How to Stop Beard Itch When Growing Your Beards

How to Stop Beard Itch

Do you want to know how to stop beard itch when growing your beards? If Yes, today’s article will teach you ways to go about it. Growing your beard is a progressive and time-draining exercise, it takes weeks, months and it could even take more than months to grow when beard itching is involved.

An itching beard is a reason you will most probably get rid of it.

A lot of men don’t know how to go about handling an itching beard, so they just shave it off, by so doing they hinder beard growth. Sporting your beard and managing beard each will be a wonderful experience when you know how to manage the two of them together.

There are so many reasons why your beards need to grow healthy, adding masculine sophistication to a man’s look is one of the reasons. Beards add not only masculine sophistication to Man’s look but his entire appearance, Many women like Men with beards too.

Now An Itchy Beard can be very itchy, really itchy. Beard itching is extremely common amongst Men when growing facial hairs, even just two weeks of growth is enough to cause a mundane beard itch.

If you, However, successfully sport your beard to a certain level of your satisfaction, you will be familiar with the beard itch issue.

If you got through with beard itch, the next guy may not because we respond differently to situations.

Well, speaking of  Beard Itch, there is a solution, there is always a solution to every problem and we’d be giving a solution on how to stop beard itch.

We’ve got all the necessary information you need to get started, BUT first, we would like to disclose what cause beard itch.

If you have been following this topic? If YES, Please kindly Stay tuned.

What Causes Beard Itch?

In order to stop beard itch, We must first answer the question, “What causes beard itch?” which is to say in order words, you need to understand what causes beard itch before you can cure it.

So let us continue! Interestingly, there are two major reasons or should we say factors that contribute to beard itch.

These factors, apparently depend on the beard growth phase, for Instance; Beard Itch/New Beard Growth & Beard Itch/Fully Grown Beards. We are going to be addressing each phase respectively.

Let’s start with Beard Itch/New Growth.

Beard Itch/New Beard Growth

Experiencing Beard Itch on a newly grown beard (The freshers) is a common occurrence, one can’t avoid it entirely. Newly grown facial hairs are usually prone to itchiness.

Certain situations like shaving your beards always only to make an impromptu decision of letting it grow are one of the factors that contribute to beard itch.

Intense beard itch for that matter…

Asking How and Why?

It is because your skin is already familiar with you going hairless all the time, an itchy beard is a likely reaction.

Now shaving regularly is not bad, in fact, the more you shave the lesser the beard itch.

As long as you have been shaving those beards of yours, there will be no issue of beard itch until you stop shaving and decide to sport your beard.

That’s when you get to experience the insane manhandling of Beard itch.

As your hair grows, the sharp edges of the hair scrape against the follicle which in turn gives off the intense itching sensation.

You can call that a perfect recipe for Beard Itching.

It can make you crazy, kinda.

However, it is safe to say This itch occurs during the stubble phase.

Beard Itch / Fully Grown Beards

The second reason for beard itch in the fully grown phase is as a result of poor beard management.

When a beard lacking proper conditioning rubs against dry, caked skin it provokes a tenacious itch.

Dry skin or Worn out (Dead) skin cells encourage a coarse beard which in turn causes a disoriented appearance of your facial hair and terrible beard itch.

Aside from the causes of itchy beard listed above, we also have changes in weather, lack of oil production in the skin, use of wrong skin or beard care products, Seborrheic eczema, Folliculitis, Pseudofolliculitis barbae, and Tinea barbae.

We will be teaching you ways to stop beard itch when growing your beards, we hope to get good rewards for doing such a charitable deed.

Ways To Stop Beard Itch – 5 Easy Steps

The following are five easy steps to achieving an itch-free beard when growing it.

These procedures work on stubbles of any type, age, and length.

Wash & Keep Your Facial Hairs Clean – STEP ONE

Easy right? Washing and keeping your beards clean is apparently the first step or first approach to curb beard itch.

