Can Grey Beard Be Reversed Naturally

Can Grey Beard Be Reversed Naturally: There are three conditions in which your beard turns grey or white—the genetic, ageing, and deficiency. This is what we will be looking at in this post.

Can Grey Beard Be Reversed Naturally

If your beard turns grey or white through a natural course like genetics or ageing, there is no way you can reverse it naturally.

However, if the case is a deficiency, there is a chance that change in your diet will turn your premature hair or beard black.

For this natural reason, I will say it is not possible to reverse grey beard black if the cause is natural.

Why can’t I do anything about it

Do you mean about your hair turning grey naturally? It isn’t your fault. It is the loss of melanin in your body system and this is naturally caused by the ageing factor.

In the case of a genetic problem, your hair colour genetics have been altered by what is called a mutation, and as such, you can do nothing to turn it black from the root.

Information about Melanin

Melanin gives the black colour to your hair or beard. Melanin is a pigment producer in your body system, so it produces melanocytes cells.

This is the reason why your hair and skin have a normal colour expected of them. The grey hair still has some little amount of melanin as for the white hair, it doesn’t contain melanin. This means, as you grow older, you lose the melanin content in you.

Research has made it clear that after every 30 years of age, you begin to lose 20 percent of your melanin content every ten years.

You need to be more specific about the information around gaining back black hair, no wonder I quickly differentiate between a beard that turned grey or white due to age and genetics from the one that due to deficiency of some nutrients.

We quite understand that deficiency is a health condition that can trigger premature grey hairs or beard but now, you will have to accept that it is impossible to restore your natural beard colour it becomes grey or white due to genetics or natural ageing condition.

If you need a trick to stop a high rate of greying beard, change your diet to those that contain vitamins and minerals needed by your hair tissue to grow better, darker, and healthier beard.

I will ensure that I analyze the false claims about the treatment of grey hair and then talk on how you can manage it.

Take heart if the cause of your grey beard is genetics

The main colour of human hair is naturally white but the content of melanin gives it the black or brown colour you know. This is a fact you should know from now on.

Melanin determines the kind of your hair colour and it has to do with genetic factors. It is scientifically proven that your hair follicles are made of cells that are utilized by melanin to create hair darkening pigments that later combine with protein and keratins in your system.

Melanin loss in hair is a natural fact especially after the 30s—the rate at which you lose your melanin content varies by genes, so, premature grey hair may occur in you if your parents experience the same at a younger age.

Forget about the products sold online or offline that you can reverse a naturally greying beard, nothing of such, and will never reverse your beard to black unless it is deficiency problem.

Is it possible to treat premature grey beard and when

It is possible to treat premature grey beard but it has to be done within 20 and 30 years of your age, otherwise, consider it natural, but you can still try, who knows. If you believed that what you see on your beard is deficiency after 30 years, you can still consult your doctor for a final decision.

Nutritional Deficiencies leading to grey hair

Balance diet is the number one check to know if your grey hair or beard is due to deficiency or natural course. If your beard still remains grey while you eat balanced diets on a daily bases, it means your premature grey beard has to do with a genetic condition.

Ensure that your diet provides vitamin B-12, folate, copper, and iron so that you will not be exposed to high risk of low melanin production in your body system.

If you already lack these essential nutrients, there is a better chance that if you change your diets to more sufficient ones, your hair or beard colour will turn black again.

However, remember, we are talking about greying hair or beard due to nutritional deficiency.

You may want to meet your doctor to get a supplement for you, if possible, to try and get the supplement that will supply you enough nutrients to grow darker beards within some periods.

Health conditions that can cause greying beard

There are some health conditions that can subject your beard to greying. These conditions are:

  • Alopecia areata
  • Thyroid disease
  • Vitiligo

These are the health conditions that are associated with the greying of the hair or beard. Sometimes, the instability of your hormonal system can cause graying but can be managed over time until the grey hair is restored.

Myths around Hair Restoration

By now, you should understand that greying hair is dominantly a natural process either being influenced by ageing, genetic factors, and then less dominant conditions like nutritional deficiency and medical conditions.

You will come across website making reviews about products that can restore your greying hair, ensure that they do so specifying that it only works for greying hairs caused by a deficiency or medical condition.

Premature Gray Hair Supplements

When it comes to melanin production there are some supplements that are meant for that purpose as claimed by the manufacturers.

For instance, Hair Fluence, promises to give you healthier hair because it contains ingredients that include keratin, biotin, and bamboo that works well for all types of hairs.

There are other popular supplements such as zinc, vitamins B-12, and D-3. All these supplements promise to make your grey hair turn black once more.

One fact you must accept here is that, unless you have been diagnosed by the doctor that your grey hair is as a result of a deficiency, then some of these supplements may work for you.

Hair Masks

There are some homemade hair mask recipes that can be applied on your beard to reduce the influence of greying since their impact is to make the hair darken.

Those ingredients include coconut oil, lemon juice, and essential oils; all aimed at decreasing inflammation and then boost antioxidants contents in the scalp.

The melanin content of your hair may feel soft and then look shiny and healthier but it doesn’t guarantee that your melanin production level will increase; these should better be classified as a myth.

