Sallah Wishes And Prayers To All Bearded Men (2020)

Whether you are a Muslim or not, it is important that we share this amazing holiday time with you. We look for moments like this to join all bearded men in Nigeria and across the world in celebrating and sending our Sallah wishes and prayers. How do you wish someone happy Sallah? First thing you need to say is Barka […]

Where To Buy Organic Skincare Ingredients

Looking for Where to buy organic skincare ingredients in Lagos, Nigeria? Jump right in and let’s help you find the right answers. Organic skin care ingredients are usually sought after by many beauty brands out there in the market. Nowadays you can hardly differentiate between organic and inorganic ingredients because a lot of sellers out there claim they sell organic […]

Can You Change The Direction Of Your Beard Growth?

Can You Change The Direction Of Your Beard Growth? Is this even possible? Many attractive young men out there are finding it difficult to tame their beards and make it grow in a particular direction. Is your beard far from glorious? After so many failed attempts of trying to make it look good? You do not need to worry because […]

Does Smoking Weed Cause Grey Hair

I am sure you have been wondering if smoking weed actually causes grey hair. That is the reason for this article, we will give an in-depth answer to that question and also state some reasons. People think because marijuana is used for medical purposes, that it is ok to consume it by smoking it regularly. Smoking marijuana has some side […]

Does Smoking Weed Make Your Beard Red?

This question if smoking weed actually makes your beard red has been asked by a lot of people. Before we dive deep into this topic let us take you through what weed actually is. Weed is also known as Marijuana; it is a greenish mixture of the dried flowers of Cannabis sativa. People smoke weed in water pipes, in blunts […]

Does Aboniki Balm Grow Beards?

I have oftentimes wondered how Aboniki really works when I see that people do not only apply the Balm on their skin, but also on their hair. I have also seen a rising request on the question “does Aboniki balm grow beards“, and I am here to help you do justice to that. Before we get into the major details […]

How to Grow A Rick Ross Beard

How to Grow A Rick Ross Beard – Beards have been a thing for decades now after it had been discarded in the yesteryears, beards made a big and groundbreaking comeback and a lot of men are crazy about sporting a beard in the 21st century because it makes them feel fly, handsome and cool about their appearance Being on […]

Does Smoking Weed Make You Grow Facial Hair

While Marijuana, when mixed with a very good hair cream like ours, will blow your beard hair out of proportions, the question about whether smoking marijuana can help improve beard growth still remains unanswered, and I am here to do justice to that. I have quite a number of friends who have had things to do with Marijuana in the […]

The Best Beard Shampoo For Black Men in 2020

Beard Shampoo For Black Men: So you’ve been thrown into different states of frustration cum soberness all because of the rigid kind of beards you carry, and also the ingrown ability it possesses. You are at dismay when that beard of yours starts acting funny in a public place and all that it requires to smoothen it is to grab […]

Luxury Beard Combs On Amazon You Should Buy

Luxury Beard Combs On Amazon – Your beards need grooming, styling, and caring for. One of the tools you can use to do this is a beard brush or comb. These combs can be used with other products like beard oil, balm, and conditioner. Here, we bring you a list of the bestselling luxury beard combs and brushes on Amazon. Enjoy. […]