You don’t know this; every day we get to lose many dead skin cells, they don’t leave, the beard traps them withing by so doing, preventing them from falling away.

Trapped Dead skin cells will most likely irritate your skin and cause your beard to itch.

Aside from that, your beards trapping dirt and dust throughout the day is another reason why you will experience an intense beard itch.

This is a valid reason why you must keep it clean.

However, keeping your facial hair clean requires you do it correctly, washing and keeping your beard clean is one of the major steps to take.

Kindly NOTE: The facial hair is androgenic. Which means it’s influenced by testosterone levels.

Androgenic hair can’t be effectively cleaned in the same way as the hair on your head.

So we advise you to desist from using traditional shampoos and bath soaps to wash your beards.

They will strip the natural oil of your skin, leaving it dry and porous.

There are two ways to wash and keep your beard clean:

– We suggest you use a beard wash.

A Good facial hair wash is 100% natural and doesn’t contain chemicals.

you can also get good results simply by washing and cleansing your beard with warm water.

– Secondly, We advise you to brush your beard thoroughly to get rid of dead skin cells and other wreckage.

Then rinse your facial hair with warm water.

 Condition Your Beards – STEP TWO

Mybeardgang Cream Showcase
Beard and Hair conditioners serve a similar purpose, the only difference is that beard conditioners contain ingredients suitable for only beards.

You cant find these ingredients in hair conditioners, But still, they serve the purpose of conditioning the beard and the head hair.

Beard conditioners come in different forms, some in the form of Balms and others in the form of shower conditioners.

When picking a beard conditioner, you should consider the ingredients more than the broad.

Knowing this, we recommend MY BEARD GANG BEARD CREAM.

It has all the necessary ingredients which include Coconut oil and Jojoba as primary ingredients.

A good beard conditioner will soften your beard, reduce the beard itch, detangle, hydrate and nourish your skin.

MBG BEARD CREAM is best applied before you go out. (Please note that this cream is only available in NIGERIA for now)

Moisturize Your Beard – STEP THREE

How to Stop Beard Itch
Moisturizing your beard is another good way to go about beard itch.

While Beard’s conditioners keep your beards nourished, Beard Moisturizers otherwise called Beard oils hydrates your beard and the skin beneath.

It is important you know that Moisturizing the skin beneath your beard is very important in the process of dismantling beard itch.
If the skin under your facial hair becomes too depleted, your body will produce extra oil, which may lead to serious breakouts and intense itching.

This is when Beard oil/moisturizers come in to save the day.

You honestly don’t need much oil on your beards, a few drops will keep your beard shiny, hydrated and sound. And if looking for the ideal beard oil or moisturizers may seem difficult for you. The reviews of best beard moisturizers may come handy.

1. Hydrate Daily Facial Plus Beard Moisturizer

Hydrate Daily Facial plus Beard Moisturizer is a must-have for whoever is genuinely interested in growing beard without it getting itchy. It is made up of soothing Aloe, Green Tea leaf extract and Chamomile that reduces the itch and irritation associated with growing beards.

Using this product will also reduce the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles. Aside from its effectiveness against beard itching, it helps firms and tone the skin making it appears healthy.

One of the buyers was able to attest to the manufacturer’s claim and said that the products worked as described.

The skin around my nose and sometimes even my brow would get red and irritated. Cortisone would work for a bit but the problem worsened over time. I dealt with this for more than a year! Then I bought this product based on the reviews and it completely resolved the issue in two days! I highly recommend it.


#2. Wahl Beard Creme for Softening, Moisturizing & Conditioning Facial Hair

Another Beard Moisturizing cream you should check out is the Wahl Beard Creme that can be used for softening and moisturizing of the facial hairs. Using will help tame your beard, penetrating the coarse facial hair and the itchy skin to return to normalcy.

And, if you are concern health-wise, it is made with natural ingredients such as Sativa seed. jojoba oil, olive clove, moring and meadowfoam seed, working together leaving your beard healthy and smelling manly.

