How To Make Your Beard Thicker

How To Make Your Beard Thicker – Thick and full beards are so attractive. A thick beard can never be in the same league with a scanty, thin and patchy beard. They are totally in two different leagues. With the thick and full beard not surprisingly having the upper hand. Not surprisingly! All you need to do is to put a picture of a thin, patchy bearded man side by side with a thick and full-bearded man and see the huge difference between them. It’s really obvious that thick beards look way better and definitely hotter. Because of this, a lot of men want the thick beard. They crave it and pray fervently that their stubble beard grows out to be a perfectly full and thick beard. Except of course, for those men who wish to keep their beard forever in the stubble style, then in such a case, they’ve got no need to grow a thick beard. So, the aim of this article is to enlighten you on how best you can make your beard look thicker. There is no magical potion for this, but a combination of processes that you should follow diligently and over time, you will start to notice significant changes in your beard thickness.

So let’s get to the processes on How To Make Your Beard Thicker, shall we?

1. How To Make Your Beard Thicker – You need to be patient

Remember that growing a thick beard will not happen in one week or two weeks but it is a continuous process.  It may take up to a whole month before your beard starts to grow out evenly or even more than that. It is important to state it so that you know what you are in for.  Also, most times that you complain about having patchy beards that are not thick, it is usually because your beard is still growing out. Yes, it is very common when men are still growing out their beard for it to appear patchy in the early stages. It is a natural part of the whole process. Just wait for your beard to leave that phase and it will naturally start to even out on its own. Time is what your beard really needs really. Don’t rush the process. If you just started growing out your beard, and it is looking patchy in its early stages, don’t worry, this phenomenon is actually pretty common and your beard will even out. It will still grow evenly in all areas. This is indeed the first thing you need to know.

2. How To Make Your Beard Thicker – Wash your beard regularly and always use beard oil

Washing your beard as part of your daily routine is very important. As normal and regular as it sounds, this is a very necessary part of encouraging your beard to grow. Use a beard shampoo and conditioner when trying to wash your beard effectively. Use recommended beard shampoos not anyhow shampoos you see in stores. If a shampoo is too harsh, it can have adverse effects on your beard. Harsh shampoos could strip your facial hair of its natural oils thereby leaving your beard with nothing but dryness. So you know you have to be careful with choosing a shampoo for your beard. We advise that you ask for highly rated shampoos so as to get the best product.  Washing your beard regularly helps to open up your pores and allows your skin to breathe. It also helps to clear out diets that might be settled in your skin pores and this will later encourage the healthy growth of hair faster. So, you have to take washing your beard with quality shampoo and conditioning it after very seriously. If you fail in this area, you might never have a full and thick beard to show off. Beards don’t grow on a dirty background or soil. Your background has to be clean.

3. How To Make Your Beard Thicker – Eat well

Now, when we mean eat well, we don’t mean that you should eat every three hours and just pack your tummy with food. No, far from it. What we mean by eat well is your meals have to always be packed with vitamins and minerals every time. Eat healthy foods to nourish your beard, not junks. Healthy foods that are highly recommended for your beard include fruits, dark leafy green vegetables like spinach, foods rich in fibre, whole grain foods and so on. These foods are packedwith the essential vitamins that your beard so desperately needs if it is to get thick and full. So you know you have to feast on foods heavy with the aforementioned provisions.

Your beard will grow if your body is well fueled. How you can fuel your body well is to eat healthy diets. Eat rich foods with plenty vitamins especially vitamin A, C and E. Eating healthy foods for your beard is like applying fertilizer to the soil. The food will help to boost hair growth. So, one of the fastest ways to grow your beard is to eat super healthy food.  Eat well and watch your beard grow thicker over a couple of weeks.

4. How To Make Your Beard Thicker -Exercise

Another way to boost beard growth is to boost your body’s testosterone levels. Testosterone and DHT which is Dihydrotestosterone are the main hormones that are directly related to beard growth. If you have low levels of these hormones, your beard might not grow at all. Basically, the rate of beard growth in a man is directly proportional to the levels of testosterone and DHT in the body of the man. What this means is that if you Want a thicker beard, then you need to boost your testosterone and DHT levels significantly. One sure way to boost these hormone levels is through exercise. The exercise involves working out. So any form of working out and burning fat is sure to work for you. You could try exercises like jogging early every morning around your neighborhood, doing push-ups, press ups and yoga every day, early morning long walks, and basically any way you can burn energy. Exercise is very important for everyone but for a man who wants to grow beards, exercise is extra compulsory. If you are lazy and don’t like to do exercise, then your beards might also be lazy in growing out. So you know you gotta be committed in this exercise routine. You can try exercising consistently every day for a month.

