Professional Beard Trimmers for Barbers (2021 Detailed Review)

Do you offer beard trimming services (More like being a barber)? If Yes, This article on professional beard trimmers for barbers is for you and all that you will learn will fasten your success as a barber.

As a Barber or someone who offers beard trimming services, using professional beard trimmers for barbers speaks volume of your professional ability.

Having Professional beard trimmers is great. It’s really great, but then, you don’t wake up to these pro-trimmers around especially when you are a newbie.

So if you are just starting your career as a barber, read this article meticulously, it will broaden your knowledge on Professional beard trimmers and the need for them.

Quickly follow the Hierarchy, from what Pro-beard trimmers are to why you need them and lastly an array of beard trimmers for your business.

Whether you are a barber or not, a Professional beard trimming kit is a must-have in your facial hair trimming kit.

Professional Beard Trimmers For Barbers – Top Recommendations

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What are Professional Beard Trimmers?

Professional Beard Trimmers as the name implies are beard trimming apparatus, their only job is to trim and style your beard.

Beard trimmers don’t only do the styling of beards they help maintain your facial hairs at the length you desire.

These trimming apparatus are versatile, built on the premise of versatility. One of the best of professional beard trimmers in the sphere is the Philips Norelco Beard & Head Trimmer Series 5100.

Why You Need Professional Beard Trimmers for Barbers

Why you need professional Beard Trimmers for barbers is quite simple, you need them for the following reasons;

  • To Remove Split Ends; One of the Unfortunate reality in sporting facial hairs is when you start developing or experiencing Split Ends. Split ends usually occur when your beard is dry or damaged. They are simply as much of a reality for facial hair as they are for the hair on your head. Split ends can be as a result of over-exposure to the sun, too much heat (hairdryer, straightener, etc.), a lack of grooming, or improper grooming. Tbh, Split ends cause two major troubles to your beard growth. Firstly, they slow down the healthy growth of your facial hair, which means that if you want to grow a longer beard, you’ll need to trim them away. Secondly, split ends render a beard untidy and cause wiry growth. Therefore, if your appearance is important to you, you’ll need to remove them one way or another. Using the right beard trimmer takes care of Split ends. Professional Beard Trimmers for barbers to be precise.
  • Beard Length: If you are the type that sports short beards, putting the length to consider is why you should purchase professional beard trimmer, It saves you the stress of using scissors and also give you a clean trim and style.
  • Easy To Use: Professional Beard Trimmers are handy and easy to users compared to Scissors which requires more time to Master. Beards are available to make your beard trimming experience easy and lovable, so it’s a great idea to have one.

Professional Beard Trimmers: Things To Consider When Buying One

Before buying Professional Beard Trimmers for Barbers, There are things you need to consider when buying one.

You don’t just rush to an array of beard trimmers and follow your blind instincts to pick one without consulting or considering the following factors;

  • Blade Type; Beard Trimmers come with different types of blade. The candid reason why you need to put the blade types into consideration is just so you don’t buy a beard trimmer with a blade that cant gives you what you want. The different kinds of blades determine the durability and sharpness of a beard trimmer, For instance, carbon steel blades are by far the sharpest choice but they have a tendency to subsequently rust quickly. Given that trimming of your facial hair usually takes place in the bathroom, Carbon steel blades aren’t always the most durable option. However, the best blades are titanium-coated carbon steel. Titanium coated carbon steel blades offer durability and stiffness whilst being resistant to weathering.
  • Brand/Build Quality; The Build quality of a beard trimmer should be a part of your consideration when purchasing one of them. A lot of beard enthusiasts often overlook this factor; Build Quality of beard trimmers, and end up suffering heartbreaks from their Unconscious act of neglect. A good number of high-end Philips models (Philips Norelco Beard & Head Trimmer Series 5100) come with premium features such as laser guides and in-built vacuums. This doesn’t mean Phillip Models are any saints, they have plastic parts which can break, a lot of customers claim their beard trimmers do no last months after buying them.
  • Corded Vs Cordless Beard Trimmers When buying a professional beard trimmer you should consider whether cord or cordless suits your needs perfectly, No compromise. Although cordless beard trimmers are by far the most convenient, they’re not as powerful. However, do you even need the sheer voltage that you get from a corded trimmer? If you are able to answer any of the above questions, you should be able to decide; Corded Vs Cordless Beard Trimmers which one suits you better.
  • Wet Shaving/Waterproof Options; Water responsive beard trimmers is an added advantage, you can use it on a wet beard, in the shower, and anywhere. So, when you are purchasing a Beard trimmer, try to consider if it’s waterproof. Waterproof beard trimmers tend to last long.

