How to Grow A Rick Ross Beard

How to Grow A Rick Ross Beard – Beards have been a thing for decades now after it had been discarded in the yesteryears, beards made a big and groundbreaking comeback and a lot of men are crazy about sporting a beard in the 21st century because it makes them feel fly, handsome and cool about their appearance Being on […]

Happy Democracy Day Message to All Nigerians (2021)

This is a moment to be proud. June 12th is the Nigerian democracy day and we should be glad for our democracy as Nigerians. Happy democracy day Nigeria. This year again all Nigerians come together to celebrate the return to democratic rule after being ruled by the Military government for a long time. As we celebrate our 21st year of […]

Top 10 Tips for Grooms to Look Great

A wedding is a unique event that (hopefully) happens once in a lifetime, so there is not a lot of chances to look impeccable and take so many photos. However, it is quite unfair that all the credit is always been given to the bride and her bridesmaids. Come on, grooms need some recognition, too! If you were already to […]

Can You Take Hair Clippers In Hand Luggage

Quite a number of travellers are confused as to whether taking their hair clippers in their hand luggage are allowed on a flight. Let’s see if this is allowed. Can You Take Hair Clippers In Hand Luggage? Taking your hair clippers in hand luggage is allowed. You can also take your hair clipper in your carry-on without being questioned. This […]

8 Epic Moments Only Bearded Guys Will Understand

Being bearded is actually a little thing that makes a very big difference. Let’s be honest, bearded guys have been stealing some of the extra shreds of respects the world has for men. The feeling of confidence just gets a very huge boost and that is something you can’t deny. However, there are different kinds of bearded guys: The ones […]

No Shave November: What You Should Know

The No Shave November Season is on us again. Hurray! What do you know about No Shave November? Wait! Before you share, let us share our No Shave November story. Ready? What is No shave November? History of No-Shave November How to participate And No-Shave November Quotes. What is No-Shave November? No shave November is a month during which those […]

List of Ladies With Beards + Causes + Treatments

Our list of ladies with beards will welcome you into a world where ladies grow beards too. Interested in finding out more? Keep reading. In our previous post on MyBeardGang, we looked into Can every man develop beards, accessories needed for proper beard growth. This is why we have decided to come up with another one that addresses Can ladies […]

List of Best Wedding Beard Styles

Best Wedding Beard Styles: Gone are the days when people find it strange to see men with beards and there’s no denying that it is becoming a movement around the world. Rocking a beard style on your wedding can speak thousands of words even when you decide not to talk about who you are, it will portray your personality and […]

Ways To Decorate Your Beard This Christmas

Christmas is coming up soon and men with beards are not exempted from the celebration. To celebrate Christmas with your friends or family, there is numerous fun stuff you can do. And I guess that is why you are looking for ways to decorate your beard this Christmas. Don’t search further, as you will be provided with all you need […]

Shocking Things You Don’t Know About Growing Beards

Things You Don’t Know About Growing Beards: A lot of people prefer picking the blessing of having beards to any material item – just to show you how desperate people can be about growing beards. In this article, I’ll point out the things guys without beards don’t know. If you have not grown a single beard in your life before, […]