10 Things That Promote Beard Growth in 2020

Things That Promote Beard Growth – Many people have considered the question of if the Testosterone Levels can be increased naturally.

There are several factors which influence the growth and quality of the facial hair. These factors are either genetics, hormones, health issues, ethnicity, nutrition or even medications. It is true that you might not be able to change your genetics or ethnicity, but there exists several regimens to make you have that thicker and fast growing beard.

Just as a good head of hair requires proper care, so does the beard and the facial hair. Always remember that it takes time and dedication – not to mention strong willpower to resist the urge to scratch. To improve a good beard growth you have to follow these steps religiously. Some of it might be painful, but trust me, nothing good comes without sacrifice.

Things That Promote Beard Growth 1. Groom Occasionally

Let us assume that you are new to the ‘bearding businesses’. It is safe to begin then with stubble. Having stubble is easy; all you have to do is not shave for few days. After this comes grooming and maintenance. If you want to enjoy a thick beard, you must refrain from shaping or trimming your facial hair too often.

Know that growing a beard requires huge commitment. There is a need to leave the beard without any interference for a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

Do not be tempted to groom the beard before 6 weeks. You can only do this after so that you are sure that the stubble is becoming a beard gradually. Start shaping your beard only when it has grown at least 1 or 1½ inches.

You can start choosing styles you want when your facial hair starts running wild.

Next is to undertake the delicate process of trimming. Trimming a beard is not that difficult and you can either do it on your own or engage the service of a professional, depending on your choice.

Trim occasionally so that it can be well maintained and even. And if you are determined to trim and shape it before the 4 week mark then you have to visit a professional barber who has significant experience in dealing with beards.

After your beard grows to a certain point, you can start trimming it yourself. This, of course, requires a little practice.

A reliable beard trimmer is needed who would advise you and define your neckline. It is after the neckline has been defined then you can proceed to shape the rest of the beard.

Depending on how fast and thick your beard grow, you can trim it two or three times a week.

Also, it is not advisable to trim the beard after a shower. Doing this can confuse you to cut far more of your beard than needed.

Facial hairs are much longer and thicker when wet and you’ll later feel regret if you make this mistake.

Things That Promote Beard Growth 2. Wash and Condition Regularly

Like the hair on your head, the facial hair and beards also need tender loving care.

You can wash the facial hair with the use of a mild cleanser and lukewarm water some 2 times in a day. This adds to the acceleration of beard growth.

You can also introduce a mild shampoo on the beard maybe two or three times a week. This is to keep the hair clean and free of stray food plus other particles.

Add a little conditioner after shampooing to give the hair a stronger and thicker appearance.

A good moisturizer keeps your skin healthy. And in return, your beard will grow faster and thicker overtime.

Things That Promote Beard Growth 3. Massage Your Face

Stimulation of the face by massaging is a must for increasing hair growth.

Blood circulation helps the nutrient reach the hair follicles and a massage does just that, making the hair grow faster and thicker.

You can make a massage oil with the combination of olive oil, jojoba oil, eucalyptus oil, and almond oil. To prepare, just combine 1 tablespoon of all the oils except eucalyptus oil. Or you might just make a mixture of 2 to 3 tablespoons of olive oil and a few drops of eucalyptus oil.

Warm the mixture briefly in the microwave, for a few seconds. Put some quantity on your palms and apply thoroughly to the beard. Massage gently for 10 minutes in circular motions. Rinse the oil of using warm water. You can do it twice a day.

Things That Promote Beard Growth 4. Start Exercising

Exercise improves blood circulation this is what we all know. Therefore, exercising is an effective way of achieving a thicker and fuller beard. This is as a result of more proteins and vitamins reaching the hair follicles.

Shedding off excess weight increases testosterone, and this exactly is where exercise comes in. Rigorous and high-intensity interval training such as weight lifting is needed for this to be achieved.

Exercising on a regular basis is a solid foundation on which longer and thicker facial hair can be built. Start this by losing some excess weight you might have. We know all exercises help the body and make the beards grow thicker, but some of them are more beneficial than others.

The proven ones are cardio workouts, brisk walking, running, cycling, and dance. Try these ones out and you’ll see what the outcomes are.

In all, exercise helps the body stay fit and improves overall health and well-being.

Aim to exercise at least 5 days a week for a period of 30 minutes to 2 hours a day.

Things That Promote Beard Growth 5. Manage Your Stress Level

As excessive stress can affect the body generally, so also it does to the hair growth on your face as well as on your head.

The male hormone suffers a lot under chronic stress. When the body is stressed there is an increase in the stress hormone cortisol in the body, and this can have a negative impact on the testosterone level.

To enjoy your choice of the beard, you must manage your stress level. Do this through meditation and yoga for better results.

Trying to grow a thicker beard may be especially harmful as it disrupts their sleep pattern. When there is not enough sleep it directly affects the beard, making it more challenging to grow thicker.

