Best Essential Oils for Beard Oil in 2020

Best Essential Oils for Beard Oil: Let us first start with what Essential Oils are. What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are known to be compounds that are extracted from plants. The oil contains that scent, and flavor of the plant it is extracted from. For instance, unusual aromatic compounds give each essential oil the essential characteristics.

Essential oils are normally obtained through distillation or mechanical methods such as cold pressing. The extracted aromatic compounds are further combined with a carrier oil in order to produce a consumable product.

The methods through which oils are made are very important since essential oils normally obtained by chemical processes are false essential oils. You may want to read: How to Destroy Hair Follicles Naturally at Home, Why you need to Buy Onion Juice for Beard Growth.

What Are Essential Oils Used For?

You can use essential oils for various purposes such as the ones that will be mentioned below:

The common essential oils known so far have been used for aromatherapy, treatment of various skin conditions, ranging from the dark spot, whitehead, eczema, soothing muscle inflammation and so on. They are equally used in personal care products, home cleaning purposes, for general well -being in relation to emotional support. Even the scent of the essential oil is not excluded from the benefits.

Let us now look at the various essential oils and how they are used for different purposes: Essential oils cannot be used directly on the skin most of the time, most of the time, you will have to dilute them. How do I dilute the essential oils? This is your new question.

Avoid skin reactions to the direct application of essential oils. Dilute your essential oil to allow them to work more effectively without causing any damage to your skin. The purpose of diluting essential oil has to do with the quick reaction of the molecules to air when exposed. In order to avoid this, you will have to add the essential oil to a carrier oil to absorb the oil by your body.

A researcher called Avery mentioned that “In most cases (even if you’re just adding the essential oils to a bath), you’ll need a carrier oil—a neutral, plant-based oil that can act as a base. Common carrier oils include sweet almond, jojoba, olive, sunflower seed, avocado, and grape seed.”

Various Essential Oils that should be used for Beard Oil

We are going to review the best essential oils you should put in a beard oil that will give your desired result

Jojoba Oil

Best Essential Oils for Beard Oil

Jojoba is a carrier oil. It is extracted from the seed of the jojoba tree or plant It does not possess any odor and it is a colorless oil. It is said to be similar to human skin natural oil called sebum oil which is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Jojoba oil comes with lots of benefits such as these as listed below:

• It is an important skin moisturizer
• It aids in the balance of oil production by the skin making it awesome for oily skins.
• It has anti-inflammatory properties that help regulate the condition of your skin.
• It is carrier oil that is commonly rich in vitamin E.
• It is used in treating acne in humans.
• It helps to reduce skin wrinkles.

Coconut Oil

Best Essential Oils for Beard Oil
Bottles with fresh coconut oil on wooden table

It is carrier oil too. The oil is usually extracted from the kernel of the coconut. Coconut oil is edible and contains a lot of healthy fatty acids. It has good reputations when it comes to the usage of skin products. It has been used in, many products as soaps, and creams. The benefits are as follow:

• It is a very good skin moisturizer, especially for dry skins.
• It is carrier oil with lots of anti-aging properties
• It contains various antimicrobial properties
• It has always been very active in treating eczema & skin infections, and many other skin conditions.
• It is carrier oil with good antioxidant properties
• It is a natural sunscreen featured oil.
• It helps to speed up the healing process in a patient.

Lavender Oil

Best Essential Oils for Beard Oil

This oil is extracted from the flower of the plant called Lavender. It is well known for its beautiful scent that is normally used in perfumes production. It has always been used for relaxation when applied to your skin. The benefits are as follow:

• It has skin detoxing capabilities that can help condition your skin.
• It is good at treating acne in your skin.
• It is normally used in religion view to reducing stress and anxiety.
• It is known for its ability to repel Bugs.
• It is an important oil that helps in soothing the skin.
• It is great oil with a great floral scent.
• It is known for its great antiseptic properties.

Almond Oil

Best Essential Oils for Beard Oil

It is also carrier oil. It is normally obtained by extraction from the fruit of an Almond tree. This oil is of two types—Sweet and Bitter Almond oil. The sweet Almond oil is safe for usage while the bitter Almond oil is considered toxic. Benefits of Almond Oil are as follow:

• It is carrier oil with hypoallergenic properties
• It is known for its fantastic ability to protect your skin from UV radiation of the skin.
• It is a well-known deep skin cleanser.
• It is usually used for anti-aging treatment
• It is an important oil that can fight off skin conditions such as rashes.
• It aids in the reduction of inflammation.
• It is active in the removal of dead skins and therefore can moisturize the skin along.

