How Can I Make My Beard Grow Faster On The Sides

Best ways to make my beard grow faster on the sides

You want to know by all means, how you can make your beard grow evenly on the sides. That’s my target in this article.

There are a few methods you can use to grow your beard on the sides. That’s is not what to panic about because it is highly possible for every man with a beard to grow the side facial hairs depending on the hormonal nature – this is related to your testosterone level.

We have to know why your beard is not growing even on the sides, read on to discover why the knowledge you derived may be beneficial to others too.

Why your hair is more on one side

As a man, you may have a lot of activities you handle in life such as going to work, training people after work, facing your personal business, and many more—these will make you not have the best time to groom your beard or hairs.

This is normal to some men, what about when beard grow faster on one side and leaves the other thinning or bald? Haven’t you experienced that?

You may be frustrated with this condition now, especially when you wear a beard that looks caricature in appearance, it doesn’t take funny kids and men to identify and laugh at you.

If you are facing that trauma now, consider you already have found a solution.

I want you to be patient because to give a solid answer to your question, I must first all figure out the cause and how to deal with the beard not growing evenly on sides.

Before I proceed to the causes, I want you to know that some of these conditions are related to generics. I hope you will be strong enough to accept your fate if yours has to do with the generic condition?

The human body was found out to be symmetrical which makes this condition applies both internally and externally.

It is time you look inwardly if your dad or any of your brothers complains the same condition, there is no doubt you both are suffering from a genetic order.

Causes of Beard not growing faster on sides

I will give you some weird reasons why your beard is not growing on sides and you will find out it is the normal things you do every day that cause it.

In the case of sleeping position as a cause, I suggest you formulate two best sleeping positions – if you are the type that sleeps on your sides a lot, you can interchange once in a while by sleeping on your back.

This could help balance even beard growth on sides.

  • Sleeping Position: most of us sleep on our sides, as a man it is highly possible that your beard will grow faster on the side that’s exposed and not compressed to your pillow. The reason is that there will be easy blood flow around your skin underneath the exposed side by the hidden side gets a hard flow of blood due to the compression.
  • Injury as a cause: if you have an injury on one side of your face, there is a high percentage of chances that beard will grow faster on the other unaffected side. You cannot compare a healthy skin with an injured one.
  • Sunlight can cause uneven Beard Growth. If you are the type that’s usually known busy driving car, there is a high chance that one side of your face will grow a beard faster than the other. The reason is that you have exposed you’re the affected side to sun rays while the other side is exposed to shade or lesser sunray.
  • How you touch your Beard. It is no joke. Some of us use unapproved ways to manage our beards. For instance, some people hand-pick their beard or cut it with blades that have no precision to cut evenly. This can also cause a beard to appear to grow faster on one side.

How to make my Beard Grow Faster on Sides

How Can I Make My Beard Grow Faster On The Sides

You now understand why your beard grows faster on one side, and also identified that if it is a genetic condition, there is nothing you can do about it.

There are some tips I want to share with you, it will be important if you can follow up patiently. Here are the tips:

Give Your Beard the time to Grow

It may sound weird to you but that’s just the trick. There are some of us whose beard can later grow equally due to the normal condition that occurs during the initial stage of beard growth.

I am giving you strong advice to not shave off your beard in just a few weeks of growing your beard because of this condition.

You have to be a man and face any bully with patience until you achieve your goal—bully can’t be an obstacle to a real beard lover.

You can give an interval of 3 months to monitor how your beard grows before making any decision about it.

As soon as your beard grows thicker and fuller there will be little or no noticeable faster growth rate on one side.

You can trim the side beards

If you already have thicker beard after 3 months but still feel like one side still grows faster than the other, you can start trimming the side growing faster so that the affected side can catch up with it.

This will not only make your beard appear even but also will slow down the rate at which the more effective side grows compared to the affected side.

Use Beard Product

Beard products are known for their ability to grow a beard faster and healthier. You can find a chance to get some of them on the amazon as new companions to apply on your beard.

For instance, these products can go a long way to grow your beard faster on the side as they equally moisturize your skin and open the pores:

Natural Products are Effective too

Natural products are full of vitamins and minerals need by your beard to grow faster and fuller on all sides.

Some of these natural products possess antimicrobial properties which give your beard more boosts to grow regularly.

Natural products such as onion, garlic, aloe vera, coconut oil, etc. are not left out of the essential remedies for beard growth.

Exercise your body regularly

Your body needs exercise to function properly because the beneficial effect will come back to the entire body system both internal and external.

Doing exercise supplies regular blood flow and makes it easier for your beard to grow.

