Beard Transplant in Los Angeles

Beard Transplant in Los Angeles

Beard Transplant in Los Angeles: Centuries ago, a man whose birth genes made it difficult or impossible to grow a full beard would die and be buried a beardless man. These days though, all of that has changed. The introduction, acceptance, and advancement of beard transplant procedures have left men (with pockets deep enough to afford it) scrambling down to the nearest surgeon’s office to book transplant sessions and thus change their looks considerably. In a city like Los Angeles, with its highbrow Hollywood outlook and a crème de la crème population given to the latest fashion trends and vanities, beard transplant has become a booming and quite lucrative business. There are surgeons littering the place, offering up their services to a clientele who never seem to be lacking in number and intensity. And unlike the kinds of results these procedures used to produce decades ago, which sometimes made the scalp look more like a doll head, beard transplants today leave the client feeling satisfied. This happens more often than not.


The first factor to grasp is that the transplanted hairs come back from your scalp, primarily the rear wherever the hair is thickest and most resembles that of the beard. Extracting and replacing 2,000 strands of hair one after the other may seem like a protracted procedure, however, it’s not as long as you may have imagined. A typical beard transplant can be done and dusted in 8 hours. For this, some doctors provide their clients with oral sedatives, as well as applying anesthesia to the head region.

The hairs are then carefully extracted one at a time using the FUE technique (abbreviation for Follicular Unit Extraction) which is the technique used by most hair transplant surgeons. In times gone by, doctors would take away a strip of skin with hair follicles, that leaving a visible scar across the rear of the scalp. FUE, on the opposite hand, is undetectable to the eye. Then, the doctor makes little incisions within the beard space that confirm the direction, density, and angulation in which the hair can grow. The doctor’s facility during this period can confirm how natural your beard will appear once it’s grown. It must be noted here, also, that the FUE is not the only transplant technique being used by Los Angeles’ surgeons.


There are quite a number of reasons why men in Los Angeles would want to sit through a 6-9 hour procedure. However, what jumps to mind is the fact that they can afford it, given how expensive the procedure could be. But beyond that, some men look nice with a clean, clean smooth-shaven face. they need the facial expression that looks best exposed and outlined.

However, they would look nicer with an honest beard given the way it would emphasize their jawline and hide any flaw they may have. To cut a sensible look, the beard ought to be even and therefore the hair ought to be properly spaced and thick enough to point out clearly. Most surgeons tell that their clientele consists of a very visible demographic: young men aged around 20-30 something. Most of them are actors, musicians, and bohemians. Ultimately, everyone wants to look good and manly and you can’t fault that.


A beard transplant done using the FUE technique can cost around $5,000 – $12,000, depending on who is handling the procedure (obviously some surgeons are quite pricey, given their celebrity status) and the specifications of the particular client’s transplant. Sometimes, a client might need to do a re-up to a previously done session and this could drive the cost way higher than projected above. However, these folks are not exactly complaining.


There are dozens of surgeons specialized in beard transplants in Los Angeles but only a select few will be mentioned here.

Dr. Saul Lahijani runs the Beverly Hills Hair Center and has a fair number of celebrity clients who have patronized him. He is a respected world-class surgeon with a record that speaks highly of him.

Dr. Brett Bolton’s Great Hair Transplant is famous for its non-conforming use of the MaxHarvest hair transplant technique. This technique is known to achieve more hair strands transplant in less time. Sometimes a beard transplant surgery using the MaxHarvest technique lasts for less than two hours while the Follicular Unit Extraction could go on for two days, often needing a second procedure to wrap things up. Dr. Bolton is a darling of the beard transplant community in Los Angeles due to his revolutionary methods.

Another surgeon who stands out amidst the hordes of hair transplant experts dotting the Los Angeles landscape is Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi of Alvi Armani Hair Restoration Centre, Beverly Hills. He has been featured on Times Magazine for his achievements and contributions to the hair transplant industry in the United States. Dr. Baubac was also named the number one hair transplant surgeon in 2015 by Aesthetic Everything.

Dr. Justin Rome of Robotic Hair Restoration Center is also one of Los Angeles most renowned hair transplant surgeon. He is known for his work which combines robotics with medicine to great effect.

Other beard transplant centers in Los Angeles include Nu Male Medical Centre, Rawnsley Hair Restoration, Beverly Hills Hair Centre, Beverly Hills Hair Group, Meshkin Medicals and so on.


The US hair transplant market was worth over USD 5 billion in 2017 but this has been projected to grow by over 25% from 2018-2024. As more beard and hair transplant techniques continue to be developed by revolutionary surgeons, beard transplants will keep being an attractive option to young, wealthy men looking to spice up their facial features. If Los Angeles, as America’s trends capital, hopefully, continues to contribute to this burgeoning industry, as it has been doing, then maybe the United States will sooner rather than later overtake Turkey as the beard transplant capital of the world.

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