Does Green Tea Help Beard Growth?

Does Green Tea Truly Help Beard Growth

It is no news that Green Tea has helped people grow their hair back due to the tons of anecdotal evidence that we see in it. Green Tea is also coupled with a lot of benefits. So, this actually left me wondering if it can also work for beard growth.

I did some deep research on it and decided to create this article to enlighten anyone who might have been in the same state of confusion that I was initially.

Green tea is probably the most famous tea in the world and in most articles about green tea, it is encouraged a lot for one to drink more of it.

Indeed there are myriads of benefits that come with green tea. Not only do they offer weight loss but also have a way to prevent cancer.

In addition, several studies have shown the scientific benefits of green tea.

So what about beard growth?

Among all these benefits of green tea, does it help in beard growth too? Or does it rather go down the opposite lane? Well, that is what we should specifically focus on.

Does green tea help beard growth?

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Instead of helping beard growth, green tea is categorized under anti-androgenic. Since beards are androgenic hair, green tea will not help you grow a beard.

What effect the growth of the beard has is the level of testosterone in man, and green tea reduces this effect when orally consumed. 

Drinking green tea will lower the levels of testosterone in your body and reduce its effect on your hair, it will only work for hair growth, not beard growth. Needless to say, you should know that the hair in your head is quite different from facial hair.

It is true that green tea can help manage androgenic alopecia or baldness caused by androgens.  But as long as testosterone promotes and stimulates the growth of facial hair, it does the opposite of the hair in the chin.

So if you have been thinking whether green tea helps grow a beard, the answer is No.

Instead of using green tea for beard growth (which will not work), you can consider other products like Rogaine or minoxidil. They have been proven to help grow a beard even among men who find it hard to grow a beard naturally.

How does Green Tea hinder beard growth?

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Now that you know that green tea is not ideal for beard growth. You may be inquisitive to know really how this tea affects the growth of facial hair in general. And I will show you.

The level of testosterone and it’s more potent form dihydrotestosterone is a significant factor associated with beard growth in a man. What testosterone does is to primes hair follicles and DHT, thereby promoting linear growth of facial hair.

In this connection, your beard growth process can be hindered by any product that hinders beard production or activity of testosterone and DHT. Not just green tea alone.

To prove this theory, A particular research was carried out on a typical rat. And at the end of the study, it was deduced that a component present in green tea which is called polyphenols reduced the production of testosterone in the rat’s Leydig cells.

This can be very well related to the man-body because, in terms of metabolism, the rats and human beings are very similar.

While consuming green tea may add some expansive nutrition value to your body, it will as well result in reduced testosterone levels in the body which will consequently affect your beard growth in a negative way.

This is how and why green tea hinders the growth of the beard in man.

Does Green Tea Help Beard Growth if applied directly to beard?

This is a very sensible question that I’d like to address. If you have thought towards this angle then you are very interested in using green tea for beard growth.

So, we’ve come to know the fact that drinking green tea, with the motive of stimulating beard growth is a bad idea because they affect the testosterone level that helps beard growth in man.

And someone comes up with the idea of applying it directly on the beard. Good idea? Well, I don’t think so.

I mentioned earlier that green tea contains ANTI-ANDROGENIC component. Beard, or facial hair, in general, are referred to as ANDROGENIC hair.

Hence, green tea can have a negative impact on the growth of your beard when applied directly or taken orally. This is why I do not recommend.

If you really want to apply something to your beard directly that will stimulate beard growth, you should not consider green tea.

The hair on your head is different from that on your face. That is why you may need a shampoo for your hair, but not for your beard. What works is a beard wash.

You may need green tea for fast hair growth on the head. But definitely not for your facial hair. Take note!

Frequently asked questions on green tea for beard growth

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Let’s examine the common problems that get people confused about a bad idea of using green tea for beard growth and possible solutions to their questions. I’m pretty sure that you’d learn here too.

If you still have other questions regarding green tea for beard growth then simply hit them on the comment section and I’ll attend to them.

