Best Razors for Shaving Black Man Head [Updated 2021]

Today we’d be discussing on the Best Razors for Shaving black man head. So take a deep breath and consequently flow with this Article.

Shaving, in general, confer a few challenges, and those specific challenges are changes from person to another person, depending on skin type (dry, oily, normal). Including Hair type (straight and thick or thin & curly or normal).

Styling your hair is part of fashion. You follow the latest trend. Latest hairstyles. Every year new hairstyles surface the fashion sphere. Fashion come and go.

Talking about hairstyling you do know you can not achieve it without a proper Razor for shaving or styling your beard.

A quick glance at your parent’s wedding photo enlargement on the wall will reveal to you how much fashion, hairstyling has progressed over the years.

One of the styles not vulnerable to the fashion cycle is going bald. A shaved head in a wider thought. Whatever reason a lot of black men opt for it, the style is universal and with potency, possess a lot of benefits.

Going Hairless and Shaving that Hair completely is quite harder than many men presume it to be. In all, it still comes with a lot of benefits.

Finding the right razor for shaving your beard will be quiet cumbersome and that’s why you will be familiar with factors to consider when selecting a razor for shaving black man head.

The Best Razors For Shaving Black Man Head: Our Top Recommendations

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Factors to Consider when selecting a Razor for Shaving

While you are looking out for the best razor for shaving black man head check out factors to consider when selecting a Razor for shaving.

Kindly endeavour to recall them, it is because these factors will help you to find the right razor to suit your needs, as each feature will be more or less important depending on what you’re looking out for in the best razor to shave to your priceless skull.

There are two categories of razor for shaving, they are;

  • Electric Razors
  • Manual Razors

Factors to Consider When Choosing Electric Razors

Now, let’s look into factors to consider when selecting a razor for shaving your head.

Corded & Battery Power

For Electric razors, one of the factors you should consider is battery power. Unavoidably, when choosing your electric razor, cord or cordless battery powers roll into play in regards to where you shave your beards.

For Instance, you choose to shave in the bathroom. we both know that there is no socket in the bathroom for cord razors, cordless razors reap the advantage.

Using Cordless razors on the other hand. A substandard one for that matter you have to make sure it’s fully charged before use. Examples of both Corded and Cordless razors will be listed in the latter part of this Article.


The weight of the razor you select should be put into consideration. shaving as it is requires a lot of time. so much time. The heavier the razor the more uncomfortable it gets, so a razor with lite weight should be in your cart.

Comfortable Hand feel

A comfortable hand feel should be put into consideration as well. This point is kind of similar to the point above, a shaver that feels good in the hand is going to be easy to control.

Razor Cutting Level

The cutting level of the Razor you want to buy should be put into consideration. A lot of companies producing these Razors for shaving the head put this into consideration. so you should consider it as well.


Yes, there are razors completely waterproof. Mostly Cordless. They are characterized by their handiness. You can take out the blades after use. Cleaning is also quite easy with waterproof razors. Just rinse after use.

The above points are factors to consider when selecting Electric razors. Now let’s look at factors to consider when Choosing Manual Razors.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Manual Razors

We are quite aware of factors to consider when choosing an electric razor, below are factors to consider for manual razors;

Length Of Razor

For Manual razors, the length of the razor ranging from 3 to 4 inches excluding the razor head should be put into consideration.

Narrowing deep into the importance of length, a longer razor is hard to control but aids in properly reaching harder parts of your head.

While razors with a shorter handle, on the other hand, is quite easier to control, with the cutting edge(s) held closer to your fingertips for proper manipulation/control.

The number Of Razor Blades

The Number sequence of the blades matters. you should expect anything from 1 to 5 blades when scouting for a manual razor.

Oh please, don’t assume that a five-blade design is automatically going to deliver a closer shave than a single blade design. Don’t presume such at all.

We have a couple of safe razors on our list for recommendations. They only have a single blade (double-sided) but are capable of delivering a closer shave than any other razors on the list.

Razors with Multi-blade cartridges are quite faster and generally easier to use, making them an ideal razor design for everyday use. So all you have to do is make a choice.

Easy Method of Use

With a razor for shaving the head marked as Easy to use, we expect you to be able to take it out the box and effortlessly shave with it straight away and achieve good results.

While Razors; difficult and hard to use require a lot of effort and experience. The responsiveness of each razor, ranging from Easy, difficult or hard should be put into consideration.

Flexible Head

This should be a pivoting joint, sometimes a ball, found at the tip of the handle, beneath the cartridge holding the blades. It can help to make the razor easier to wield, as it will adapt the shaving angle of the cartridge automatically, cutting down on the risk of cuts or irritation.

Everything has an advantage and disadvantage. A very close finish is usually hard to achieve when using razors with flexible heads. You also have to consider the periodic replacements of blades if you want a razor with a flexible head.

