Best Balding Clippers for Black Hair In 2021

Best Balding Clippers for Black Hair: Another name for bald hair is alopecia, a condition in which hair is lost from your scalp. In most cases, the middle of your scalp remains empty while the sides are filled with hairs.

This is a natural condition and there is nothing you can do about it. But this article is not focusing on the condition as balding but as a hairstyle that involves that you shave your hair bald, meaning there will be no hair on your head after shaving.

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Best Balding Clippers for Black Hair – Detailed Review

If you need the best clippers that will serve you well this coming year, stick to these very clippers I am about to do their reviews.

Believe me, they are going to be fantastic and will give you that bold and perfect look you actually desire.

Remember, going bald is a hot trend now, so don’t hesitate to join the train of great guys.

Let us look at each of these clippers to see which will finally be your choice after digesting my information about them.

You may also want to get your popcorn by your side while you read on.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper


If you need the best clipper that will handle your balding hairstyle with great significance, the Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper should be your number one choice.

Believe me, it is going to do the job for you in an accurate manner.

As you already know that Wahl brand is one of the best in the world, definitely, it should be expected that their products will blow your mind with great performance.

The features of the Product

  • If you are in need of professional precision, this product is the very answer to your query. It is designed for professional use this means if you use it at home, you will be cutting a professional haircut.
  • The clipper is so amazing that it can deliver the sharp performance expected by professionals. Getting this clipper for your balding hair will return a smile to your face.
  • When it comes to styling and functionality, don’t hesitate to get this clipper for your professional or personal use. It has a powerful electromagnetic motor which enables it to cut twice the speed of pivot motor.
  • Are you interested in a surgically close cut? This clipper will offer you a perfect, precise, and stress-less performance on your skin.
  • You may also want to make bald fades, this clipper is the solution.
  • It comes with some interesting accessories that give it that outstanding nature for professional barbers. The accessories include (2) attachment combs, oil, cleaning brush, instructions, and red blade guard.
  • The product also has its specifications thus: length 6.5 inches, weight 1lb.
  • The clipper features an 8 foo, professional-grade and it comes with a chemical proof cord.

I recommend this product to you because people are in high demand for it because it is serving them well.

Pros of the Product

  • This clipper is perfect for the look you want, so if you want balding hairstyle, it will give it to you ideally
  • It cuts peacefully, no injuries or drama after cuts
  • It is easy to use, clean, and store.

Con of the Product

  • A customer complained that he had a bad experience using the clipper.

Oster Model 10 Classic Professional


Do you want to check Oster out? I think that will be one of your best decisions this year. Oster is one fantastic brand people love so much and as such, expect that their product will be awesome after use.

It comes with the exact features you should expect in clippers. Here are the descriptions and features:

Product Description

  • It is a fantastic product with powerful detachable blade #000 and #1
  • It is constructed for heavy-duty and therefore the motor is universal and powerful for heavy-duty
  • It is durable, break-resistant, and best housing ever
  • It comes with a lot of beneficial components such as blade guard, lubricating oil and cleaning brush
  • It is made of a long cord of 10 ft.—this is an extra-long cord.

This product is one of the best products you should consider on your new project list as it will go a long way to satisfy your need for hairstyles of your choice this season.

Pros of the Product

  • It is a great clipper that gives you the best performance you actually want
  • You will actually get what you paid for as it helps give you close cut without stress
  • It is a high-quality product that is highly durable

Con of the Product

  • A customer admits that Oster is a great product but claims it never got #1 blade as advertised

Classic 76 Gold Clipper


This is a limited edition of Oster; I want you to enjoy the performance too. You will definitely be happy if you can purchase the product for what it is.

The product is essential as it comes with the features that match your desire.

Product Features

  • This is a limited edition of Oster as you can see
  • It is a clipper that comes with powerful universal motor for easy usage
  • The specifications are 2 speeds, 12ft. long cord
  • It is a detachable clipper and as such is very easy to clean
  • It comes with a nice colour of gold
  • Simple and easy to grab
  • Durable, strong and long-lasting product you should have any moment from now

I don’t think you should hesitate to buy this product since it is powerful enough to give you a perfect solution for balding hairstyle and other hairstyles.