Castor Oil

Best Essential Oils for Beard Oil
Castor beans and oil in a glass jar

Castor oil is extracted from the beans of the castor oil plant. The plant is known for different uses such as skincare, engines lubricant. It is yellowish in color and has a high concentration of fatty acids. When mixed, becomes very thick to touch. The benefits of Castor Oil are listed below:

• It is a natural antibacterial endowed plant
• It helps to hydrates & moisturizes the skin for better comfort for the day.
• It is used in the treatment of acne.
• It contains anti-inflammatory properties.
• It helps in the regeneration of dead skins
• It is a powerful treatment of sunburns.
• It helps in the Reduction of skin itches.

Rosemary Oil

Best Essential Oils for Beard Oil
A dark bottle of rosemary essential oil with fresh rosemary twigs

Rosemary oil is a carrier oil. It is extracted from the leaves of the bush of rosemary. It possesses a woody scent and comes with various health benefits such as:

• It Inspires skin cell growth in your body.
• It is well known for its antiseptic properties.
• It is an important carrier oil with anti-inflammatory properties – which helps to treat and fights infections of various types.
• It comes with a great scent you can’t easily resist.
• It works like magic to rejuvenate the skin.

Apricot Kernel Oil

Best Essential Oils for Beard Oil

It is carrier oil that is extracted from the kernel of the apricot plant. It is endowed with a nutty scent and a light texture. The oil absorbs to the skin easily. The oil is a bit similar to Almond oil, however, it shouldn’t be used on a skin full of acne. The benefits of Apricot Kernel Oil are:

• It is an active skin moisturizer oil.
• It has anti-aging properties suitable for the kind of your skin.
• It is antioxidant oil that aids in fighting free radicals.
• It is an antibacterial oil that possesses antibacterial properties
• It is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties
• It helps to soften the skin for better skin texture.

Cedarwood Oil

Best Essential Oils for Beard Oil

This is a powerful carrier oil for beard oil. It is extracted the pieces of woods of the cedar tree. The scent is similar to the woody cedar tree. It comes with lots of benefits as mentioned below:

• It is an anti-fungal oil.
• It helps in the stimulation of hair growth.
• It helps to reduce or cure skin irritation.
• It is a good bug repellent oil.
• It is good for its anti-inflammatory properties.
• It helps to promote relaxation.
• It also contains antiseptic properties.

Sage Oil

One of the best essential oils for beard oil that is obtained from the sage tree. It is an oil that has a strong aromatic scent, which makes it a favorite oil to add as dilution. The benefits of the oil are:

• It is carrier oil with anti-fungal features
• It possesses antibacterial properties, therefore, a good killer of bacteria.
• It contains antioxidant properties.
• It is an oil with a strong scent and this will be pleasant to the nose.
• It helps to moisturize the skin when applied.
• It is an anti-aging agent and therefore, contains anti-aging properties.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil and fresh eucalyptus leaves on the wooden table


One of the best essential oils for beard oil, Eucalyptus oil is known for its mint properties and can be used to treat many skin conditions not mentioned. You can blend eucalyptus oil with cedarwood, Lavender, Peppermint, etc. for various purposes as intended. The benefits of the oil are, as mentioned:

• It helps to shield your skin naturally from sun rays
• It is a skin moisturizer and will always keep your skin well-conditioned.
• It can fight fungal due to its anti-fungal properties.
• It is an oil with anti-inflammatory properties.
• It is an essential oil with antiviral properties
• It helps to speed the healing of a wound when applied.

The Sunflower Seed Oil

Even though it is popular for cooking purposes, it has health benefits. It is also carrier oil that can be used to dilute essential oils before application on the skin. This oil comes with lots of benefits such as these listed below:

• It is carried oil that is rich in vitamin E.
• It is a good skin moisturizer oil.
• It helps in fighting wrinkles and then acts as an anti-aging agent.
• It helps to protect the skin from sun rays.
• It helps to glow your skin when applied regularly.
• It is anti-inflammatory oil, therefore, helps to reduce inflammation on the skin.

Argan Oil

This is extracted from the argan tree. It absorbs quickly to the skin and has a nutty scent. It can also be blended with Cedarwood, Lavender, and Peppermint. The health benefits are as follow:

• It is known to possess the power to nourish the skin.
• It helps in the treatment and healings of irritated, dry and cracked skin.
• It is active in the treatment of acne on the skin.
• It helps to regenerate dead cells of the body.
• It helps to promote hair growth.
• It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and E.
• It helps to exfoliate the skin and also gives it a good tone.

