5 Places To Get Beard Oil In Lagos

Beard Oil In Lagos

Get Beard Oil In Lagos – Beard oil is so important for your beard that it is indispensable. Beard oils are usually made up of essential oils and carrier oils. The carrier oil is what carries the other essential oils just as its name indicates.  Essential oils include Coconut oil,  Grapeseed oil,  Sweet Almond oil and so on.  While Olive oil and Jojoba oil are both common carrier oils used in beard oils.  Beard oils are of significant importance to the beard.  They sift into the beard and deeply moisturize and condition it.  They soften it in an instant.

Beard oils are also very affordable considering the number of benefits they have for your beard.  So,  you want to know possible places you can shop for your beard oils in Lagos right?  Well, you are in the right place!

1. Semsey.com

Just visit www.semsey.com for your quality beard oil.  This beard oil is made in Nigeria and they deliver to Lagos.  It costs N4,000 and is 2 Fl oz that is, 60ml.  They made this beard oil specially for Nigerian men with thick beards.  It is totally natural and 100% organic.  The Semsey beard oil deeply conditions and is well packaged. You can visit the website address given above for more information on how to shop for their quality beard oil.  To contact them for your order,  send an email to their email contact at semseycrea8ions@gmail.com or you can contact them through phone by calling their number here: ( 234) 08094381192. Happy shopping at Semsey! And yes, they deliver regularly to Lagos!

2. Jumia

When you are talking of a marketplace that deals in virtually every product there is, then you are talking about Jumia.  They sell products of any category and yes,  also sell beard products! They have a number of beard oils that are available to shop in their catalog. If you are in Lagos,  Abuja,  Kano,  Port Harcourt or wherever in
Nigeria,  they deliver your product to you.  They have an excellent delivery system and are very reliable.  To go to their site to order their beard oil,  just go to www.jumia.com! Unlike Semsey.com,  they are a marketplace so they sell different varieties of quality beard oils so you have to make a pick.  Some of the beard oils they have as at the time of writing this article include;  The Shaving Co. Beard oil,  The Leven Rose beard oil,  Lion’s mane beard oil,  Deep beard oil and a host of others.  Just make your order on their website and you have your product!  Easy heh?

3. Inner Beautee

When you visit www.innerbeautee.com,  there are a lot of products that they make.  They make natural soaps,  sell essential oils,  as well as beard oils.  They are knowledgeable when it comes to body products and guess what?  They have their own brand of beard oils.  They have three varieties of it.  The beard oil for beard growth is one variety and it costs N6,500. The second variety they have is the beard oil for moisture which costs N5,500. And the third one is the beard oil for
irritable skin which costs N7,500. So,  you can see that it is totally up to you to choose which one you want. And their beard oils are also very affordable.  They deliver to anywhere in Lagos and you can contact them through their phone number which is on their website address given above.

4. Beard Nigeria.

You can also shop for your beard oil at www.beardnigeria.com for your Shaving Co. Beard oil.  This beard oil is also available on Jumia but you can shop for it on their website. They also have a number of products for bearded guys apart from this beard oil.  Visit their website to see more or send them an email for your order at
beardnigeria@gmail.com, to place your order.  You can also click on the “buy” link attached to the product on their website to buy.  They deliver all over Lagos.

5. Konga.com

This is another popular online store like Jumia.  This store is well known in Nigeria for their amazing catalog of various products and their speedy delivery. Konga is another good place for you to shop for your beard oil if you live in Lagos.  Konga has a number of beard oils in their catalog for you to pick from. They have the Honest Amish Classic beard oil!  This beard oil is still the best beard oil ever!

Any bearded man that has tried this product can testify to it. Whether in America, the U.K, or in Nigeria, this oil ranks with a great number. You should definitely order this beard oil and get it delivered to you in Lagos!  Apart from the Honest Amish beard oil,  there is also the Leven Rose beard oil and the Castor oil for beard growth.  The Honest Amish beard oil is not available on Jumia so if you want it, you have to shop for it at www.konga.com or through this link:

So,  we hope you enjoyed our compilation of the best places to shop for your beard oil in Lagos. We really hope you did!  Apart from these online stores listed above, there are big shopping malls in Lagos like Shoprite and Justrite. These malls will also definitely have some quality beard oil for you to buy.  These malls are located all over Lagos and you can visit any branch nearest to you. If you don’t want to venture into shopping for your beard oil online, be sure to visit those two malls to buy your beard one.  Your beard will thank you! To shop through any of the websites listed, just go to the website addresses given and shop your beard oil!  Happy beard ganging!

And remember to only apply your beard oil after a shower.  Do not apply beard oil on a dry beard.  Let your beard be a bit damp and then apply.  Also, try to always use a boar bristle brush.  It is the right brush for you and is completely natural.  It is unlike the synthetic ones that can cause split ends which are bad for your beards. It is a bit illogical for us to tell you where to buy a beard oil in Lagos without telling you the right way to apply it. Isn’t it?

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