Happy Democracy Day Message to All Nigerians (2021)

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This is a moment to be proud. June 12th is the Nigerian democracy day and we should be glad for our democracy as Nigerians. Happy democracy day Nigeria. This year again all Nigerians come together to celebrate the return to democratic rule after being ruled by the Military government for a long time. As we … Read more

Top 10 Tips for Grooms to Look Great

Tips for Grooms to Look Great

A wedding is a unique event that (hopefully) happens once in a lifetime, so there is not a lot of chances to look impeccable and take so many photos. However, it is quite unfair that all the credit is always been given to the bride and her bridesmaids. Come on, grooms need some recognition, too! … Read more

Can You Take Hair Clippers In Hand Luggage

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Quite a number of travellers are confused as to whether taking their hair clippers in their hand luggage are allowed on a flight. Let’s see if this is allowed. Can You Take Hair Clippers In Hand Luggage? Taking your hair clippers in hand luggage is allowed. You can also take your hair clipper in your … Read more

No Shave November: What You Should Know

No Shave November

The No Shave November Season is on us again. Hurray! What do you know about No Shave November? Wait! Before you share, let us share our No Shave November story. Ready? What is No shave November? History of No-Shave November How to participate And No-Shave November Quotes. What is No-Shave November? No shave November is … Read more

List of Best Wedding Beard Styles

Best Wedding Beard Styles

Best Wedding Beard Styles: Gone are the days when people find it strange to see men with beards and there’s no denying that it is becoming a movement around the world. Rocking a beard style on your wedding can speak thousands of words even when you decide not to talk about who you are, it … Read more