Factors Influencing Beard Texture

What are the factors influencing beard textures: Everything has a reason why its nature is how it is. Your beard and mine are not excluded. These agents that determine the behaviours of something are most of the time refer to as influential factors.

Factors influencing beard textures

Starting from your height, size, the colour of your skin, hair, length, and volume. Come to think of it, genetic factors have a big role to play on the growth of your beard.

At the moment, keeping fuller and thicker beards is a trend. Probably you want fuller beards but realized it doesn’t come to be. Your genes structure has a major role to play in this aspect.

Let’s kick it off:

Genetic History

You may want to know why your genes act the way they do. This has to do with the historical context of your family tree. Your parents have a big role to play here.

Come to think of it, you are wondering why the male pattern of baldness occurs in you, it can be traced to your maternal family; the reason being that such baldness factor has to do with the X chromosome.


This is one of the most important hormones in a male human body, the amount of which will determine how fuller or thinner your beard will be.

This means men with a fuller beard have more testosterone content in their genes than men with lesser beard growth. So, you don’t need to worry if you realize that no matter how hard you try, your beard doesn’t grow beyond the same normal level.

Just take your fate and continue to groom it. Remember, you can always boost your testosterone level by eating or applying natural products such as onion and the likes.

Hair Growth Level

Your hair growth level is another factor that will determine the kind of beard texture you have. In some people with a fuller beard, they sometimes don’t have a choice than to leave the beard the way it is, since they cannot control the rate at which it grows naturally.

This is the reason why many men will decide to leave their beards fuller and arranged evenly looking like that of a monk.

Some people have little hair on their beard, that too will determine the type of beard they carry. For instance, people with little beard hair may prefer to wear a goaty beard texture or style.

Religious Factor

Some men have to leave their beards unshaved due to their religious or cult settings. That’s why you will see some beard uneven, scattered or rough.

It doesn’t mean that these people cannot shave or keep their beard smooth with the use of the available natural and manmade oils but their doctrines influence the kind of beard textures they keep.

Your Facial Shape

There are some people with round faces, why some are with long faces. You cannot expect the same beard texture on these faces. Especially men with round and chubby face, I love the way their beards relax on their face.

One common thing about men with round and chubby faces is that they have enough testosterone in their body system, a reason for a fuller beard to achieve that round looking beard.

Talking about people with long faces, they are not left out too. The fact that I said round and chubby people have high testosterone doesn’t mean people with the thinner and longer face cannot have enough of it to grow fuller beards.

I have come across many young thinning men with fuller beards. Especially those charming sideburns that blend with the hairs on the jawlines are really awesome. So, the way your beard looks is also determined by the shape of your beard.

Racial Factor

You cannot escape this factor. For instance, many blacks or should I say 95 percent of black men have a curly and rough beard.

This has to do with the nature of their race. As for most of the whites too, their hair is always long and soft. This also has to do with natural settings.

There is nothing any of you can do to stop this natural phenomenon but can be managed to your taste at a time.

The Trend of the Day

Everyone wants to belong. You see, the trend of the era you find yourself can equally influence how your beard looks.

Some of us love fashion and therefore may not escape our beard texture being determined by the kind of trend in fashion at a certain time.

If you are that type, it means you will be part of such fashion and that will definitely determine the style of beard you wear.

Skin Condition

Your skin condition will equally determine the kind of beard texture you have. There are some skins with oceans of rashes, pimples, and the rest.

There is no way beard will grow well on such skin. The reason is that the scalp will not be at rest to accommodate healthy hair to form fine beards.

Automatically, you will develop a patchy beard. In order to make your beard fine, shiny, and soft, you will have to groom it well with the grooming hacks.

Family Discipline

Depending on the type of family background, you cannot wear some beard textures. The challenge could be a traditional belief or your parent’s principle.

Some parents prefer that you keep a simple beard so that you don’t look like a member of an occult or religious group. It sounds crazy, right?

I am going raw upon what people do on a daily basis. Some families will never allow its members to keep some certain beard texture.

Factors Influencing Beard Textures

Different Types of Beard and textures

It is an abomination for me to touch the influential factors that determine beard texture without mentioning anything about the types of beards we have:

I will be coming from the angle of beard styles for men as texture and they are the popular beard styles for men you must know.


The name sounds nice. Well, it is also popularly known as a light stubble beard. When you hear just a couple days’, it means scruff, because, in no time, your hair will grow back to cover the light stubble formed on your cheeks.

As a gentleman or guy, you can wear your beautiful short time stubble especially if you didn’t find time to shave your beards for a day or two. There is a stubble beard trimmer you can use to blend this stubble style into reality. You can wear this style to make you look simple for a couple of days’.

Cooperate Beard

As a man, you can get a cooperate beard naturally because a full beard is perfect for a cooperate beard. The name cooperate is coined from the coifed and trimmed look for daily wear.

Short Beard

Short beard as the name indicates, is the type that is trimmed close to your face; most of the time no more than one inch and half long. It is cool and comes in different styles such as heavy stubble, corporate beard, etc.

Types of Beard Textures

Just the way we have different types of beard styles, we also have different types of beard textures. We must differentiate them to avoid confusion in this very work.

Lighter Straight Hair texture

Going by the name, it is easy to manage, because most of the time, it is soft and shiny, you can easily style it and it will respond to your command at any given time.

One thing about this type of texture is that it is thin and wispy but you can always style it into the best sexy style you can.

Denser Straight Hair Texture

This is another type of hair texture, it could be the type you have on your beard, so a need for you to know how it behaves.

This is denser compared to the first type, but still thin and can be easily controlled by the owner. You can style it into different desires, it all belongs to you. Being a denser straight hair; denser straight hair will always comply with your suggestions at any given time.

Coarse Hair Texture

This type of hair texture is commonly found among blacks. In the field of beard science, black men have this stubborn, curly, and coarse beard.

No wonder essential oils are particularly developed for the black men to manage this type of hair texture.

Curly Hair Texture

I know there are different types of curly hairs, but they all have one thing in common—curliness. So, if you find your hair curly, there is an automatic response to the way you want to manage it irrespective of the type it is.

Some curly hair is thinner, shiny with large loose curls, they are the type 3A.

Another type of curly hair texture is the type 3B that has rough, flexible ringlets, and most can be put to place with the use of beard groomers like gels, while the 3C curls are known for their dense form.

Final Words on Factors Influencing Beard Textures

Beard is one special feature a man has in the line of beauty. The texture of your beard is however determined by some factors as mentioned above. It is your choice to manage these texture through the aid of grooming so that you may have full control over how you style your beard.

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