How to Make a Homemade Beard Butter

How to make a Homemade beard butter

Are you looking for How to make a Homemade beard butter? If yes kindly follow this brief tutorial on ways to make a homemade beard butter.

Buying beard butter might not be a bad idea. It might not leave a hole in your pocket as it should but then it’s important for you as a beard enthusiast to know how to make these beard butter.

This post is about to take you on an adventurous journey on how to make your very own beard butter.

Not all Adventures are for fun, so are you ready? Well for first timers you might want to give up on the stress that comes with it as you are melting down beeswax, working with butter, adding and mixing in carrier oils, and lastly adding scents in the form of essential oils on top of that.

Trying not to scare you away, if you read and follow attentively this article will help you scale through this adventure successful. All you have to do is read attentively. If possible in the privacy of yourself alone.

This article will be teaching you step by step guide on how to make your own homemade beard butter or balm in other words. It’s going to be briefly detailed so don’t be a scary cat.

Therefore by the end of the guide, you will be comfortable using a few starter recipes (and full access to our beard balm recipe database) and maybe even create a few new ones from scratch yourself!

What’s more is that once you have perfected making your own beard balm, you can even offer these out as great gifts for other guys who have beards!

To know to make these beard butter is a different thing, but then How much will it cost to make one? about $50.

What is a Beard Butter?

A beard butter is a beard grooming product, It is said to be between an essential oil and a balm: it’s not liquid, but it’s not a solid either, and thus doesn’t need to be emulsified in your hands before application of it into your beard.

You can think of your beard butter as being very close to lotion that you would use on your body or face. Although, at the same time, beard butter can also simply be like beard balm without the beeswax. Which means using shea and cocoa butter as the primary texture, which isn’t quite the same as a lotion. You could potentially say that beard butter is the most inconsistent in branding, and some of them may be called creams as well.

Beard butter is quite easy to spread and properly handles dry skin very well. While soothing to your skin, it also makes room for a moderate hold which can be similar to that of a beard balm that may not contain a large portion of beeswax — which is a big bonus for many men.

As well, compared to beard oils and balms, Beard butter is the best at softening beards because of its easy penetration past the hair’s cuticle.

A beard butter is likely to come stored in a plastic container similar to face lotions that don’t use pumps to dispense the product. Some come in tins much like a balm or wax as well.


  • It is a combination of beard oil and balm which means you can use it in place of both  in most cases
  • Soothes the skin
  • Good hold for styling, almost as much as a balm, but not as much as wax
  • Softens coarse beards greatly
  •  Eliminates dry skin
  • Handles dry skin problems
  • Restores the sanity of hair follicles
  • Has easy penetration into the hairs cuticle
  • Affordable. It is very affordable
  • Reliable


  • Easy to cliche in other words Overuse for new users
  • Comes in larger containers, less convenient for travel.

How to use a Homemade Beard Butter

Now you have known What a Beard butter is and why you need beard butter, so its time to know how to use them, guys.

  • Rinse or wash your beard thoroughly*
  • Dry with a towel
  • Gently separate dry beard with a cotton or microfiber cloth
  • Use your finger to scoop out roughly a thumbnail-sized amount of butter
  • Spread product evenly across both hands
  • Apply from neck to cheeks, working it in well into beard hair
  • Complete styling with a comb or brush

*We recommend that you only wash your beard 2-4 times per week, so if it happens to be a No wash day, simply rinse with plain water and no soap.

Unlike beard oils/balms, a beard butter has a better consistency if you need to apply to a bone-dry beard. However, it is also important that you apply to rinse and wash.

How to Make A Homemade Beard Butter

Finally, we are here, How to make beard butter from the convenience of your home. It is a good thing that you are deciding to cut cost and same time go entrepreneurial if you plan on starting a small scale beard butter business.

Before we proceed, let’s talk about the importance of making your own beard butter from your home, Yes the importance.

You are sure of the following;

  1. Quality of Ingredients; You can determine the quality of the ingredients you need
  2. The number of ingredients, which means with the help of this tutorial you can actually determine the appropriate quantity of ingredients you need in making a standard facial hair butter.
  3. Earn residual income from the sales of your beard butter; This means you can make money from selling your beard butter if you decide to start a small scale business as said earlier on.
  4. A gift to family and friends: If you are a so sublime to care for the growth and care of the beards of your loved ones, family and friends or even acquaintance, you can give them your Homemade beard butter.
  5. Adds knowledge; We humans learn every day, learning how to make beard butter is an added knowledge
  6. Nourishing your beard with the right products and essential oils.

Recipes and Ingredients

In order to make a beard butter, it’s important you know that there is a little more involved than mixing up beard oils.

Anyways, You’ll be needing The following:

  1. Stove
  2. A pot
  3. A preferable long metal apparatus for mixing (such as a large metal spoon. Surely, You wouldn’t want to use wooden spoons as the oils would soak into it, and unfortunately, the scent of essential oils are very potent; the smell would stick around for quite a while)

Ingredients for making a Homemade beard butter

– 100g shea butter (buy here)
– 100g  cocoa butter  (buy here)
– 20ml jojoba oil (buy here)
– 10ml castor oil (buy here)
– 10~ drops of essential oil, such as peppermint (buy here)
– Tins to store your balm, or to get a little fancier: amber glass jars with plastic lids.

If you don’t have a kitchen scale to measure the grams of your shea butter and cocoa butter, one of those will help actually quite a bit.

You could potentially try packing the butter into measuring spoons or containers instead as well, then releasing them into your pot.

That wouldn’t be 100% accurate, but if you’re making homemade products for yourself, To be honest. the accuracy is not something to worry too much about so its cool.

Rough amounts work perfectly fine, and with the sizable amount of product you get from these small purchases, you’ll have enough for much experimentation.

How to Make a Home Made Beard Butter (Step by Step Guide)

  1. Turn your stove, We would advise you regulate at LOW heat with your pot over it, and melt down your shea butter and cocoa butter, carefully stir until they are fully melted.
  2. Add in your carrier oils such as jojoba and castor, stir again. Kindly note that the last ingredient to put is your essential oil(s). Simply calculating the number of drops you use is easier than finding a way to measure it out. But again, for more accuracy do actual measurements rather than drops.
  3. Mix it up for a few more seconds after adding your final ingredients
  4. Get your tins or amber jars ready. They should be laying around the corner because surely you don’t want the liquefied beard balm to cool down too much, otherwise, it’ll stiffen in your pot.
  5. While it’s still warm and melted down, carefully pour into your container of choice your jar, body lotion container anyone.

The last step is to simply Seal your butter with its lid and allow to cool at room temperature.

For quicker stiffening, put butter in the fridge after the heated balm has been cooled down a bit at room temperature.

That’s the end. Reading it may look easy to you. But it’s not.

Yes it’s easy but time-consuming and it needs your full consciousness/attention or else you are may end up with a burnt beard butter.

Conclusion on How to make a Homemade beard butter

Going by just the number of pros and cons listed out, you can safely/potentially say that beard butter is best and essential. You can share this Article on How to Make Homemade beard butter to your friends. Smiles.

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