Now let us proceed further to some of the best Manual and Electric Razors for shaving.

The Best Razors For Shaving Black Man Head: Manual Razors

The following are the best Manual Razors for shaving a black man head;

1. Gillette Mach

The Gillette Mach, No 1 on our list is actually one of the first Manual razors to run seamlessly with the Mainstream popularity and high demand.

Gillette is suitable for any man looking for a simple, straight forward manual razor that is very easy to use.

It is a 3 in one classic razor and one of the earliest Multi-blade cartridges innovations. You can find or order the Gillette Mach from HERE.

Gillette Mach: Specs

  • Brand: Gillette
  • Length: 4.1 Inches
  • Number of Blades: 3
  • Ease of Use: Easy
  • Flexible Head: No
  • Price: $
  • Weight: 1.9 Ounces


  • Very Light & Comfortable Hand Feel
  • Possesses 3 Blades for Excellent Shaving Power
  • Tried, Trusted & Very Easy to Use


  • Replacing Multi-blade is very expensive

You can buy The Gillette Mach HERE.

2. MERKUR Classic Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur Classic Double-Edge is a Manual Safety Razor you should put into consideration because of its timeless design style.

It is suitable for men aiming for a close clean shave. It is interestingly small in size, barely 3 inches long, making it nice and easy to manoeuvre around your head.

MERKUR Classic Double Edge Safety Razor: Specs

  • Brand: Merkur
  • Length: 3.4 Inches
  • Number of Blades: 1 (Double-Sided)
  • Ease of Use: Difficult
  • Flexible Head: No
  • Price: $$
  • Weight: 1.87 Ounces


  • Blade replacements are extremely cheap
  • Delivers a Very Smooth Finish
  • It’s Attractive and has Functional Design


  • Needs intense Practice to Master Technique

You can buy Merkur Classic Double Edge Safety Razor HERE.

3. Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide

You may be wondering what Gillette is doing in our list once more, The truth is Gillette is the best of the best!

The first is a flexible head version by Gillette. Gillette Fusion 5 ProGlide is simply suitable for any black man looking for an incredible shaving power in design with excellent control.

Gillette Fusion 5 ProGlide: Specs

  • Brand: Gillette
  • Length: 4.1 Inches
  • Number of Blades: 5
  • Ease of Use: Medium
  • Flexible Head: Yes
  • Price: Check Here
  • Weight: 2.4 Ounces


  • Five Blades for really quick and Efficient Shaving
  • Ultra-Thin, Anti-Friction Blades for shaving
  • Multiball Flexible Technology


  • Still, You Need to Shave Carefully To Avert A Disaster.

Buy it HERE.

The Best Razors For Shaving Black Man Head: Electric Razors

The following are the best Electric Razors for shaving a black man head

1. Pitbull Silver Shaver

You should try this out, it’s Number one on our list. Pitbull Silver Shaver is a redesign of Skull saver’s Bald Eagle Head Shaver.

Pitbull Silver Shaver: Specs

  • Brand: Skull Shaver
  • Length: 3.5 Inches
  • Power Source: Lithium-Ion Battery, 90 Minute Run Time
  • Waterproof: Yes – Fully Waterproof
  • Attachments & Extras: None
  • Price: CHECK HERE
  • Weight: 5 Ounces


  • Extremely Sharp
  • Great efficient Design
  • Very Powerful and Easy to Control


  • Not Good for lengthy hairs

You can buy Pitbull Silver Shaver HERE.

2.  Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Razor

This is a Panasonic product, relish with Quality and suitable for Men who treasure Premium shaving experience and won’t bat an eyelid when purchasing this masterpiece.

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Razor: Specs

  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Length: 6.3 Inches
  • Power Source: Lithium Ion Battery, 60 Minute Run Time
  • Waterproof: Yes – Completely Water Proof
  • Attachments & Extras: Clean & Charge Station, Pop Up Trimmer
  • Price: CHECK HERE
  • Weight: 6.4 Ounces

You can buy Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Razor HERE

 3. Philips Norelco AT810/41 Shaver 4100

Razors for black men head

The Philips Norelco electric shaver lets you shave your head any way you want it while providing the needed comfort to shave your head.

This AquaTec shaver gives you the full access to shaving comfortably using the dry method or wet shave without bothering to use shaving cream or gel.

The pivot, flex and float system enable the shaver to adjust to the contours on the head and quickly catch every hair even on the neck or your jawline.

With this Philips Norelco shaver, it is easy to avoid skin irritation because of the skin protection system present in the shaver.

The trimmer comes with an integrated lithium-ion battery that has 50 minutes of run time after a 1-hour charge. When you charge the shaver for just 3 minutes, it provides enough power for one cordless shave.

There is also an integrated pop-up trimmer that helps you to smoothly complete your head shaving routine.

