Why You Need To Buy This Beard Cream in Lagos

This amazing story of the best beard cream in Lagos will make you want to read this!

Before some few months ago, almost a year now, I also used to be of the opinion that life is just a burnt pot of beans. All thanks to a very painful experience in my past.

You know that feeling of shock that grips you the moment you ordered a lion online via an e-store, only to get a puppy delivered to your doorstep, after even several months of waiting upon the arrival of the goods, that exactly was the scenario.

That jaw-dropping cum tear-stimulating occurrence happened to me. Me.

So this is my story of Beard Cream in Lagos…

In mid-2018 when I moved into Nigeria permanently upon completion of my Master’s program, I noticed some itchy effects and dryness on my beard, and the facial area generally, and with reflex, I assigned this development to my change of environment – the climatic change, water, etc.

So I wasn’t really upset since I knew the cause already. Instead, I began searching for the solution – a beard cream.

As a new resident in Nigeria, I wasn’t really familiar with stores, so I obliged to getting a beard cream from a popular online store. After several searches, I did place my order for one. Obliging to choosing a Nigerian e-store was primarily because of proximity, which I expected to fasten the delivery time – you know, the itchiness especially is causing me a great irritation and discomfort, more than I can handle.

After placing the order, my expectations go raised – the expected day of delivery which was 2 weeks passed, still I didn’t get my beard cream. After a month, I still didn’t get my beard cream delivered to me. I sent a series of emails containing my complaints, but still, nothing futile came out from it. To my face, my money seems to be entering a dungeon!

You know, when it comes to online activities, there are limits to what you could do, more so, I ordered for just 3 copies, which cost just a few thousands, and hence, I felt no need for court rubbish. I had to simply keep my peace till the company or maybe their distributor deems it fit to get my beard cream delivered.

Well, after about 7 weeks, my much-anticipated beard cream got delivered. And so, you think my problem was eventually solved right? Hell no! But instead, I got heartbroken…

The description displayed on the site I ordered from was 100% different from what I had in my hands. Like, it looked like a prank to me. I was more-than-traumatized. I ordered a beard cream, but after several usages, I couldn’t differentiate the beard cream from ordinary Vaseline. It was that bad. The only effect it gave my beards, was to compete with the sun when shining.

So, I got discouraged from buying online. Like I used to say then; the fear of e-stores is the beginning of wisdom. I got my hands burnt already, and I wasn’t ready to experience just another trauma again.

Hence, I started speaking to a few friends and accomplices around me. The painful part was that, 2 out of every 3 persons I tell my experience gave me a good laugh. But I couldn’t withstand the inconveniences my beard was giving me then, and I couldn’t also afford to shave it off, so instead, I literarily kept asking people for recommendations.

The thing however is, 1 out of every 3 persons I ask literarily recommended a product or another to me. But, I was a bit smarter already, you know, I didn’t jump at every. But even, the few ones I tried out made little or no differences.

To me, I practically just gifted them my money. Although they were slightly better off the junk under the façade of a beard cream I bought online.

The same story until fast-forward to 4 months ago. This too was actually online. I can’t actually remember what brought me to their page, I just found myself therein. They had great sales copy, badass description, when I checked the ingredients which made up the beard cream, I found out they were 100% natural.

Still, I was chronically skeptical. And with half-a-mind, I actually clicked the link provided for ordering. The link redirected me to WhatsApp, and at this juncture, I wanted to just back off – I smelled a scam in the air; like, who the fuck is gonna make me speak with him/her directly using your personal mobile, not even email!

However, in the name of adventure, I sent a “Hi, I came across your beard care product, the beard cream specifically, please how can I get one.”

A few minutes after, I got a response, and we kicked off the conversation.

Long story short, I eventually placed my order on a Thursday, and on the following Monday morning, my beard cream got to me! The MyBeardGang Beard Cream got delivered right to my doorstep!

Fam! I was stunned. Firstly, I learned the brand was operating in Lagos, and so the cause of the speedy delivery. Secondly, I cut the cost! Because I also live in Lagos, my delivery was free of every charge. I didn’t pay a dime.

But still, even with all this splendid customer service, I still had doubts. You know, having great customer service is not all that’s needed, but the main workability of the beard cream itself.

So, I started usage. Following every guideline they provided. Applying it every morning, and late in the night before I take my bath.

The good news is, the change wasn’t gradual, it was goddanm rapid! Like, madly rapid!

In 4 weeks, itchiness became a tale never to be experienced again. My beard literarily came back to live – enjoying all the good things a beard should enjoy.

I proceeded to order a beard brush and comb from the MyBeardGang Whatsapp store, using them simultaneously with the MyBeardGang Beard Cream.

Fam, what I suffered for many months got solved with just a few thousands of naira. All thanks to the MyBeardGang Beard Cream!

A good thing, you know, shouldn’t be enjoyed alone, follow the link HERE now, to place your orders too. Like mine, your beard deserves the best treatment too!

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