Pros of the Product

  • It is a great clipper even though it is expensive, it works perfectly
  • It has lighter weight compared to other clippers
  • It gets better daily

Con of the Product

  • It stopped working during the first haircut, as claimed by a customer

BaBylissPRO Outlining Trimmer


In the realm of clippers, this very one is a star, and the review, in fact, is a rising star. Although it is expensive, it is worth it because customers that purchased it testified that it has been working fine for them.

Features of the Product

Let us look at the features of the product together to see why you should get it anytime soon. Here are the features

  • It is produced for professional use only, so you can choose to use it at home in a professional manner.
  • The entire body is made of metal i.e. Titanium body material
  • It is both cord and cordless trimmer that can be used at your own convenience
  • It is made of exposed T-Blade with a 360-degree view
  • It has high torque for a great delivery
  • It is well designed to entice both eyes and hearts
  • You can grip it easily and work with it smoothly
  • You can work on crispy edge ups, hard lines, and all detail work

I am sure you will not regret buying this product. Previous customers are the living witness for this claim and I am assuring you that you will smile after purchase.

Pros of the Product

  • It is light and quite
  • It doesn’t pull hair
  • It is cordless and so you can move around with it
  • It cuts closely when you zero-gap it

Cons of the Product

  • A customer mention something similar to this: the outliner is defective and didn’t work
  • Another customer claimed that it doesn’t turn on. Cons could be a technical problem sometimes.

Andis Master Cordless Clipper


Andis as you know the brand is of professional grade. It gives you that perfect result you look up to anytime any moment.

I am very sure you will love it as it makes the difference you must have aspired to see.  Look at the features of the product for yourself, how do you see them?

Features of the Product

  • This is a professional clipper that can deliver your heart desire in no time
  • It is made of both cord and cordless design which give it the ideal travelling mode
  • The battery lasts longer because due to its lithium-ion nature
  • It is great at cutting through at great speed with adjustable blade #000 to #1
  • You can reduce the blade to zero gapped

Since this product is durable and professionally made, it will be a good idea for you to have it either for commercial purpose or home use.

Pros of the Product

  • It gives you a convenient cut and the battery last long for a long time use
  • It easily cuts through hair

Con of the Product

  • There was no technical con some customers only complained about the delivery package which is normal once in a while.

Andis 69100 ProAlloy Adjustable Blade Clipper


This is another Andis clipper hot in the market; it is made of high grade and will definitely give you the solution you desire.

Remember, Andis is not just anyhow brand but a brand with outstanding performance, for that matter, you should expect great performance from this product.

Features of the Product

  • This product is reliable because it is made of patent XTR technology that can provide a low temperature that aids running quietly and effectively
  • It is more convenient that envy clipper as it runs 35% cooler and 10% quieter. It can reduce vibration by 20%.
  • It is a master clipper made of durable housing body and ergonomic design. It is well secured, and comfortable to grip all day long.
  • It is a product made of a high-quality adjustable carbon steel blade that can be adjusted from 000 to 1 and can still be zero gapped
  • It is made of Stylish and sleek duo-tone housing

I recommend this product to you because there is no doubt that it is just the perfect match for that balding hairstyle you aspire to wear.

Pros of the Product

  • It works like a beast, quieter and faster than Envy clipper
  • It is a master senior type of clipper for professional
  • It may be expensive but worth the money to be spent purchasing it

Con of the Product

  • I only found one con about this product which I suspected to be emotionally reviewed.

Buying Guide for Best Balding Clippers for Black Hair

We need to talk about the safest ways to help you get the best clippers that will suit your need, for this to be achievable; there is a need for a buying guard.

What is that information you must have before buying a balding clipper? At least having such information will help you make the best decision.

The Blade of the Clipper

There are different types of blades that come with clippers, some are Stainless Steel blades, some are made of ceramic and others are made of carbon steel, Chromium Steel, and Japanese Steel.

The ceramic blades are one of the best I will advise you to go for, due to their sharpness and long time non-dulling feature. Stainless steel, steel, and the rest are the other lower options after the ceramic Blades.

The Guard and Attachment

Your primary choice is to have a bald haircut but you can still decide to ensure that other guards are available probably you may decide to start a new hairstyle someday.

You may want to use the guards for different hairstyles like lines, tapers or fades. Also ensure that things like grease, oil and brush for more convenience experience.

How sensitive your Skin is to Clippers

You may also want to consider the sensitivity of your skin before purchasing a clipper. Some clippers blades may cause rashes and bumps on your skin.