Top 3 Professional Beard Trimmers For Barbers

Now here are top professional Beard Trimmers that will make your barbing profession a great success;


First on our list is the PHILIPS NORELCO BEARD & HEAD TRIMMER SERIES 5100, Phillips Norelco is one of the biggest and one of the beard trimmers most sort for in the beard-sporting sphere. Undisputable.

The 5100 is seemingly responsive and can take you to the finishing end of any beard style you desire, it offers full premium services as well.

A few features of Phillip Norelco Beard & Head Trimmer Include the following;

  • Self Sharpening Steele blades; Phillip Norelco Trimmer series possess self-sharpening blades designed to provide a clean beard trimming experience as you’ll find on any trimmer. Norelco, apparently, double sharpens the Steele blades to cut more hair with each pass to speed up the process, which is always handy while you’re trying to get out the door in the morning. As if, that isn’t enough, the blades have round mouths to prevent skin irritation.
  • The 5100 comes with a zoom wheel that enables you to lock-in on one of 17 built-in precision length settings, very easily. You will obviously have no trouble finding the right lengths for your beard. However, you can check out our Guide on Beard Trimmer Length for further pieces of information regarding beard lengths.
  • Above all else, it is waterproof and suitable for all beards.


  • Innovative/ Dynamic Beard Guide System
  • Comes with 17 built-in length settings
  • Waterproof /fully washable
  • Advanced lithium-ion battery


  • Some users say it’s noisy with prolonged use



BB- Travel Case is another beard trimmer fortunate to make it to the list of quality beard trimmers in the beard trimmer market with remarkable key features.

Some remarkable key features include;

  • Possession of Ceramic blades; Ceramic Beards are stronger than Steele blades, thus creating less friction and heat, unlike other blades.
  • A titanium rake that precision-ground to match the ceramic blade.
  • An Extra-large Li-Ion battery that gives you up to four hours of runtime after every full charge, this feature is quite rare in other beard trimmers.
  • 5-speed settings
  • Interestingly, each Beardscape beard trimmer comes with a 7-foot charging cord that has a USB fitting (you can even charge it by simply plugging it into your laptop, fun right? Yea!).

Brio BeardScape beard trimmer has many other features you will get to experience when you purchase one of them, Really Interesting features.


  • Deadly Quiet (In other words, Extremely Quiet)
  • Low-friction ceramic blades
  • Extra-large battery


  • The wider shaving head is an awkward feature for some beard enthusiasts.



types of beard trimmers

Third and final on our list is the Incredible PANASONIC ER-GB40-S PRECISION HAIR AND BEARD TRIMMER which a monstrous combination of smartness and power.

Due to its water-resistant feature, it is safe to say you should include the Panasonic Beard trimmer in your beard trimming kit as you can seemingly use it anywhere.

some of the key features include;

  • A sharp stainless Steele blade angled at 45 degrees to develop an optimal cutting edge.
  • The trimmer comes with 3-blades and can neatly trim even the thickest and the densest hair you can ever imagine.
  • Swift cut across dense beards
  • Another key feature of the Panasonic ER-GB40-S is its Quick-adjust dial that provides 19 precision settings, more than that of Norelco.
  • Suitable for dry and wet use (In the shower), Incredibly water-resistant.

You can check out our review on PANASONIC ER-GB40-S PRECISION HAIR AND BEARD TRIMMER & You can Buy it HERE.


  • Multiple precision settings
  • Fast and close-cutting blades
  • Great for wet and dry use
  • Easy to clean


  • Not as easy to grip for men with BIG hands.

These three professional beard trimmers for barbers are among the best any barber can have. We also came across Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Beard and Nose Trimmer for Men. As part of our review list, this particular beard trimmer is recommended for professional use and will work effectively.

The product comes with Multiple precision settings that will deliver fast and close cutting. It can be used on both dry and wet hair and will last long. Check out the Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Beard and Nose Trimmer for Men on Amazon

What makes a professional beard trimmer different from home use trimmer?

By now, you should know that beard trimmers are among the important grooming tools needed to maintain a nice facial look as a bearded man. The type of beard trimmer you make use of is equally necessary. We have ones used by professionals and others suitable for home use.

