Facial Hair Transplant in Chicago

Facial Hair Transplant in Chicago: If your answer is “YES” then you have opened the right content. In this context, we will delve into top Chicago hospitals where you can do a hair transplant. We know your safety is what really matters, so we have gone into in-depth research and we can assure you this hospital will deliver a perfect hair transplant for you. We won’t just go into where to do facial hair transplant in Chicago, we will discuss how hair transplant costs are calculated, this will enable you to make the calculation yourself. Read on to get full details.

How is Hair Transplant Costs Calculated? 

Hair Restoration cost is calculated on a per graft basis, each graft consists of about 1-4 hair follicles. The maximum amount of grafts you’ll need is about 3,000+ while the minimum is 600, the lower the “per-follicular unit graft” the higher the number of follicular unit grafts. So, for example, in a situation where you 1,600 follicular unit transplants instead of 800, your price will still remain the same.

Cost per graft

This is another way to calculate hair transplant before you can get a quote, you will need to visit the hospital to discuss the cost for watch hair restoration option.

Cost of FUT vs FEU

FUT means, Follicular Unit Transplantation while FUE means, Follicular Unit Extraction. You will be familiar with this if you have been researching on hair restoration options, for those who ain’t familiar with this, let’s take a quick rundown.

The cost per grade of a FUT procedure is always lower than the cost per graft of an FUE procedure, this is caused by the time-intensive nature of the FUE procedure. The rise in popularity of the procedure and improvement in technology in FUE technology have lowered prices. This has made the price difference between FUE and FUT much smaller. Your hair transplant counselor can explain the advantages of each procedure type for you. This way you will be able to choose the best option for you.

Facial hair transplant in Chicago 

1. Panini, MD & Chicago hair transplant clinic

The Chicago hair transplant clinic is a well-known expert on facial hair transplants. The clinic is head by Dr, Vladimir who has over 27 years of hair transplant experience and he has performed over 4000 facial hair transplants over the years. Some of the patients that come to this clinic come as far as Russia, London, Brazil, Vancouver, and Montreal or from major cities in the Us such as Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami, and Indianapolis.

The Chicago hair treatment clinic is located at John Hancock Building along the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. The head doctor, Dr. Janine make use of Hypo Thermasol, ATPv, EXPAREL, and other expensive medications during each hair transplant surgery, this enables everyone who did their surgery to have the best results.

Some unique features of CHTC are,

All the workers at the clinic are dedicated to providing their patients with a permanent and natural solution for hair loss.

CHTC invest in state of the art facilities and can go to any length when it comes to getting the best results possible for their patient

CHTC workers won’t allow you to accept your hair loss, they will make sure you reclaim your confidence and self-esteem.

Contact details

Chicago Hair Transplant Clinic

Telephone: 312-888-2385

Fax: 312-277-2387

E-mail: vpanine@drpanine.com

2. Bosley hair transplant

Bosley is one of the older hair transplant experts with over 40+ years of experience. They pioneered the science and art of hair restoration for both males and females using their world-class clinical resources, technology, and research.

Over the years Bosley has performed over 300,000 hair transplant procedure with the patient from over 60 foreign countries and over 60 states and also they have helped millions find best answers go their hair loss and hair transplant question.

The counselors and physicians understand the challenges each patient faces with hair loss. They are always ready to recapture the happiness and confidence you deserve.

Some unique features of Bosley are;

In order to craft the best solution that’s specially designed to your situation, Bosley physicians make use of all the latest techniques in medical hair transplants.

Over 40 years of experience in the hair transplant field give them the opportunity to evaluate and solve all issues relating to hair loss.

Bosley physicians have won Nobel awards from well-known hair restoration medical societies and they are all highly skilled hair transplant physicians.

Bosley has done hair transplant for top musicians, actors, and athletes in the world

Bosley guarantees you a free hair graft replacement for the ones that did not grow after the hair transplant.

Contact details

676 N Michigan Ave #3850, Chicago, IL 60611, USA

+1 312-535-2648

3. Lincoln Park, Chicago hair restoration for men and women

The last hair transplant clinic on our list today is Chicago hair restoration for men and women. This clinic head headed by Dr. Yates, he has over 10 years of experience in hair transplant and e has performed over thousands of hair transplants in a state-of-art environment and making use of the best revolutionary hair transplant techniques.

Dr, Yates has built a well-known image in the world of hair transplant, he does not delegate his work to a technician or another physicians assistant, he assures each patient a transaction rate that is less than 3%.

This clinic makes use of most developed techniques and procedures to perform hair transplant repair procedures and ARTAS hair restoration, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Some unique features of Chicago hair restoration for men and women are;

Dr. Yates assures all their patient flawless surgical techniques and incredible attention.

The clinic offers travel concierge services, this helps them to ensure the safety of their patient trip.

Dr. Yates is a board member and board-certified and board examiner.

He is board-certified and is a board member and board examiner


213 N. Stetson Ave
Chicago, IL 60601
312 261 0872


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can I Drink Alcohol Before Hair Transplant?

Drinking alcohol is one of those things that need to be avoided before hair surgery.

Is Hair Transplant Limited To Beard Alone?

The transplanting of hair is not limited to a beard alone. You can get a transplant for your mustache, sideburns or goatee.

What Diet Should Be Taken After Hair Transplant?

One way to support your hair after a successful transplant is eating the right food and staying away from the ones that are irrelevant. When your system is suffering, your hair can be affected.

After a hair transplant, make sure your foods are made up of protein, and vitamins. Hair is made up of major protein,  you will need a huge one during your recovery. Make sure the protein contains a variety of amino acids, that can be gotten by eating plenty of beans, nut, milk, and chicken.

What Are The Foods To Avoid After Hair Transplant?

After a facial hair transplant, you need to put an end to certain habits and foods you eat. After hair surgery, stay away from:

  • Junk food
  • Extended periods of stress
  • Alcohol
What Are The Pros of Facial Hair Transplant?

Not convinced enough? Undergoing facial transplants will give you chance to things you can’t do on norms. What makes beard transplant good is:

  • Total control
  • Respect and ego
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Minimal pain
  • Less stressful
Total Control:

You can choose and get whatever beard style you want – look at the and list of beard styles for wedding and awesome types of mustache, you can get any of the styles listed. You can always get the beard style of your choice with stress of growing from scratch.

Respect and Love:

Beard has reported in recent years according to research carried out that women tend to find men with a beard more attractive than their counterparts. In a study, the majority of women rated men with stubble beard style as the most attractive and those with a full beard as potential fathers.

Can Be Shave Like a Normal Beard:

Being transplanted does not make it different from a typical beard. Your new hair follicles will be permanently grafted, so your beard will be like every other beard. It can be shaved and trim just like others.



Facial hair transplant is one of the ways to get a beard for someone who finds it difficult to grow one, it is also for those who don’t want too through the stress of applying beard cream, oiling or looking for the best beard cream out there.

Here you have read on the best facial hair transplant specialist in Chicago that made this made base on their reputation for the works well-done. The next step is to call any of the listed that meet with your standard of ideal facial hair transplant services.

If you have any complaint to make regarding this list or any other professionals you think should be on this list, kindly make use of the comment box.

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