How to Use Igbo For Hair Growth

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Igbo is slang for weed. There are of course many benefits associated with weed, depending on the method of application and the area of the body being treated. Surely, you can use Igbo for hair growth, but how? There are many questions you will find on the internet about using Igbo, otherwise known as weed, … Read more

How Actors Keep Their Beard Black

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Imaginations running wild. A man in the late 60s with a black fluffy beard. Sounds unusual, yeah? Imagine he is an actor and you are then wondering, how come his beard is so black? Now that brings us to the question, how do actors keep their beard black? Last night, I stumbled upon the autobiography … Read more

The AVX400 Electrolysis Machine For Hair Removal 

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When you want to mention hair removal machines, one that should come to your mind is the AVX400 Electrolysis machine for hair removal. It is an everyday go-to electrolysis machine for hair removal. Would you like to find out why? Continue reading. Electrolysis is a hair removal method on which hair is removed individually from … Read more

Sharpening Clipper Blades With Salt (How You Should Do It)

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Thinking of sharpening your clipper blades with salt? I have put together this amazing guide for you to know how to go through with it. Check it out. What enables a clipper blade teeth to cut hair like a tiny pair of scissors is the pitched cutting surfaces with a pair of sharpened comb-like blades. … Read more

Can Nigerians Grow Beard in 2020?

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Fellow Nigerian men, it is time to find out if really Nigerians can grow a beard. With the way we all emphasize on the use of grooming products and tools, people think we can not grow a beard naturally. But should we be asking that can A Nigerian grow a beard? You want to know … Read more

How Do Celebrities Grow Beards So Quickly?

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It is normal to be curious about how celebrities grow beards so quickly. I’ve asked this question quite a number of times too. Isn’t it strange and knowledge-demanding to notice that some male celebrities grow beards so quickly whenever they want and however they want it?  You may see them in a concert today with … Read more

Can Alcohol Help Grow A Beard?

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Can Alcohol Really Help Grow A Beard? Among the foods, drinks and beverages that have been considered to help grow a beard, I have been wondering whether Beer or methylated spirit or let me put, Alcohol could help in stimulating beard growth. So I went on deeper research and contacted people with experience, here is … Read more

Can Toothpaste Help Grow Beards?

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Can Toothpaste Help Grow Beards?: With the aim of achieving a fast-growing beard, so many bearded men have sought ways to get thicker, fuller, shinier, and stronger beards. One of these ways that have seemed seriously effective is home remedies for growing a beard. While we have desperate men who would not think twice about having … Read more

Does Green Tea Help Beard Growth?

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Does Green Tea Truly Help Beard Growth It is no news that Green Tea has helped people grow their hair back due to the tons of anecdotal evidence that we see in it. Green Tea is also coupled with a lot of benefits. So, this actually left me wondering if it can also work for … Read more

Can Sperm Make Your Beard Grow?

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I know what you are thinking right now. Yes, I thought about it too. Until I decided to write this article. People think out of the box every single day, scientists never relent in discovering mind-blowing things and in fact, this is just one of them. Yes! Sperm is good for facial hair. They help … Read more