I really enjoyed using this product. It smells like a manly aftershave with a natural botanical twist. It conditioned and maintained my beard and kept it smooth and groomed-looking all day; it lasted all day into the evening when I washed my face again.

My wife liked the smell and commented on it. My beard felt softer and didn’t itch in this cold dry wintery weather.


Comb And Brush Your Facial Hairs – STEP FOUR

How to Stop Beard Itch
As a beard enthusiast, combs and brushes should be your best friend in your beard toolkit.

Combing your beard frequently does not only keep your facial hair looking great, but it also trains the beard to grow in a single direction.

Brushing your stubbles also promote beard health, reduce itching and scratching.

Now getting the perfect brush for your beard won’t be an issue because we recommend the MY BEARD GANG BEARD BRUSH.

We strongly advise you never to use plastic bristles on your beard.


It is because Plastic or vinyl bristles have micro fissures which can damage your facial hair by causing knots.

Brush your beards before and after every wash and moisturizing so as to spread the beard moisturizers around the beard evenly. Check out the list of Best beard brush of 2020 below.

#1. Beardeur Beard Brush

Best African American Beard Brush To Use

This brush has a great track record and advertises itself as the perfect manly gift. It smooths out any rough scruff and leaves a clean, well-groomed look.

Upon perfect use of this beard brush, your beard would become reasonably softer and even more manageable than you could ever imagine. Also, it provides its user’s beard with improved texture, alongside a cleaner and healthier appearance. Buy yours on Amazon.

This is a really great set for personal use or to give as a gift. It comes with a boar hair bristle brush, a small mustache comb, a larger beard comb, and some all-natural beard oil. My brother has decided to grow his beard out so I figured that I should get him a really nice set to care for it instead of letting it get all rough and ratty looking.

The beard oil doesn’t smell medicinal or odd like several others that I’ve smelled and made his beard feel nice and soft.

All of the items in the kits look and feel like they’re made with high-quality products and come with a guarantee so if you have any issues they’ll make it right. Overall this is a great kit for anyone that has a beard or knows someone that does.


#2. Kent Limited Edition Beard Brush

Kent beard brush is one of the best beard brush you can get for yourself. It Helps To Shape and Groom and Spreads the Natural Oils of Skin and Hair. Also, it has a pistol-like design which makes it easy to hold without any worries.

So It Can Handle The Coarsest of Facial Foliage. Another reason why you need to buy is that it comes with a Beautiful Hand-Stitched Cotton Travel Bag Printed on Both Sides and A Travel Box.

Healthy Eating & Living Routine – STEP FIVE

How to Stop Beard Itch
Healthy eating routine stops beard itching in the sense that when your body gets a diet rich with Beta-carotene, Vitamin D and Biotin.

Beard Itch becomes an issue of the past.

Beta Carotene when taking into the body converts to Vitamin A, Vitamin A, in turn, promotes healthy sebum.

These Vitamins can be gotten from fruits.

Vitamin D arouses beard growth by developing more hair follicles.

Speaking of having a healthy living habit as a factor that stops beard itch;

Healthy living helps create a healthy beard.

– Avoid excess stress
– Get plenty of rest
– Drink lots of water
– Avoid smoking. (Not trying to be religious)

Not only is smoking terrible for your health but the stinky cigarette smells can be trapped in your beard long after the smokestack is destroyed.

Any Other Way Out – Remedies To Beard Itching

#1. Keeping The Face Clean

You can’t do too much of this once you are making use of chemical-free liquid for the process. Regular washing of the face will prevent bacteria from building up talkless of surviving which can lead to skin itchy that we are trying to prevent in the first place. Regular cleaning will also ensure that oil does not build up, decreasing the chances of having acne break out.

#2. Avoiding Use Of Harmful Chemicals

Cleaning your beard does not mean you should use harmful chemicals, to prevent your beard hairs from itching. Make sure you don’t make use of substance or beard shampoo with harmful chemicals. You should make use of Beard Shampoo that won’t make the beard turn bad.