Can Tomato Skin turn your Gray Hair Black

Perhaps, it will turn it red. Lol! This is another myth people have been spreading. The truth is that the starch contained in tomato skin, when rubbed on your hair or beard can darken it for some times but it doesn’t have the ability to recover grey hair that occurred naturally.

The method also lacks scientific proof, so should be reconsidered.

How can I slow the Occurrence of Grey Hair or Beard

I have mentioned earlier on that there is no remedy for greying hair or beard that occurs naturally due to ageing or genetic factors, but if the condition of greying hair in you has to do with deficiency diagnosed by your doctor, then, there are some remedies that may help you prevent the onset of greying hair or beard.

Here are some hacks on how to prevent greying hair

  • Avoid stressing yourself so that your stress hormones will not interact with your melanin content to form greying hairs or beards.
  • If you smoke, quit it or seek the help you with cessation plan.
  • Manage your food intake to regulate your weight
  • Don’t allow yourself exposed to chemicals and polluted environment
  • Protect your beard from sun rays

Organic Remedies for reversal of grey hair

There are people that love their grey hair as it is because it looks cool on them especially when it grows full. If you are the type that detests grey hair, what will you do?

You realized that your melanin content is decreasing due to the excess greying of your hair, what will you do?

I am not into dying hair or beard but there are people that maintain black hair by dying it. Since there is nothing you can do about greying hair, you can meet a hairstylist to help temporarily or permanently dye it for you.

Remember, applying chemicals on your hair could damage it, so natural dyes like henna and Indian gooseberry.

If you will love to maintain your grey, you can use grey hair products, and it will help to enhance your colour and prevent it from turning yellow.

How do I mean by this? I want us to look from the natural remedy angle. That’s turning your grey hair black permanently using the natural hacks. This equally implies that the hair you are turning black naturally is premature grey hair. There are several ways to do it:

Coconut Milk Remedy

This is a natural remedy for premature greying hair and beard. Apply on the beard for fast solution.

You need the following things to get it right:

  • Coconut
  • Glass of cup
  • Extracted coconut oil
  • Flame
  • A heat source like a stove or any similar means
  • Blender
  • Aloe Vera
  • Amla juice

Steps to get it done

Here are the steps you can take to get it right:

  • Break your coconut shell
  • Get the coconut out of it
  • Blend the coconut to get the milk or juice
  • Heat the milk and extract the coconut oil contained in it
  • Mix one cup of aloe vera gel and one cup of amla juice to the extracted coconut oil
  • Heat your mixture for 8 to ten minutes and allow to boil
  • Allow the mixture cool and then stain it and allow to cool for 10 to 12 days
  • Massage your beards or hair daily until a good result begins to appear

Ridge Gourd Oil as Remedy

Another remedy to manage your grey hair is the ridge gourd oil. It helps in darkening grey hairs naturally.

What you need

  • Sundried ridge-gourd
  • Coconut oil
  • Fire source
  • bowl

The steps to get it done

  • Place a cupful of sundried ridge gourd piece in a coconut oil
  • Leave to leach and mature for 4 days
  • Boil the coconut oil for some minutes
  • Strain the boiled oil and then store it
  • Massage the stored oil into your beard so that it reaches the skin underneath
  • Wash it off after 10 minutes with any herbal shampoo of your choice

Curry Leave and Oil

If you want to get your premature greying beard to darken, use curry leave and oil as a remedy. This method also works fine.

What you need to get it done

  • Cup
  • Curry leaves
  • Bowl

Steps to do it

  • Boil a cupful of curry leaves in a cup of oil and allow to turn black
  • Allow the boiled ingredients cool
  • Strain and store
  • Massage the oil into your beard on a regular basis—say, 2 to 3 times a week

Henna and Coffee

This method is one of the best I recommend for you. It is also part of the natural remedies for greying hairs or beards.

What you need to get it done

  • Coffee powder
  • Hot water
  • Bowl
  • Glass cup
  • Henna

Steps on how to get it done

  • Boil 1 tablespoon of coffee powder in hot water
  • Allow it to cool
  • Make a paste with your henna powder
  • Cover it for some hours to rest
  • Mix the paste in any essential oil of your choice
  • Make a beard mask with the paste
  • Allow for some minutes
  • Wash off after an hour for good result

Almond oil and lemon juice

This is another method that works very well and can be reliable all the time. I want you to make use of this method for a perfect solution.

What you need to get it done

  • Fresh lemon
  • Almond
  • Bowl
  • Cup
  • Spoon

Steps on how to get it done

  • Get your almond oil and mix it with lemon juice
  • Massage your beard
  • Wash the mixture out of your beard after 30 minutes

These methods are all-natural. They work on only premature greying caused by a deficiency or medical problems.

Note that these methods cannot reverse your grey hair or beards occurring naturally due to ageing or genetic factors.


There have always been confusions concerning greying hair and beard. Many people don’t understand the difference between premature grey hair and grey hair occurring naturally.

Therefore, they fall victims of using different hair colouring pills and products thinking it will reverse their grey hair.

I have been able to set the difference between greying hair or beard occurring due to deficiency and the one occurring naturally.

So, it is the right time for you to check it out to identify them for a better decision about your greying hair.

Lastly, don’t forget that grey hair or beard cannot be reversed naturally to black due to the loss of melanin in your body system.

You can only organically or chemically change hair or beard colour.

What is your take on this topic? I will like to read your opinion on the comment box.

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