Home Remedies for Beard Dandruff

What is beard dandruff?

Dandruff is said to be the condition of the scalp that often causes flakes to appear on the skin accompanied by itching.

Fact about Dandruff

There are some facts about dandruff which are outlined below:

  1. Dandruff is a normal skin condition that is harmless but embarrassing and difficult to control and treat.
  2. It is not in any way related to hygiene however; general cleaning of the hair, beard, and scalp helps removes the existing skin flakes.
  3. You may develop dandruff due to the use of certain inappropriate beard products or sometimes, as a result of certain skin or medical condition.
  4. It has its treatment readily available, but severe cases are advised to be reported to the dermatologist for proper treatment.

What is the Cause of Dandruff?

Dandruff is a mysterious skin condition with an irritating and itching sensation. Though there is a belief that it may have been caused by hormonal changes since it usually occurs at the time of puberty.

There are some conditions that are believed can cause dandruff such as these ones below:

  1. If you don’t wash your hair with enough shampoo or soap made for treating it, it will cause dandruff.
  2. Yeast-Like Fungus feeding on your scalp may equally cause dandruff
  3. Dry skin is another condition that is said could cause dandruff
  4. Sensitivity to hair care products could be a believed cause too
  5. If you have Irritated, oily skin
  6. Other skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema

Does Dandruff have Symptoms?

Yes! It has symptoms; in fact, every infection has symptoms even though the symptoms may be similar to each other sometimes.

Here are some of the symptoms of dandruff you should know:

  1. Your scalp itches.
  2. Your skin flakes on your scalp, hair, eyebrows, beard, and mustache; even shoulders are not exempted sometimes.
  3. You may develop is scaly scalp as a sign of dandruff.

Risk factors

There are some risk factors associated with the contraction of dandruff, which expose almost anyone to the risk of experiencing dandruff at least once in his or her lifetime.

Age Factor

The dandruff is normally known to occur at adolescent age and then continue through the middle age, no wonder it is likely to link to hormonal changes.

A male Child

Being a male exposes you more to dandruff compare to your female counterpart. Some research point that the male hormone could be a key factor in the development of dandruff.

Certain illnesses such as Parkinson are said to cause some diseases that affect the nervous system and therefore, increases the risk of dandruff. HIV and weakened immune systems are said can cause dandruff too.

Home Remedies for Beard Dandruff

1. Managing your Stress

Dandruff is believed to occur in some peoples’ hair due to stress they go through on a daily basis, as a victim, you can start managing your stress either by refreshing your body with water as soon as you are done with your work for a day and then take a rest in your bed.

2. Washing your Beard Regularly

Normally, a clean skin is hard for any infection to penetrate, even though we are yet to understand the cause of dandruff, it doesn’t mean the cause cannot be associated with a dirty environment; for you to be at a safer place, as soon as you notice sweat on your body, kindly take your time to wash your skin and hair with soap and water.

3. Apply Beard Oils

There are lots of beard oils in the market or store whose job is to fight acne of any family be it blackhead, whitehead, pimples, rashes, and dandruff if your beard and scalp remain moisturized, it will be difficult for any infection to attack.

There are some examples of beard oils you can get in the amazon store for the treatment of beard or hair dandruff such as Beard Oil Conditioner, Sandal Wood Beard Wash, Honest Amish Beard Balm, etc. When applied, kills other related infections and then keep your beard and scalp dandruff free.

4. Application of Shampoo to Wash your Hair

Shampoos are also good agents of keeping our beard dandruff free. However, the shampoos to be used, you are advised to be the medicated type. Try and apply it to the patched parts of your skin, leave for some minute to see the reaction, if there is no positive result after this, kindly use the dandruff products, because they are more effective compared to shampoo.

5. Give your Beard a deep Condition

Sometimes, the major appearance of flake skin occurs during the cold season, if this is your case and has already caused dandruff in your beard, keep do deep condition for your beard. This can be achieved by using any of the beard conditioner products in the store or anyone recommended for you by your dermatologist.

You can apply the hair conditioner along with a shampoo and leave for some minutes, and then rinse thoroughly to ensure the removal of the conditioner.

6. Use a Beard Brush

A beard brush is known for its ability to exfoliate the skin and thereby removing tangles and ensuring the hair is smooth. You can buy one or get one from your brother who has and then use it to brush the beard to remove dandruff.

You can also make use of available cleanser made for beard, ensure it contains lactic acid to get rid of the dead skin. Kindly dip the cleanser into your facial hair, and then massage through it, comb through it with a clean brush; after which you should rinse well to wash dandruff off.

