the first Afro-American beard care brand focused on providing every lover of beard with anything and everything about the beard, and also to inspire our beardless friends to grow and groom their facial hair.

Established in 2018, MyBeardGang seeks to demystify the “Beard Myths and Conspiracy theories,” amongst of which is the saying that, keeping a beard makes you appear rough, haggard, and irresponsible.

To this cause, we built our website; an interface where you get to access every content we churn out, aimed at hitting the spot of our purpose. MyBeardGang also grants its users express access to connect with several beard men across the globe.

Content, they say is king. In fulfilment of this statement, we have worked and still working on providing creative as well as informative content for our audience. With tireless team-work over the years, our website features columns for Beard Care and Beard Stories.

Beard Story

Our Beard Story section includes experiences of bearded men and beard lovers. The pain, the absurd harassment, and the likes that they went through while growing a beard. Not omitting their joys of grooming a well-blossoming beard at present.

Beard Care

The Beard Care category addresses the various methods, approaches, schemes, etc. that can be employed to bearding. It also seeks to educate the average black man about the nature of his beard, the possible problems and side effects he might experience while growing a beard.

Plus, we give several step-by-step procedures on how to treat the beard right. All at the Beard Care & Beard Lifestyle sections.

Asides churning out content, MyBeardGang has also evolved into a brand concerned with the manufacture of excellent beard care products, solely for the betterment of the black man bearding story – we simply seek to change your bald chin to one baptized with facial hair.

You can check out our first Beard Care Product – the MyBeardGang Beard Growth Cream.

The list of bearded men keeps growing, and we are defining our style and changing our narrative! This is an opportunity for you to grow, nurture your beards, and finally be a part of the Beard Gang!

At MBG, it is not just about your beards, it’s about YOU!

Do you want to reach out to us for collaborations? Shoot us an email at [email protected].

Once again, Welcome!

Adetola Adegbohun – Product Innovation, Beard Men Care & Solutions