Ensure that the clipper you are about to get is hypoallergenic that doesn’t react badly on black skin.

Remember, as African, you have curly hair that can easily be exposed to ingrown.  Getting a clipper that will be friendly to your skin should be your number one priority too.

The Durability of the Clipper

You actually don’t want to waste your cash on something that doesn’t have the capacity to serve you properly.

As a serious person who needs his hair bald any moment from now, the durability of your clipper is very important so that it can serve you well.

The clipper should be strong enough to be used by multiple users, it should have a long-lasting feature.


The ergonomic nature of a clipper is that it gives you good shaving precisions and also will last long while you enjoy the usage.

You should also consider the easy usage of a clipper for instance, your clipper should be easy to grip and the weight should be light.

Easy to Clean Clipper

The clipper you are about to buy should be the one that is easily detachable. This feature will make it easier for you to clean the clipper.

For instance, if you can detach the head of the clipper, it means it will be easier for you to brush it off to clean, and then oil it if you want.

It is more ideal to oil your clipper running it.

A clipper should be the Waterproof type

One good feature I cannot do away with is the waterproof nature of some powerful clippers. A clipper in these modern days should not be dry type, it sounds too old school.

This is the reason why you need to consider a waterproof clipper. What this means is that you should be able to use your clipper both in and out of the bathroom.

This will also enable you to wash your clipper under running water. You can see the convenience attached to having a clipper with a waterproof system.

The Noise Level of your Clipper

What if you eventually find yourself in an environment where people of different backgrounds are gathered?

It could be that most of the people around don’t like noise, and suddenly, a need to use a clipper for a haircut arises; there is a need to control such a situation.

I am recommending that you should buy a clipper that has a low noise level.

Why Shave Your Hair Bald

You may be wondering why do people shave their head bald this day; it is worth it if you so wondered. It doesn’t just happen on its own but a trend.

Apart from balding hairstyle being a modern trend, there are other virtues associated with it and I am sure these qualities will make you want to start scraping your head hairs with hook or cutlass right away if you can dare it.

You are planning to take the decision to make your hair go bald. Yes, it is already a good decision because you are on the right track.

Now, look at these qualities won’t you like them to be associated with you:

It Helps to Hide Male Pattern Baldness

Almost 50 percent of males cannot escape alopecia if proper care of our diet and health is not taken. Especially people with poor diet intake, there is a possibility that such conditions could aid the natural occurrence of baldness easier.

If you are a victim of baldness, shaving off your remaining hair and dressing it up with good hair oils will hide your baldness and still keep you confident all day long.

It is the Hairstyle of Real Men

Sometimes, when I look at men who shaved off their hair, I see respect and comfort. You don’t need to waste your time wearing different styles.

The hairstyle makes you stay cool as a man and you will be nice looking all day long.  So, as a real man, wearing a balding hairstyle is up to your standard.

It is a coat that makes you Look Younger

Shaving off your hair does not only save you the time on the mirror every day in the bathroom but also, but also helps to remove stress and ageing look from your face.

This means you will look younger than your age. This is pretty cool to talk about, isn’t it? Everyone wants to look young forever despite we actually know we are getting older every day.

Say Good-Bye to Bad Haircuts

Imagine an adult wearing a bad haircut. This is not called for since he has an image to take care of.

If you shaved off your hair, it automatically closes down those bad days of bad haircuts. In fact, you stay out of trouble completely.

I have seen so older men who maintain skin cuts for a long time, some until their death.

If you want to be Comfortable wear it

When a person wears his or her own size of coat, feels comfortable. The same thing is applicable to the hairstyle you carry.

Some people are comfortable with fading hairstyles raining among youngsters of these days. As in the case of balding Hairstyle, I am sure you will find comfort keeping it as an adult or youngster.

Gone are expenses for hairstyles, gone are constant washing of your hairs, oiling stress, brushing drama, and the rest.

Say Good day to Washing and Styling

You will not have to wash or style any hair after shaving it off. After shaving your hair doesn’t mean you will not wash and dry it again but it is easier to do so.

Conclusion on Best Balding Clippers for Black Hair

Balding your hair is a popular hairstyle this modern-day, so it is ideal to do so since it will, as a result, keep you out of daily grooming troubles and the rest.

I hope you will enjoy using any of the suggested clippers to get your job done.

What is your take on this particular article? I will like to read your opinions on the comment box.

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