You can never get shaving your head wrong as a black man if you are using this Philips Norelco shaver because it sure has a lot of features that will make your bookmark as one of your best choices.

The following are the features of the Philips Norelco shaver that makes it exceptional and very effective for your head shaving needs;

  • The pivot, flex and float heads endeavour to follow every contour in a bid to achieving the best smooth shaves you can have
  • The Philips Norelco shaver 4100 effectively shaves both longer and shorter hair stubble
  • The rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers the power of a corded shaver without the hassle of a cord with 50 minutes of shaving time
  • This head shaver offers you a unique shaving experience through either a comfortable dry shave or wet shave without using shaving creams or gel
  • It is fully washable design for easy cleaning
  • LED charge, Battery low and Battery full indicator
  • 3- minute quick -charge for one cordless shave

What is in the box?

  • Shaver 4100
  • Protective cap
  • Power cord
  • Cleaning brush


4. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 33010Bt

Razors for black men head

Braun electric shaver series is one of the most trusted brands in the electric shaver industry. The designs are always simple and intuitive with excellent and outstanding performance, this is more reasons users will always go for the Braun brand.

The electric shavers go in straight strokes so there is no need to circle over the same spot twice and this helps to minimize skin irritation.

There are 3 advanced shaving elements that work together to give you a close and gentle shave and the patented SensoFoil protects your skin from the ultra-sharp blades.

You can equally attach the trimmer head for an easy sideburn and moustache shaving.

The Braun’s electric shaver for men is highly sensitive to your skin because of the Braun’s pressure-sensitive blades which automatically retracts to protect your skin and give you a gentle shave and smooth skin feeling.

You can use this razor for both wet or dry shave. Using foam or gel for the wet shave will provide easy gliding and smoother skin and it is very easy to shave your head in the shower.

The battery is a very powerful NiMH battery that fully charges in 1 hour and provides 45 minutes of cordless shaving. A quick 5 minutes charge is sufficient for 1 shave and the LED display notifies you when the shaver needs charging

The other features of the Braun electric razor for men that make it very desirable for shaving your head as a black man are listed below.

Take your time to go through the features so that you can make a good choice of the best shaver to buy for all your hair shaving needs;

  • 3-in-1 tool to shave, trim and edge
  • Clean shave
  • Precise edge with exchangeable trimmer head for accurate shaping
  • Wet or dry shaver for use with water, foam or gel
  • Micro comb technology
  • Automatic voltage adaption

So if you have been looking for a good and effective shaver to shave your head like a black man, this shaver here is just it because it will give you all the necessary features you need not only to get a shave but to have the best shaving experience you can ever have.


5. Braun Electric Razor for Men Series 55195cc

Razors for black men head

Like we said earlier, the Braun series of electric razor shavers are one the movers in the electric shaving industry. Here is yet another series of the Braun electric razor for men and of course it keeps getting better.

If you are looking to achieve a perfect head shaving routine as a black man, then it is time to go all through with us in this article because we shall be listing all the great features of this Braun razor that makes it stand out among equals.

If you are ready, then let’s proceed;

The Braun electric razor for men series 55195cc is equipped with the necessary technology that ensures that your skin is protected and minimize pressure on the skin.

It is up to 5 meters waterproof and comes with an autosensing technology that adapts to the density of your beards for an efficient shave in every stroke.

The skin-friendly flexible head moves in 8 directions to capture all the hairs in the most difficult areas.

The 2 Sensofoil blades have 899 unique apertures that enable it to shave really close; about 0.058 and as well perfectly protect your skin.

  • Electric shaver with a skin sensitive technology designed to protect your skin from irritation
  • Autosensing motor for efficient shaving in every stroke with dense beards
  • 8- direction comfort flex head for constant skin contact even in difficult areas
  • 100% waterproof for a refreshing shave with water, foam or gel and you can even shave under the shower
  • Clean and charge stations, lubricates and dries shaver hygienically
  • Multihead lock present
  • Automatic voltage adaption


6. Surker Bald Head Shaver Barber Clipper

About product 

Not just a perfect razor for shaving a black man’s head but also a valued gift idea to give any black man. This is a total package if you want to surprise your husbands, fathers, sons, boyfriends or any special black man in your life.

The Shaver has a protective cover, brush, travel bag as well as other manual products. It is a one Shaver that comes with a knife mesh and is very capable of charging.

Reasons to buy

One of the reasons why you would probably forgo all other head Shavers for this one is the unique speed settings, warranty and USB rechargeable feature.

The speed setting can easily be adjusted by the plus and minus switches. This is regulated depending on the level of thickness of the hair. Included in the head Shaver for black man’s head are 2 knife meshes. While one is for beard only, the other should be used for hair only.

These components are aimed at helping achieve the best result and shaving experience. The Shaver will require you to charge for 2 hours but will last for more than 120 minutes when in use.