So try very well to manage stress and let it all slip.

Things That Promote Beard Growth 6. Get Proper Rest and Sleep

A study conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2011 shows that if you sleep for 5 hours or less, your testosterone level suffers by as much as 15 percent.

Therefore, always work towards getting about 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily; this will help the body regenerate testosterone and the facial hair growth is promoted therefore. When you get enough sleep, your stress will decrease, and this will greatly benefit your facial hair.

The testosterone production in the body is reduced by a whopping 15% when you get just hours of sleep. This, in turn, leads to patchy areas, which may seem to never fill in, around the beard.

Things That Promote Beard Growth 7. Improve Your Diet

A proper care of the diet is another way to take care of not just the body but also facilitate beard growth.

The human hair is a protein filament (mainly made up of protein), therefore, there should be the inclusion of protein-rich foods in your diet. This is so because the more protein-rich food is consumed the healthier the beard looks. It also increases the level of testosterone production, therefore, giving the beard that luxurious, thicker appearance. Oily fish, lean beef and chicken are good sources of protein.

Vitamins also are great for the daily diet. Vitamins types A, B, C, and E can speed up the hair growth process. Fruits, as well as leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, and broccoli, are good sources of vitamins too. Eat more vegetables as they are packed with all the minerals and vitamins that your body needs to stay healthy and the facial hairs need to grow thicker.

Eggs, nuts, and kale can also be incorporated into the diet. They all work to increase testosterone.

Zinc, magnesium and vitamin D are also required in the appropriate quantity.

And at the same time, avoid high-sugar junk foods. Food with no nutritional content will contribute to weak, brittle hair.

Drinking enough water daily will help you flush out toxins from your body. And to know what the right quantity should be, drink about half your weight in ounces,

This will keep your skin hydrated, and healthier skin means healthier and thicker beards. This one may seem obvious to some, but you will be surprised how many men are not doing it.

Things That Promote Beard Growth 8. Take Biotin Supplements

A supplement of Vitamin B7 is Biotin (vitamin B7). It is highly important for hair growth, the health of your skin and nails.

Nuts and raw egg yolks are great sources of natural biotin. It is also advisable to take its supplements so as to obtain the maximum hair growth benefits.

2.5 mg of biotin every day is just enough to help your beard grow faster. And for effective results, consistency is the key.

It is always best to consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

Things That Promote Beard Growth 9. Control the Itch

Asides looking unkempt, another irritating problem that you are likely to battle when growing a beard facial itching. The up coming new hair tends to irritate the skin causing repeated itching. This is peculiar to the initial days of beard growth. Itch in the beard can also signify that the skin beneath the beard is dry.

The itch can be controlled though, this is by keeping the skin moisturized with the application of little oil to it. Coconut oil can also serve the same purpose, which is to soothe the skin and ease the itching. You can add a few drops of lavender or tea tree oil to the coconut oil and then apply it. Exfoliating the skin (that is removing dead skin cells) is advisable too as this unclog the pores and stimulate hair growth. The process of exfoliating is a simple one, simply wet your face, insert a medium-bristle brush in a gentle cleanser and scrub gently beneath the beard to get rid of the dead skin cells.

In the daytime, drink plenty of water, this helps in keeping the skin hydrated from the inside.

Always have this as a reminder. Resist that strong urge to scratch your beard or shave it.

Things That Promote Beard Growth 10. Quit Smoking

Regular smoking reduces hair growth.

The nicotine in cigarettes constricts blood flow, and this affects hair growth. Smoking decreases the capillary flow of blood to the hair roots thus impairing circulation. This leads to shortage of nutrient to the hair follicles.

And apart from nicotine, several other harmful chemicals are contained in cigarettes. These chemicals can cause oxidative stress on hair growth and pigmentation.

Additional Tips on Things That Promote Beard Growth

Do not be misled by the popular misconception that shaving every day increases the rate at which the facial hair grows. This is a midwife tale as it has no scientific prove.

Invest in a good and quality facial grooming kit to style your beard with as it grows. This will also keep it in good shape.

Manage split ends of your facial hair by trimming regularly. It will help clear ingrown hair and keep the hair from growing unevenly.

And if you have issues with growing your beards, maybe you’ve been on it for 2 or 3 months but it still seems patchy and the growth scanty then looking for styling options is the best for you. Not all men will grow a full beard as it is all about genetics, so look out for styling options that look best on you.

Hormone therapy should be the last resort for men who want to grow thicker beards. This therapy can be taken in the form of a pill, hormonal cream, or via hormonal injections.

Although it has been reported by men who have tried the hormone therapy that they have noticed their beard became thicker after the process. The percentage of them isn’t that high as for beard implants though.

This might seem unbelievable but the truth is that men who have difficulty in growing thicker beards from a young age will not have to worry about going bald as they grow older.

So, whether you grow a thick beard or thin beard now, it does not in any way make you less of a man.

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