While there is really no huge difference in these two, there is a reason why experts will advise salon owners to make use of professional beard trimmers.

It is normal for just anyone to choose to buy a professional beard trimmer, maybe because they, from the hype it has been given, look effective and…well, professional. Let me quickly show you the difference between professional trimmers and home-use trimmers. This will help you decide which is suitable for you.


It is actually common for expensive beard trimmers to come with extra accessories like beard oil, clipper blades oil, and scissors. These accessories are mostly included in professional clippers and are not as cheap as others.

A standard beard trimmer for home use should include a variety of accessories such as the guide combs, additional blades, or case. Beard trimmers, in general, should have a certain amount of required accessories to make beard trimming a lot easier.

Corded or cordless

Either a professional beard trimmer or a home use beard trimmer can come in two types which are corded or cordless. The length of a beard trimmer is often 8ft long so that there will not be difficulty in moving the device from one end to another while cutting.

There are several claims from users that corded beard trimmers, but pros and home use are usually noiseless than the cordless ones. This can be affirmed because the corded beard trimmer operates based on the pivot motor.

On the other hand, a standard beard trimmer for professional use should come with the use of  a Li-ion battery. This is needful for professionals because this kind of trimmer allows them to use for up to 10 hours without bothering about low battery.

The beard trimmer for home use that comes with this battery will only last for about 2 hours or so.


The years of warranty on a particular beard trimmer do not really depend on the type, whether for professionals or for home use, it depends on the model you choose to buy.

To properly maintain bard trimmers, it is important that you oil them at least two times in a month. It actually depends on how often you use your trimmer.

There are some home use beard trimmers that required only a wash to keep them clean while others require tools to maintain and clean them.

The price

It is no news that when it comes to grooming tools, the expensive ones are likely to work more effectively and last longer. To some people, It is the price of beard trimmers that will make you choose a home use beard trimmer over ones for professionals

For example, the pro models allow the users to carry out heavy and strong tasks in beard grooming if compared to the home designs. This is one reason why home use models may be less expensive than professional models.

Is there a difference between a beard clipper and beard trimmer?

It may begin to get really confusing when we begin to dig deep into the main difference between a beard clipper and a beard trimmer. This is because they perform almost the same function in trimming, shaping and cutting facial hair.

An area of similarity in beard trimmers and beard clippers is that they are both important for shaving facial hair on sensitive skin that will not welcome the use of hand razors. Both grooming tools are necessary for cutting down beards, moustache, and goatees.

But there is a key difference between a beard clipper and a beard trimmer. It is when you are able to identify the differences between these two tools that you can correctly decide on which of them will be suitable for you to use on the type of beard you have.

Let us take a look at the features of both devices to see how they are different from each other

Qualities of a beard clipper

Clippers are preferable to trimmers when it comes down to shaving. This because clippers come with unique features that help to groom of beard in making shaving much easier and faster.

Clippers will work best on bulky facial hair because it can cut down bulky hair without experiencing any difficulty. A standard clipper comes with blades that look like come that further helps this process.

Qualities of the trimmer

The main job and expectation when using a beard trimmer is that it will help you to have a well-groomed facial hair

A versatile trimmer can be used on both face and other parts of the body to remove hairs. It is up to us to decide if you want to use the same trimmer for face to shave pubic hairs.

All in all, beard trimmer has mind-blowing features that grantees an effective beard grooming if handled well.

So what is the key difference?

The main difference between a clipper and a trimmer is the performance and versatility. While a beard trimmer will work best for edges, a beard clipper is ideal for cutting down bulky facial hair. The key difference between beard trimmers and clippers may not really rest on the colour, design, or style.

But clippers are often bigger than trimmers in size, so we can say there is sometimes a difference in the sizes of these two devices. Use a trimmer to effectively create an outline in the neck region and to perfect the edges of your beards.

When buying a beard trimmer, there are important factors to look out for. I’m sure you know about these considerations as I have shared it earlier in this article.

Whether you are buying a beard clipper or trimmer, it is most likely that you will be needing any of the two for the same purpose. Hence look out for features like the design, style, size, portable, and convenience of the device.

Final Say on Professional Beard Trimmers

There are other Professional Beard Trimmers for Barbers, You can spot their different types, But the above beard trimmers will make your Journey as a professional barber flawless. We’ll welcome your feedback in the comment section.

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