The strength of the battery is unbeatable as it is a long-lasting lithium battery. It is compact, lightweight and perfect travelling stuff.

You do not need to bother about having razor bumps or any other shaving skin disease as the head Shaver is the best you can use to prevent that. It is irritation-free and can assure you of the best Stubble removal and fades finishing. Speaking about the motor, quiet and durable.

The warranty for this particular Shaver lasts for 12 months after the purchase date. This means that you will have the offer of free replacement to any broken part within the first 12 months.

Special features 

  • Dual Foil Technology
  •  Speeds On/Off Switch for Easy Operation
  • LED Display Multiple Adjustment 
  • Charge Indicator/Battery capacity Indicator/Low battery Indicator/Speed Indicator.
  • Detachable Design to aid Easy cleaning.
  • Perfect for maintaining fade and Bald hairstyles. 
  • Thick growth, sideburns, and any facial hairstyle can be managed and trimmed quickly and easily.
  • Provides a close, comfortable and clean close shave every time. 
  • The shaver adapts to the contours of the face, neck and even the jaw


  • Dual Foil Technology
  • Close Shave
  • Unique Pop-Up Precision Trimmer
  • Bald Head Shaver
  • Detachable design
  • LED Display Multiple Adjustment 


  • The Bald machine must be kept dry. This means the product can not be washed.


7. Shaver Electric with Pop-Up Beard Wet/Dry Trimmer 

About product

A special thing about the Shaver Electric with Pop-Up Beard Wet/Dry Trimmer is the ergonomic electric shaver’s men’s handle that allows you to comfortably control the head Shaver when using it.

It ensures a safe grip to aid a peaceful shave. It is also easy to clean with the body wash. design. The motors are as well powerful and will impress any black man when gifted with the package.

Reasons to buy

Buy the Shaver Electric with Pop-Up Beard Wet/Dry Trimmer to enjoy the self-cultivating razor that removes the neck, the shortest hair behind the corners and ears.

Really, this head Shaver can actually ease up the stress of trying to prevent skin irritation as it offers a smooth, transparent and close-fitting shaving experience.

In addition, The replacement head of the beard trimmer can be cleaned by simply removing and rinsing the detachable tool.

Special features 

The shaving angle automatically adjusts based on the contours of your face and neck. This aids the best shaving experience. The razor will work perfectly well in any condition whatsoever.

Ranging from skin-friendly to thoroughly dry, you can be sure to get a  refreshing and smooth skin experience with Shaver Electric with Pop-Up Beard Wet/Dry Trimmer.


  • Lightweight : 0.45 kg
  • Input voltage: 100-240V
  •  reciprocating 3 head Shaver 
  • 1 hour charging time
  • Waterproof 
  • 3W power
  • Body wash design
  • Family use


Razor Bump Prevention when using head Shavers on black man head

I have also gone deeper into the prevention of razor bumps when using any of these head Shavers for black men’s heads.

Razor bumps can be a threatening effect on men when it comes to shaving in general. The immediate cause of razor bumps when shaving can be numerous and may seem difficult to avoid. But do not panic.

The following tips I’m about to share will really help you to prevent razor bumps or any other skin disease that is likely to happen during or after shaving.

Also note that since I have never had razor bumps myself, I do not speak from personal experience. In that way, I have gone deep into speaking with people who had razor bumps and also reading magazines and articles that explain the prevention of razor bumps.

You can be sure to have an outstanding result by following the tips I have for you.

  • The first thing is to make sure that your hair gets really wet before shaving. This is why you will see most men shaving after a shower. Use warm water and soap to wet the hair for at least two minutes before you begin to shave. That is if you are not shaving after a shower. The idea behind this is to allow the Shaver to cut hair more easily when they are wet. Dry hair is tough to cut, you know. 
  • Another thing you should not forget is the application of shaving oil before the shaving cream. Grap a good shaving oil that will moisturize the skin and help the hair-softening process. Shaving cream also helps to reduce the risk of irritation and friction. 
  • After applying a shaving cream, you are set to shave. But please, while shaving, make sure you are not shaving against the grain. Shave with it. Don’t have more than two strokes in an area. 
  • Fourthly, it is wrong to stretch out your skin while shaving. Ensure that the skin is relaxed 2hen shaving. 
  • Shave with a razor that has a well-sharpened blade. The negative impacts of using a dull blade are endless. 
  • If you think you are not really good at shaving and may still be prone to razor bumps, then you can go for depilatory creams. They remove hair by dissolving the hair so that it can be wiped off the skin easily and painlessly. However, it is not a permanent method of hair removal. The use of depilatory creams are effective alternatives to razor and a good example of hair removal cream is Veet and Nair.

Final Words on Best Razors for Shaving Black Man

The above is obviously the best razors for shaving black man head, you should purchase what suits your taste. Let me know how it goes.

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