We mean that for every day in the month, you have to do one main exercise. So that in the long run you will have increased testosterone levels and consequently more beard growth. This is another crucial step you must take when trying to grow out your beard to be thick. Although there are supplements and drugs to help you in boosting these hormone levels, exercise is the best natural way that we recommend. It does the hormone boosting work fast and with no side effects.

5. How To Make Your Beard Thicker -Always apply beard oil and use a beard comb or brush every day

Beard oils are a must! If you are a bearded man, then you are probably aware that there are oils specifically made for beards. These oils come in various brands like the Honest Amish beard oil to the Deep beard oil all available on Amazon for shopping. The beard oils are a necessary food for your beard as they deeply nourish, come as a leave-in conditioner and soften your beard so well. Beard oils are similar to beard balms but balms are the solid versions of it. Beard oils will definitely help with the task of thickening your beard. All you need is to get a trusted beard oil from the nearest store and apply every day.

Beard oils contain a combination of several oils both carrier oils and additional oils. The most common oils that beard oils contain are Jojoba oils and Coconut oils. These two oils are very useful to your beard and help in treating your beard thoroughly. It is also important for you to use a beard comb or brush.

After using your beard oil of choice on your beard, use a beard comb or boar beard brush to spread out the oils evenly all over your facial hair.  So in order to promote the growth of thick beards on your face, you must be able to always oil and brush your beard. Just the process of stimulating your beard follicles with the comb’s teeth and brush tips will encourage your beard to come out more and hence it will get thicker.

6. How To Make Your Beard Thicker – Rest and Sleep

Sleep has a lot of tremendous benefits that it can offer your beard. As an adult, you should sleep for nothing less than 8 hours every day on average. This necessary ritual boosts hair growth, encourages a strong immune system and allows your brain to rest. Studies have also shown that men that sleep more, tend to have higher testosterone levels than men who barely sleep.

You would probably ask that “what is the normal amount of sleep I should have?” Well, you need at least 8 hours of sound and uninterrupted sleep if you want your testosterone levels boosted. Trying to cheat nature will not get on well with your beard. You can try this tip and see what we are talking about. Stress prevents hair from growing.  It slows down hair growth significantly so in order to change this, you need to avoid stress at all costs. Do you know that one of the major reasons why you might not have a thick beard is because you are not resting enough? Yes. It is a leading reason for a lot of hair growth complaints. But luckily for you, it is something you can change just by a change in lifestyle. If you really want a thick beard over the course of a month, then you need to adopt the 8 hours sleep technique. It works like magic and you will get shocked to see how much sleep has an effect on hair growth. Have more sleep, rest well enough, watch your testosterone levels go up, and subsequently, watch your beard grow thicker.

7. How To Make Your Beard Thicker – Take supplements

Supplements like vitamin supplements and beard growth supplements are essential for your beard growth. Beard growth supplements like Beard Grow XL are available for shopping on Amazon. Vitamin supplements are also essential especially those of Vitamin D, E, A and C. These vitamins are actively linked to more beard growth and improved testosterone levels. If you wish to buy the Beard Grow XL described above, just follow this link here. If you can’t get all of the vitamins recommended, you can buy multivitamins which have all of the vitamins packed in it. A top leading multivitamin you can buy on Amazon is Vitabeard which is a top quality recommended the multivitamin for your beard.  Most beard growth supplements usually are multivitamin supplements. This is because vitamins are the key thing that you follicles use to make hair. Therefore, you have to load yourself with enough vitamins and minerals so that your follicles can have something to work on and subsequently your facial hair will start to look fuller and thicker. You can browse through the Amazon site to see which beard growth supplements or multivitamin you would really like to go for.

8. How To Make Your Beard Thicker – Stop believing myths and stay committed and patient with your beard

Some myths have been going around in the beard community for some time. If you keep putting all your belief and faith into some myths that aren’t true, then you are placing the future of your beard into the hands of lies. And that is not too beneficial to your beard. Some myths about beard growth you might have heard include:

1. That trimming or even shaving your beard will help it to grow faster and thicker. Well, this is not proven and there is no link as seen in studies done, that when you trim that facial hair, it will grow out faster and fuller.  This is very wrong.

2. Another myth is that your beard should be fully grown out after 3 weeks max. This is so not true bro. Beard growth rate is very different and varies from man to man.  But fully, you have to give your beard 2 months for it to grow into a full and thick beard. Just be patient with the process and trust the process. Beards are not to be rushed.

Once we have debunked those myths, then you can start this journey of thickening your beard with a fresh mind and avoid some useless myths that give you or your beard unnecessary worry. All your beard needs is patience and the right care. Nothing else.

All in all, we have given you tips in this article on what to do to increase your overall beard growth and hence improve beard thickness. Now go on to use these tips and shop the products recommended. Good luck thickening your beard bro!

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