Home Remedies for Growing Beards

Various Home Remedies for Beard Growth

It is true these days that beards mean manliness which means, if you have no beards, you are considered a boy, therefore, start planning to keep them. Although you may not be naturally lucky to grow beards, this case is rare.

Today, I will be explaining the local ways through which you can help your beards grow as you desire. So, you have no worries, since mostly, local substances or approaches are usually less expensive to use. So, I am going to mention some tips and probably some substances that can be applied for the growth of your beards.

Here are the Home Remedies for Beard Growth

Step One: Massage your skin at least once a week. This method is certain since it will aid in getting rid of dead cells and then triggers hair growth.

Step Two: You are advised to clean your skin with warm water by applying some little amounts of cleansing products two times daily. By doing so, your beard will grow in great acceleration.

Step Three: The use of a moisturizer with eucalyptus helps the faster growth of hair; you will get this result by massaging the beard with the mixture. Before you know, your beard is already growing faster.

Step Four: Make good sleep your routine; it will help you fix some damaged skin cells that are responsible for the growth of your facial hair.

Step Five: It is now known that there are some Specific nutrients that play vital roles that trigger the speed at which a beard grows. This is indicating that you should begin to eat diets that Include Vitamins A, B, C and E as this will increase the speed at which your beard or facial hair grows.

Step Six: Beard, generally does not grow uniformly, so may want to find a way to maintain good growth, so that ingrowth will be generally avoided. This is where the need for home remedy comes to play its role.

Therefore, the coming tips will focus more on the home remedies rather than the normal tips as mentioned before now.

Step Seven: There is a vitamin enhancement drug called biotin, you can take in 2.5 mg of it daily to help in growing your beard faster.

Step Eight: if you want your Beards to certainly grow faster, you will have to increase your level of relaxation. Some experts have revealed the status of stress and anxiety is disclosed by the volume of your hair. Therefore, if you need faster and voluminous beards, engage in some series of exercises and yoga. This act will trigger the growth of your beard.

Step Nine: Another means through which you can improve the growth and the health of your beard is by eating healthy protein in your diet regimen. The healthy protein discovered in meat, fish, eggs, and nuts will certainly aid the hair on your face grow quicker.

Step Ten: Avoid over cutting or shaving your beards, you can cut your beard every six weeks after it must have been fully grown.

Step Eleven: If you can engage in facial massage, it will help in boosting the blood to circulate around the facial areas and as a result will promote the rapid growth of beards.

Step Twelve: Don’t shave your beard regularly; there is no scientific proof that if you shave your beards daily will make it grow larger and faster. This is a home remedy expected of you, therefore, you need to avoid regular grazing your face.

Step Thirteen: If you experience itching or rashes throughout the first days of development, don’t worry at all, just apply a cream called Beard Farmer in Amazon store, to your face. It will aid in taking good care of your scalp, moisturizing it, and then does it better.

Step Fourteen: Growther Beard oil fantastic in faster beard growth both in teenagers and adults. Wash your beard with clean water, keep it a bit war, dry off with a towel and then apply the growther oil, massage so that it gets to the scalp to moisturize it.

How to Keep the Beard Clean After Growth

You may want to keep your beard clean and healthy after growth, this is a very good idea because, just like our skin, our beards and hairs equally need proper grooming.

The first thing to do is to wash it

Learn to take good care of your beards by washing regularly with clean water. The funny phenomenon I observe in people is that, even when they take their bath every day, they don’t pay attention to washing their beards. I may sound weird but that’s just the truth.

There are several ways through which we can help our beards grow better. Washing is one of the best approaches as it frees the beards from the settlement of bacteria and fungal that may result in deadly diseases such as dandruff, itching, acne, etc.

Sometimes, I laugh alone, when I see people rub soap on their head hair, wash with shampoo and then ignore the beard, please those hairs on your chin, what are they? Stone, or Salt? Kindly wash your beard with shampoo and soap, to enhance its growth as fast as possible.

Condition the Beard Hair

Conditioning the beard hair makes them fit and healthy especially when you are aspiring for charming and shiny beards. This is your opportunity to make your dream come true.

A beard conditioner such as Grave Before Shave can go a long way to soften your beard and thereby saving it from being shaved off due to excessive itching. You can follow the link above to learn more about the product.

To avoid unnecessary itching, the application of a beard conditioner is the solution before it makes your facial hair softer.

A good beard hair conditioner will hydrate your beard and give it the perfect comfort you long for. A beard conditioner sometimes acts like styling gel so this will add to the expected result.

Massage your Beard with Essential Oils

There are lots of essential oils in the Amazon store that can keep your beard healthy and tidy, remember, the essential oils when applied to your facial hair, keep bacterial off it. Therefore, the application of oils on your beard scalp is another ideal step to keeping your beard clean.