How can I apply green tea on my beard?

Having explained how green tea can have a negative impact on the growth of your beard, I would not recommend applying green tea. Not to mention teaching you how to apply it on a beard.

Green tea will affect your androgenic hair (beard) negatively as it is anti-androgenic

Does green tea reduce facial hair?

This is a good question and I want you to take note that green tea will only reduce your beard when consumed with other products which include finasteride and other testosterone and DHT blockers.

Taking green tea alone will not help you reduce facial hair.

Does green tea increase facial hair?

The answer remains No.

Green tea can never increase facial hair. Instead of doing that, it may reduce your facial hair when orally taken. This happens by inhibiting the hormone that stimulates and promotes the growth of facial hair called testosterone.

Does drinking green tea make hair grow? 

Among the benefits of consuming green tea regularly, it is said to increase hair growth when combined with other products such as finasteride, Rogaine.

As much as they do not regrow your lost hair ( not beard) they can also add to your nutrition status.

The main reasons that green tea is an effective treatment for your hair are because of its polyphenol concentration.

Polyphenols are a form of exceptionally powerful antioxidants, which help slow many ageing processes in your body.

General Benefits of Green Tea

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Before I bring this article to an end, I’d like to show you some benefit of green tea. Don’t feel disappointed if you have bought loads of green tea at home waiting to use it on your beard just before you came across this article.

It’s time to understand some benefits of green tea that can help you. If you take other effective measures to boost your hair growth such as equipping your Arsenal with quality grooming products, then you should not have any problem drinking green tea once in a while.

  • One of the ways Green tea can be very useful in that it avoids diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. They aid in memory by improving the cognitive function of our brain.
  • From a particular study, scientists conclude that green tea tolerates blood pressure changes better and helps blood vessels to relax.
  • A primary cause of heart attack is blood clots. Green tea has the ability to prevent blood clots.
  • Not only these, As a result of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of green tea, you can also get many anti-ageing components in green tea. Hence, they are well known for helping to alleviate wrinkles and other signs of ageing.
  • It has been scientifically proven that when you apply green tea to skin it can prevent damage from the sun. This fact has been tested on both humans and animals.
  • Another amazing benefit of green tea is that it has the ability to substantially reduce a person’s risk of developing diabetes by normalizing blood sugar levels.
  • And like I have mentioned earlier on, they help in hair growth. Many hair products have claimed to have green tea extract in their products, but it is probably in very small quantities
  • Although, as a man who wants to grow a beard quickly, I would not advise you to drink too often. But drinking green tea 3-5 times per day is one way to get these benefits. It also works wonders when applied directly to the hair on the head. Ladies do this.
  • Any lady that wants to increase the volume of her hair can mix green tea with coconut oil to form a type of gel. This mixture is loaded with nutrients that can also help the health

With these benefits, we can conclude that there is no reason to spend too much money on luxurious products that will not even be as effective as green tea. (but not for beard grooming)

If you want to improve your health, there is something in your house that can help you anytime without harmful substances or grave repercussions.

Our Conclusion on Green Tea Helping Beard Growth

If you want to grow hairs in other areas of your body like the head, some herbal teas lime green tea is definitely the best way to go.

But if you want a beard growth, do not use green tea as they will not only deter the growth of your beard but also reduce it.

Your Beard growth is stimulated by a particular hormone called the testosterone level. And green tea does nothing but to depreciate it.

Drinking green tea will definitely add some vital nutrients to one’s body, but for beard growth, try out other natural ways to grow beards.

Have you ever used green tea on your beards? What result did you get? You can share your experience in the comment section for people to learn from you.

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  1. I was think that if Green tea helps to grow the hair in our head, then it will work same for beard. But after reading this post i am cleared that Green Tea don’t work for our beard. Thanks very much for sharing this informative post.

  2. Hi so drinking it wont necessarily promote beard growth. However, is it linked to reducing it? Im currently applying rogaine at the moment .


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