Good Diet is important

Check your diet, how good it is? Your food determines who you are. If you don’t practice a balanced diet, there is a possibility that you find this condition common with you.

So if you fall into this category, begin to do the necessary thing to fill up the gap.

Remember, beard growing faster on one side is not too dissimilar from a patchy beard, so the solutions do not differ too.

The Hacks on how to make your beard grow faster

Now that you already understand the secret behind why your beard grows faster on sides, I am sure you will want to throw out a party today, but nevertheless, I still want to chip in some tactics on how to make your beard grow faster on the sides (both sides).

Don’t confuse the first answer above with this very one, I purposely focused on the mechanisms behind imbalance beard growth on the first answer for you to understand why you have your beard growing in that manner.

This is a tough task; you must be ready to take on it to get the best result. Just because you can grow a fuller head hair doesn’t translate that you can grow a beard as easy.

You must be willing to grow a beard by working with the tricks I am about telling you.

Stick to a particular attitude

The kind of attitude you show towards your beard will determine how fast or slow it will grow on all sides.

There is what is called persistence which you and I already know the meaning. The focus you gave upon your beard really matters and therefore, be ready to pay this sacrifice.

Men are known for giving up too easily than women in almost everything.  For instance, at the initial stage of growing your beard, a time will come when your beard will start to itch you and becomes troublesome.

What most men do is that they clean shave it. I advise that if you get to this stage, endure and continue to grow your beard.

Your commitment level should increase. Allow your beard grows for 4 to 6 weeks by then, it is old enough to be trimmed.

Study the stages of Beard Growth

Clean Shave Stage

How Can I Make My Beard Grow Faster On The Sides

The first good attitude towards growing beards on all sides is clean shaving (Precisely zero week). Shave off your beard at the initial stage, exfoliate regularly to encourage your hair follicles to produce more hairs.

Once this is done, apply beard cream to keep your beard moisturize and protect it from itching you. You can also wash your face with face wash or apply a moisturizer to achieve your aim.

The Stubble Stage

his stage is usually 0 to 2 weeks after the initial stage.  This stage will trigger your happiness in growing your dream beard.

The reason is that you will not experience a lot of dramas such as itching and rashes or redness that hurts like fires. I advise you to keep exfoliating at this stage.

You can invest in an exfoliating cream (like this one on Amazon). This practice will help you add moisture to your growing beard.

Stage 3 is tough between 2 to 8 weeks of growing your beard. A pessimist will definitely give up at this stage.

Your beard may not even look great at this stage to add more insult to your broken heart will itch like never before.

You will experience redness, rashes, and many other beard diseases if you have not been moisturizing your beard from the beginning stage.

If you are really concerned about this Fuji house of commotion, you must be ready to hydrate your beard with beard oils, to keep it moisturize and less itching.

Do not attempt to shave your beard at this stage as it will make your condition get worse and your beard will get back to the stubble stage.

Don’t shave a growing beard, you will end up at stage one, this shows you are not ready to grow a beard.

The Baby Beard Stage

This stage is between 8 to 16 weeks and this is where your beard is finally born. Hurray and please send in chicken and five alive to my inbox.

If you get to this stage after reading my tips, you will surely jump up to jubilate.

Now, what are you jubilating about? At this stage, your patches will start filling in all sides as the entire lengths increase.

Especially if you’re the use of beard has been your routine, your beard should start growing from healthy and vibrant.

Finally, your dream to shave and trim has come, so you can enjoy it at this stage.  Don’t mind where to shave it, it could be at the barber’s shop or anywhere you feel comfortable with.

Adolescent Beard Stage

At this stage, if you don’t have any deficiency such as low testosterone, your beard must have taken shape and will be admired by friends, spouses, and sisters.

It is still important that you should moisturize your beard.

I will recommend that you make use of beard balm at this stage to keep your beard nice by nourishing and protecting it.

You may feel the weight of the balm on your beard because it is a little heavy on a young boy’s beard.

Thirty Weeks and Above Stage: hmm…if you scale through the itching stage and finally get to this stage, congratulations.

Your beard is now fully grown and stunning. People will no longer be able to resist stopping you on the street to interview you about the amazing length.

Don’t stop hydrating your beard to keep your charming look glowing, you can use a brush or comb once in a day to help keep it clean and tangle-free or even styling it to your desire.

Final Words on How to make my beard grow faster on the sides

The best trick to make your beard grow faster on the sides or all sides is to maintain it through the available steps above.

But if your condition is genetics, you have no choice but to take your fate and forget about growing beards on the sides.


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