Sandalwood Oil


One of the best essential oils for beard oil. This is extracted from a sandalwood tree and has various health benefits, it contains sweet woody scent. You can easily blend with other oils. It contains the following benefits:

• It is an oil with antiseptic properties.
• It has anti-inflammatory properties to fight inflammations in your skin.
• It has high antioxidants properties.
• Great scent for a beautiful smell.
• It soothes your skin when used.
• It helps to promote your skin condition.

Frankincense Oil

One of the best essential oils for a beard oil that is extracted from the resin of the frankincense tree. It is aromatic and has a woody-spicy scent. It is used in many perfume industries. The benefits of the oil are as follow:

• It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help tackle inflammation in your skin.
• It helps to reduce the traces of scars on your body.
• It helps to reduce stress and promotes relaxation when inhaled.
• It is an anti-aging agent.
• It contains antiseptic properties
• It helps to reduce acne
• It comes with a great scent.

Fir Needle Oil

This oil is extracted from the leaves of the frankincense tree. It contains a lot of health benefits as will be listed below. It is known for its woody fresh scent which is moderate to smell. It has few skin benefits and yet can’t be counted out of health beneficial natural products.

• It is an oil with antiseptic properties.
• It can fight inflammations on the skin
• It contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
• It helps in the removal of body odour.
• It helps to relieve pain and stress and thereby calms your body system.
• It helps to promote relaxation.

Lime Oil

It is an essential oil that is extracted from lime fruit. It has a nice scent similar to that of lime that has been sliced. The main benefits of the oil are as follow:

• It is Antiseptic oil
• It can fight viruses
• It contains the properties that make your skin looks younger when applied
• It is an agent that reduces stress when rubbed.
• It is antioxidant oil, good for your body.
• It helps in the treatment of bleedings.

The various oils are very effective. They are recommended to be mixed with beard oil for a better result.

Best Carrier Oil for Beard

There are lots of carrier oil in the store that are very essential for the grooming and growth of our beard. We shall mention some of them for you to see.

Jojoba Oil

This is one of the most common carrier oils mixed with beard oil. It is soft or better put light, easily absorbed, and is free from unnecessarily clogging the pores which could lead to acne. Many people are not allergic to Jojoba oil. It is natural oil and therefore the good expectation is achievable. Jojoba oil is very effective and is commonly used by Native Americans for healing and grooming of hair and beards.

Argan Oil

This is another best essential oil that is rated by experts as being in similar quality with the Jojoba oil. It is normally used for facial and beard care. Argan oil is a seed. It is produced in Morocco, Africa, process, harvested and processed. It contains a lot of nutrients that help in the growth of your beard or hair.

Argan oil is recommended because it contains some beneficial vitamins such as A and E. It has good reputations of not causing skin issues or allergies. Although, more expensive compared to other oils, but it really worth it; try and get argan oil from reliable sources such as Amazon and used as a carrier oil for good results.

Coconut Oil is a very important carrier oil we can confidently recommend for you. it is effective for the grooming of your hair or beard and possess some other cosmetic properties such as fatty acid as jojoba and argan oil. When coconut oil is fractionated, it means it has been processed to be liquid oil and is high in medium-chain fatty acid.

Don’t be surprised, coconut oil is popular and it is produced all over the world. Coconut oil is abundant and is not as expensive as other carrier oils.

Is Avocado oil good for Your Beard

Avocado oil is good for beard growth. It is a well-known oil that is used for hair and beard growth. Just as the name, implies, it is gotten from Avocado fruit. It is a good moisturizer, loaded with antioxidants. Here are some of the unique properties of avocado highlighted below:

• It treats excessive dry skin and eliminates the root cause of dandruff
• It reduces age spots via the natural sterolin contained in it
• It contains vitamin A, D, and E
• It helps produce enough collagen and therefore helps your beard grows fuller and healthier
• It easily absorbs and it is a great carrier oil to use

Can I use Lavender oil on my Beard

It is essential for the grooming of a beard. Therefore, you can use it on your beard. Lavender when the smell gives you a slightly girly smell, and is normally used for the treatment of acne and hair loss—this is the very feature that gives it the complete admission as the oil used for beard oil ingredient. This means Lavender is also a carrier oil.

Lavender is quite mild, and it is one of the easiest oils to apply on your beard due to its being gentle on the skin.

How do I use Castor oil on my beard

Castor oil is a regular carrier oil that will helps your beard grow well. It is normally applied by following the instructions below:

• Apply castor oil every day on your beard, it is not forbidden to do so
• Warm some castor oil and then use it to pat on the patches of your face to aid the growth of patchy hairs
• Leave the applied castor oil overnight and repeat same every day for the best result
• Clean the affected area of your face with diluted vinegar before applying castor oil.

With these instructions above, you are good to go when applying castor oil to your beard.

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