#3. Surgeries

Should the itchiness become chronic that you can longer cope with it, even when all the steps listed above have been followed? Surgery is the last option you can go for and a doctor may recommend laser hair removal.

Alternately, a doctor may recommend a procedure that involves making incisions to drain boils or carbuncles. Carbuncles, also known as skin abscesses, are clusters of boils that can cause or aggravate infections.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on itchy beard

How long until beard stops itching?

It will take three weeks maximum for the itch to stop for most new beard men. If the itchy persists after three weeks, you are advised to see a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis.

Why is my beard so itchy?

We have mentioned a lot of steps to take when planning to stop your beard itch. We have to elaborate further in order to reach the main goal of this article.

Beard itch may be associated with many causes such as poor hygiene, ingrown hairs, dry skin, breakouts, acne and excessive grooming of the beards by the use of soap, oil, balm, etc. that can irritate the skin.

Sometimes, beard itch can be as a result of the presence of fungal or bacterial infection. Now, you should have a quick clue as to why your beard itches a lot.

Despite this suggestion, we are more interested in telling you to see a dermatologist whenever you experience an unusual condition on your skin.

Can Shaving of Beard Cause Itching?

Yes! shaving of beard can cause itching, which is a sign of the skin haven gotten irritated. Itching after shaving can be a sign of folliculitis or razor burn. For someone with a sensitive skin making use of a dull razor or inaccurate shaving is what should be avoided like a plague.

Why Does A Beard Itch So Much?

There are a variety of reasons why beard can start to itch it can be as a result of poor hygiene, acne breakouts, excessive grooming of beards, ingrown hairs, and dry skin.

How Can I Stop Beard Itching Permanently?

Beard itching can be prevented permanently only when you follow guidelines/steps. Using drugs or natural remedies won’t stop them from backing back while you lack proper hygiene or don’t care about how dry your skin is.

How Long Does Itchy Beard Last?

Know that beard itch is not a lifetime problem, it comes and goes base on certain conditions. In some cases, it takes 1 week and 3 weeks. If the itching is persistent apply beard oil to reduce it.

Does Beard Oil Stop Itching? 

Applying beard oil to your beard when it starts to get more persistent will moisturize the hair. Using beard oil tends to work perfectly when the itching is caused by the shaving of beard hair.

Does Itchy Beard Mean It Is Growing?

The beard getting itchy is a sign of beard growth. At the early stage of beard growth, it is mild and only a few growing beards can notice it

How Can I Stop My Beard From Itching When I Grow It?

To stop your beard from itching do the following:

  • Keep it clean always.
  • Make use of beard oil to keep the skin and hair moisturizer.
  • Dry it properly.
  • Don’t over-cleanse it and make sure to make use of the right shampoo.
  • Comb/brush and trim regularly.

Are Beard Moisturizers Effective For Beard Itching

The skin around my nose and sometimes even my brow would get red and irritated. Cortisone would work for a bit but the problem worsened over time. I dealt with this for more than a year! Then I bought this product based on the reviews and it completely resolved the issue in two days!

I highly recommend it.


I really enjoyed using this product. It smells like a manly aftershave with a natural botanical twist. It conditioned and maintained my beard and kept it smooth and groomed-looking all day; it lasted all day into the evening when I washed my face again.

My wife liked the smell and commented on it. My beard felt softer and didn’t itch in this cold dry wintery weather.

Conclusion on How to Stop Beard itch

In this blog post, you have read on a different approach to cure and prevention of beard itching. likewise, have you read on causes of itching, why beard itches and answers provided to questions such as how long it takes for a beard to stop itching, what makes the beard itch, and natural remedies to itching of beard.

With all you have read here, you must be able to educate others on causes of beard itching, solution. With what you have learned here you will be able to solve related itching problems.

Taking the growth of your beard seriously and not letting Beard itch hinder you from achieving a healthy beard only shows how determined you are to look good and Manly.

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