Massage your beards with oil so that it will remain shiny, soft and free from dandruff or acne that may force you to shave it off. Some people have the belief that some of the beard oils are the reasons for acne, however, that claim is not completely true. In fact, oils have a very insignificant role to play as a cause of acne.

You May Want to Disinfect your Beards

The beard is not a different part of the human body that stands alone, just as it was said when one part of the body is hurt, it affects other parts. Your food, sweat, those traps and the entire dust of your home or working place can actually affect your beards negatively, that is why it is essential to apply balms on it. The balm will act as anti-bacteria and also makes it softer.

Brush your Beards

You can equally brush your beards to maintain its charming look. I can bet that it is only a child that is expected to leave his beard unkempt, and rough. As an adult, it is part of cleanliness to keep your beard smooth and tidy. Brushing the beards is one of them.

You have the choice to either let your beards remain tangled and unruly or make it look charming by brushing it when necessary. This act can help spread beard oil to all angles of the scalp and thereby enhancing the growth.

Trim your Beards

Trimming the beards is also ideal, this is because there is no way the beard will ever grow evenly. So, in order to keep it mature and simple, you need to be trimming it from time to time.

Let’s talk further on other remedies that are not yet mentioned. It is a shocking fact when I discovered some of these remedies work for the growth of beards. I shall be mentioning them in the form of questions for better elaboration.

Does Lemon Help in Beard Growth

I found out there are two similar arguments about lemon aiding in increasing beard growth. However, I drew my conclusion that it doesn’t help in growing beards.

My reason, since you can still apply the lemon in small quantity, and besides that, the citric acid contained in lemon is organic, so, it is less coarse but can have some funny effect on the skin.

The first opinion:

The first commentator affirmed that lemon and honey juice can help in removing the facial hair. Therefore, if you apply the mask of lemon or honey, it will definitely remove the hair just in a similar way and period as waxing, however, you are required to apply it twice a week. This will make your hair better and fresher.

He further explains that the mask from lemon and honey aids in plucking the facial hair, especially when you continue as routine, at least once a week. It doesn’t cut but plucks the hair completely, and as a result, will not grow thicker than it used to be. The commentator mentioned that if you continue using the lemon or honey mask exceeding six months, that the entire hair on your face will be gone forever. This signifies that, if you are dreaming of keeping beards, don’t dare apply lemon or honey juice for any reason.

However, if you don’t want to keep your beards which I don’t support. Kindly use this method to stop your beards from growing, it is a natural way, it is guaranteed that you can do it at home. It is a healthy way to completely remove your beards or facial hair.

Second Opinion:

The second commentator said something similar but in a more directive manner. He opined that Lemon is no way good for growing beard. As if lemon juice is to beards as fire is to grasses. He mentioned that lemon has citric acid contained in it, therefore, it has an affinity to wash away the cells holding the hairs from inside. This means this washing away effect cannot in any way be of good effect on your skin.

He further emphasizes that lemon does no good to your skin than destroying or damaging your hair root while you leave it unwashed especially in a thin beard or hair. Apart from this nastic effect, it dries up your hair and skin.

In fact, I have never seen anyone condemning a natural product this way before, this is an indication that he had an experience of this effect on his hair or skin. I had the same experience.

I love one thing about this second commentator, he didn’t just avoid lemon juice but actually provide an alternative. He said something that means, “Beard requires Oil, nutrition to grow”. He made mention of Almond which contains protein that aids the faster growth of beard. The almond oil penetrates the hair massively and allows it to grow faster naturally.

He said, “Besides, you have to equally shave your beard regularly in order to allow the thin hair grows thick”. Although I disregard this very opinion in quotes, this is like a myth because there is no scientific proof for this. If you read this very article thoroughly, I debunked this same opinion above earlier.

However, if so that you shave the beards, kindly apply the almond oil or any other essential oil recommended to give your desired result. Get the best of quality oils in the store, such as Amazon or eBay. You are also required to massage your beard for blood transportation to the area well needed to grow beards.

Does Exercise Aid the Growth of Beards

Just like I said earlier, it is so shocking to discover things that really work in this life. Yes, exercise is very good for the entire part of the body, and our chin and beards are also part of our body.

When you engage in regular exercises, there will be an increase in your testosterone, it is a hormone in the human body that determines the appearance of a man. It is present in men and also helps in controlling the growth of beards and mustache. Especially if you are a weight lifter, there is a narrow tendency you will not increase your testosterone.

Lastly, there are lots of home remedies for the growth of beards, many are effective, however, I advised we take the right measure in maintaining the growth of our beards.

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