Where You Can Have Beard Growth Surgery?

Where you can have beard growth surgery: I remember some months ago when a homie of mine was looking for where to have a beard growth surgery, it was really a tough one for him then because after searching all hundreds on Google, he was still unable to find a perfect beard surgeon, not that he did not see any beard surgeon but the one he saw ain’t competent enough. So my homie came to that day seeking assistance from me to help get him a reliable and good beard surgeon.

Then, I embarked on in-depth research, after several weeks of research through Google and visiting the beard clinic available I was able to get a reliable beard surgeon for my homie, he was so happy that he had to pay me off for my hard work. The result of my research is what I will be sharing with you guys today, I know there are thousands of people out there who are also in the same state as my homie.

All the necessary research have been done before I could come up with this content, although the scope of my research work is limited to the US alone, so if you live in the US you should be glad this content is within US scope, for those who live outside the US and you either can’t afford the fee to travel down to the US or because of other issues, no need to close this content, this will also educate you on what to except on beard growth surgery. We will soon write about the beard growth surgeon in your country, just keep checking our update. Now let’s take the full ride into the subject matter.

What is beard growth surgery?

I am sure before you decide to go for beard growth sugary, you would have to know the meaning but for those who do not know, here is what beard growth surgery means.

This is a method of hair restoration, which can also be called beard transplant. The surgeon transplant scalp beard hair to the scalp using FUE and other tools. Not all surgeon make use of this method because it is generally considered a fringe procedure.

The other method most surgeon makes use of is by transplanting the hair in the scalp to areas of the face as needed on a case-by-case.

Where you can have beard growth surgery

NeoGraft® beard growth surgery

Why do we recommend NeoGraft?

This is the first question I know that popped up in your mind when you saw NeoGraft.

You deserve a beard growth surgeon who does not leave a visible scar on your head and you can trust. Neograft is committed to patient knowledge about hair loss and patient satisfaction.  You won’t just go into surgery without been educated about beard surgery, this clinic will educate you about beard hair restoration options,   and will also build a strong and supportive community. The moment you consider to go for NeoGraft you are choosing a solution that:

Is minimally invasive (no staples or stitches required).
Is natural-looking (no linear scar).
Causes little-to-no discomfort
(no scalpel involved).

Features quick recovery time (Fast recovery which takes just a few days)

Allows for flexible financing( The physicians at this click has a different option that will.meet your budget)

Why you should choose FUE with Neograft?

In case you don’t understand what FUE means you can check our other articles on hair loss surgery where will explain in detail what FUE means and why people choose it.

  1. No linear scar
    2. No scalpel
    3. Less discomfort
    4. Short recovery time
    5. No stitches
    6. Tiny incisions heal in days
    7. Faster, more effective procedure
    8. More natural in appearance
    9. Highest Rated Hair

Transplant in the Industry

What is the common side effect or risk attached to beard growth surgery in Neograft?

In regard to the physician that did your beard surgery you will also be prone to these side effects, so don’t just think it is only for the patient who made us Neograft clinic.

  1. Bruising
    2. Scarring
    3. Redness
    4. Swelling
    5. Pain at the donor and recipient sites or sensitivity
    6. Infection
    7. Ingrown Hairs

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How Much Does A NeoGraft beard growth surgery cost?

We know you really can’t wait to see what the price for your beard growth surgery just like when you are shopping for a car you need to be careful of deals that seems too good to be true. This section will provide all the information you need in other to make the right decision regarding the cost of beard growth surgery.

Cost Per Graft

Neograft charge their patient per graft, the cost per graft is not stable due to the market situation, it varies at alongside with the market but most times it ranges from $3-$9per graft.

Number of Grafts

The cost for Adam can be different from the cost for James, this is because the types of hair loss determine the number of grafts that will be used. You will have a ballpark cost for the entire transplant and multiple costs per graft by the number of grafts

Individual Variables:

This is also a major thing that should determine the cost of your beard surgery, like the prior procedures, hair density, medical history, and head size can influence the costs. So to determine the cost for this, you need to visit a NeoGraft certified doctor.

How will Neograft carry out the surgery?


Extraction of hair follicles

Harvesting or extraction is a hair from the donor region ( the donor region is located at the back of your head between your ears and below your crown.). The NeoGraft device will be used to remove hair simultaneously suction.


Sorting of Grafts.

In order to create a natural appearing result, the single hair units from multiple hair units. All the follicular unit(hair) extracted will be separated by size.


Recipient Site
The new homes of the extracted grafts will be created in the desired areas of thinking or balding, making use of proper depth and angulation to ensure graft viability. The surgeon will help to design gender and age appropriate hairline that is specific to you

Placement of the hair grafts

Each hair ( follicular unit) will be planted into each new homes in order to achieve the desired outcome. Proper Angulation and depth are very critical in other to ensure maximum graft take raw in order to deliver a natural appearing result when hair starts to grow in different angles depending on the site of the scalp.

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What are the activities to avoid after surgery include?

Avoid scratching, touching and rubbing the surgical area.
Do does not use any other medication or blood thinners except the one prescribed by your surgeon.
Avoid sun exposure.
Avoid heavy physical activities.
No blood thinners or any other medication – only as prescribed by your surgeon.
No smoking or using tobacco products.
Avoid drinking alcohol.
No swimming, using hot tubs or saunas.

One of the surgeons at Neograft

Dr. Javad Sajan is one of the professional surgeons at Neograft, he serves to the betterment of the reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. He focuses on reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of the body and face.

Dr. Satan is one of the leading international expert cosmetic surgeons and also highly respected and sought after physician. With the years of experience, Dr. Sajan is frequently invited to educate and lecture at different reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons meetings. Some of the key medical organization where he is a guest speaker are, Advances in Children, Midwest Head and Neck Consortium, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Minnesota Academy of Otolaryngology and Academy Surgical Congress, the Society for Ear, Nose, and Throat.

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