7. Don’t touch your face with a dirty hand

The hand can carry a lot of bacteria, and through this means lots of infections may contact our skin which may lead to dandruff. After every work or walks, make sure you wash your hand to prevent any effect of dandruff on your beard, you will be free of any infection.

8. You can even shave the beards

When dandruff is getting worse and you have tried all your best to stop it but still can’t get rid of it, kindly shave off your beards. You can shave it off using hair removal cream for a neater and healthier shaving. After the shaving, wash your face with warm water and medicated soap, towel-dry your face and relax.

9. Shower at least twice a day

Our body is always exposed to millions of bacteria all over the world, and these bacteria can be trapped in our skin, beard, or even our clothes, and then in later may cause different kinds of illnesses, one of which may lead to dandruff. If you are regular in taking your shower, this will help control dandruff and keep the beard neat and free from dirt and infections.

10. Apply Beard Balm

Beard balms can also go a long way to prevent your beard from being infected by dandruff because they will help in hydrating it and equally moisturize your scalp. After the application of balm to your beard, ensure that you comb it.

11. Apply Olive Oil

Olive oil is a very effective oil that can help fight bacteria from the beard. When you apply olive oil on your beard, it will prevent dandruff from attacking your scalp. This is the reason why it is occasionally contained in some products for beard growth. Apart from rescuing your beard from dandruff, it helps to soften and freshen it.

You can warm a teaspoonful of olive oil, and then use it to massage your beard. Olive oil is said not to have a side effect, especially the extra virgin types, you can leave for 24 hours, and then reapply for the benefit of your beard or hair.

After the application, kindly wash off with warm water, dry with a towel and then your beard will be soft afterward.

12. Lemon juice can do the magic

Although, I am one of those who don’t support the application of lemon juice to the beard or scalp as the constant application may cause a permanent damage to the cells that grow hair from the human body, however, lemon can be applied gently to a beard or hair affected by dandruff to wipe it off. Mix some lemon juice to a small quantity of water to be diluted, and then use it to rinse your beard completely. This alone will go a long way treating the beard dandruff

How to make your own Beard Oil safeguard your Beard from Dandruff

Since our article is based on how you can find remedies to your beard dandruff from home, we have to show you how to make beard oil locally with lesser expenses compared to when you buy beard oils in the stores.

The First thing you need to do is:

  1. Select Essential Oil: What are the essential oils you already know work on the good health of the beard? This is the first question you must give an answer to. Some essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, tree barks, stems of trees, roots of trees and many more. The oils are normally used in treating dandruff and then keep your beard healthy, soft and unique.
  2. Use the following essential oils to tackle your beard dandruff to the end: Rosemary, Lavender, Tea tree, coconut oil, aloe Vera extract, patchouli, palm kernel oil and many more. In no time, your beard dandruff will leave it.
  3. After the selection of your essential oils, kindly follow these steps: 1. Get a small glass dropper, for holding 1 to 2 ounces of the essential oils, 2. Extra dropper bottle to use for individual oils, 3. Two tablespoons of carrier oil, 4. 3 to 10 drops of essential oil will be enough for a proper mixture.

How to make the Beard Oil at Home Proper

Mix the carrier oil in the glass bottle with essential oil drops, don’t mix too much on the essential oil to avoid potency. It is as simple as that.

  1. Firstly, the amount of oil to apply to your beard is determined by the length and thickness of your beard.
  2. you are advised to put two or three drops in your hand and massage around the affected part of your beard, I advised if at all you will apply the oil to the none affected area of your beard, should be done after you must have thoroughly rinse your hand again. This is to prevent you from spreading dandruff to other parts of your beard.
  3. You can also rub the oil in your palms and then massage your facial hair, rub it to your entire beard so that it touches your scalp and then get deep into your skin through the pores. You can also apply it to your mustache, from root to the tip if you have one.
  4. You can decide to apply the oil to your beard whether wet or dry, it doesn’t matter, all the focus is that it will still work for you. While using the oil-wet, it means your pores are open and ready to absorb the oil deeply, just towel dry your beard and apply.
  5. If you make 1 ounce of beard oil, it will last for 3 months when used as instructed above. Always tighten the jar to avoid atmospheric reaction that makes damage it, keep at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight from reaching it.
  6. Everything has an expiry date, even human. Most oils last for six months before they develop rancid after a certain period of time that’s why it is better you dispose of your oil as soon as you notice a change and then make a new one. Sometimes the change may be in color or in smell, all signify a sign of spoilage or rancid and should be disposed of immediately.

This information is good enough for you to control dandruff from affecting your beard.

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