What People Say About A Beard

We put together this review to let you in on what people are saying about a beard. The way people see beards is different. Sometimes, it depends on the background and environment a person is brought up. In some other cases, it is a function of lifestyle. What a beard means to a man is different from what it means […]

James Harden Without Beard: What Do You Know?

Whenever you hear the word James Harden Without Beard. What do you think of it? Here we will be answering questions related to the popular basketball player and his beard. Below is a breakdown of what we are looking into: Who is James Harden? Does James Harden trim his beard? Did James Harden have a beard in Colleges? What kind […]

List of Awesome Types of Mustaches

Looking for the type of mustache to have? Then you need to check our collection of types of mustaches and find exactly what suits you. The idea of keeping the different types of Mustaches can be less appealing to the majority but if well grown, trimmed and maintained the right way, it can add to what people think of you. […]

Common Beard Myths and How To Demystify Them

Beard Myths and How To Demystify Them: The ways to grow and/or maintain beards is one of the highly coveted things of a man. About two years ago, I was held up in a conversation with a friend, and it led us to talk about beards, too. Here’s what we discussed… He asked, “Hey, Bro! You’ve grown up to this […]

Jameson Celebrates the World Beard Day 2019 with Bearded Brothers

The first Saturday in September every year has bearded men come together to celebrate the World Beard Day, and in Nigeria, this has been celebrated every year since the last 5 years. With the mission to bring bearded men together to celebrate their awesomeness and to also promote facial hair growth, the World Beard Day has indeed come to stay. […]

Everything you Need to Know About World Beard Day 2019

What is world beard day 2019 all about? When will it take place and who are those organizing it? That is all we will be talking about here. Holds every first Saturday in September and the World Beard Day for 2019 is September 7, 2019. World beard day is a time around the world when bearded men celebrate themselves and […]

Jameson World Beard Day 2019: A Gathering of Bearded Brothers in Nigeria

Jameson World Beard Day 2019: The Sun shone brightly and the breeze stood still for a couple of hours on the 21st Day of July 2019, as a gathering of fine bearded men in Lagos was made possible by the Premium Whiskey Brand – Jameson. We covered a bit of what went down at the Jameson World Beard Day 2019. […]

Check Out The Best Beard Growth Cream in Nigeria

So, on the public bus today, heading to my workplace, a past funny experience popped in my head, and the feeling of sharing has been bugging my mind for hours. Alas! This is me sharing 😉😉 Y’all won, you know. It’s actually I too fell bearded using the MyBeardGang Beard Growth Cream. 😂😂😂 So here’s the gist; Sometimes late last year – […]

Why You Need To Buy This Beard Cream in Lagos

This amazing story of the best beard cream in Lagos will make you want to read this! Before some few months ago, almost a year now, I also used to be of the opinion that life is just a burnt pot of beans. All thanks to a very painful experience in my past. You know that feeling of shock that […]

My Beard Is An Expression of My Personality | Ebube Nwosu

How the beard growth started? I don’t recall the particular year. Ever since I had a beard growing across my entire jaw region, that was between 2008 to 2010. My skin has always been irritable to clean shave, so I’ve had very few in my adult life. Why do you like the beard? It’s the other way around; my beard […]