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So, on the public bus today, heading to my workplace, a past funny experience popped in my head, and the feeling of sharing has been bugging my mind for hours. Alas! This is me sharing 😉😉 Y’all won, you know. It’s actually I too fell bearded using the MyBeardGang Beard Growth Cream. 😂😂😂

beard growth cream

So here’s the gist;

Sometimes late last year – November or thereabout, I used to have an Igbo, thick neighbor who loves the D. She packed in a few months before November, and the trait was so evident that I and some other neighbors already noticed it effortlessly.

And me, you know as a sharpshooter that I was, I shot my shot!

That very evening, after briefly rehearsing my pickup line before leaving work, I became maximally confident. Knowing fully well that our lady-neighbor would never say no. 😂

But you know, when your village wants to fuck you up, they won’t even usher you any form of warning.

That day was one of the days perhaps I wouldn’t forget till death. Mumu that I was, I threw caution into the air and went ahead to approach her in a public place – the front-yard of the building. Like me confidence was so high, I was so sure she’d love my approach.

But no! My village people had just another thing in stock for me. Me still smiling sheepishly as I delivered my already rehearsed speech, I found myself afloat a river of mind-abusing words. Like WTF, my neighbor made my name into an abusive song and began singing it all around the compound. Such embarrassment! Yuck!

That day, I prayed the ground opened up to consume me. The shame was to the brim, I couldn’t contain. The feeling of getting embarrassed by a corporate-harlot.

As funny as it sounds now, this particular incident made me leave that compound in December. Her room was directly opposite mine.

So, every morning, that daughter of the devil practically makes the mockery of me. I couldn’t take it for so long, you know.

Actually, getting mocked wasn’t my issue, instead, the reason for getting embarrassed. My lady-neighbor wasn’t actually pissed with my approach, but instead, the kind of person approaching her.

Gbam! And that was it. The issue was me, and not my approach. She was disgusted at my facial appearance. That I was still a boy.

Let me tell you a few things about myself;

As and that time, I was 28 years and 7 months old. Slim, averagely tall, fair, but…I had no beards! Not even strands. And that exactly was the issue.

My neighbor still took me for a kid. She said I wasn’t a man. I had no traits of a man, and she is used to dealing with men, not kids.

Sincerely, before then, I had paid no close attention to my problem of not being able to grow a beard. I felt it was normal. Despite loads of libel, I received from my course mates while on campus, I still didn’t feel the need to get worried. But the experience with that lady was that which broke the camel’s back.

I was enraged at my inability which I aforethought was normal. See, as a man, being unable to grow a well-blossoming beard is a problem. A big one!

And so my search began…

Fast-forward to January, a new staff got employed in the financial institution I work for. I wouldn’t be wrong to say he was the male version of my former neighbor. His presence was a terror to me – the man was blessed beyond imagination with beards. I literarily felt intimidated around him, unknown to him actually.

Until a thing or the other connected us (I can’t remember actually), and he became a close friend. From close friends, we became help partners. No, instead he became my helper.

My new friend cum colleague was the Good Samaritan who introduced me to a supplement that changed my story. And to date, except you’ve known me in the past, you wouldn’t believe I was once beardless.

He introduced me to what I call the Miracle Working Cream – The MyBeardGang Beard Growth Cream!

Should you be concerned about the fast growth of your beard, then this beard cream is the ultimate solution you need!

Like magic, I who was struggling with growing a strand a beard now flaunts a full, thick and healthy beard. All thanks to The MyBeardGang Beard Growth Cream.

During the period of a few weeks of searching for a solution to my beardlessness, I got in contact with loads of shams displayed as beard creams. But for me, what do I know then?

With all confidence, I can say that the Mybeardgang beard cream is the best beard growing ream in Nigeria.

Do you desire to have a healthy and shiny, softly-textured beard like mine, then seek no further, as the solution is right here in what you’re reading!

Reading the prescription, the Mybeardgang Beard Cream is stacked with essential oils that stimulate the growth of beards – the Jojoba oil, Aragon Oil, Coconut Oil, etc.

This beard cream is 100% natural, and for almost 4 weeks of usage, I haven’t noticed any side effects.

Its application is quite simple, and it’s best used with a beard brush or comb – not just any comb.

I live in Lagos, hence after ordering for it via the help of my friend and colleague, the delivery was quite fast and free (with 24 hours I had my cream with me). However, I learned that deliveries outside Lagos cost fees, but still affordable.

Hey, you reading this! Is it until you get humiliated cause of your Beardlessness that you’d also start seeking a solution? The time to rise is now. Make hay while the sun shines. Get the MyBeardGang Beard Growth Cream today… I just joined the beard gang community, I await you too!

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