Dandruff In My Beards – What Do I Need To Do?

I have been receiving a lot of questions from readers about having Dandruff in my beards. At first, I let them know I never had dandruff in my beards, but also I realized that they could be dealing with the dandruff issue and that’s they asked me the question. So I figured to put up a post to explain what needed to be done when you get dandruff in your beards.

What is Beard Dandruff?

Dandruff is when the skin flakes off to give out small whitish flakes. Dandruff is most common on the head but it also occurs in the beard. This is the shedding of the scalp skin.

Where does dandruff come from?

Dandruff is caused by two major things. It could be that you have dry skin or fungal infection.

The dry skin could be caused by the harsh soaps you use to wash your body and your beard. These soaps usually do their work of cleansing your beard but also wipe out your body’s natural oil and sebum leaving nothing to moisturize your skin thereby causing dandruff.

Dry skin could also be caused by extremely cold weather.

The fungal infection is caused by a microorganism called Malassezia globose. This fungi feed on your natural skin sebum and breaks the oil down into oleic acid. And oleic acid can have adverse effects on a person’s skin.

Other things cause dandruff too like stress. Yes, stress does cause dandruff! Another possible cause is the improper brushing of the beard.

Another one is the lack of a balanced and healthy diet.

Dandruff is a very common issue that people face with their hair whether on the head or face. It is very frustrating.

Dandruff is the white tiny flakes that fall out of your hair when you comb it. Nobody likes dandruff. It can make a black shirt look white with just a brush of the hair.

It is even more frustrating when you have dandruff in your beard and facial hair. The reason why you are reading this article I am sure is to know how to get rid of dandruff in your beard.

Well, you are in the right place. Let’s get to it, shall we?

How to get rid of dandruff in your beards

1. Start with getting a quality dandruff shampoo and shampoo your beard

Usually, the cure to dandruff is not as complicated as people take it. When you take a few steps, you will be surprised the dandruff is nowhere to be found. A beard shampoo you should consider is Nizoral dandruff shampoo. The link to the product on Amazon

This product has over a thousand positive reviews on Amazon and is Amazon’s top recommended choice for those struggling with dandruff.


Because this product works like magic!

You cannot use the same products you used on your head on your beard. These are two significantly different places. We recommended the product above because you might not know which quality shampoo to get.

Considering the fact that many shampoos are just too harsh for your beard.  Don’t just use any shampoo you see that claims to cure dandruff. Be sure to make sure it is well recommended and known for its effectiveness before you use.

So, start by getting this dandruff shampoo first. Follow the link above to get it. I hope also that someday we develop this website through your help to build up a beard shampoo that will solve your beard dandruff problems.

Or what do you think?

2. How do you apply the shampoo and effectively shampoo your beard?

After getting the shampoo, you have to know how to use it. First, wet your beard with water of normal temperature. After wetting it, put a reasonable amount of the shampoo into your palm.

Rub your palms together and apply the shampoo on your beard. After that, rub in the shampoo into your beard and the skin underneath. Don’t be afraid to be thorough and vigorous.

Work the shampoo into a lather on your beard. One tip on how to know if a shampoo is quality is that it does not require to be used in large amounts to form a lather. The small amount you apply will be enough to form lather in a quality shampoo.

After working the shampoo vigorously into your beard, rinse with warm water. The warm water you use to rinse will open up your pores and allow your skin to breathe, which is healthy.  Note you are to use warm water not hot water. Hot water will dry out your skin and you don’t want that.

Now dab it dry with a towel and leave it when it is damp. You should only shampoo your beard once or twice a week. Too much shampooing can dry out your beard and strip it of its natural oils.

3. After shampooing, condition your beard

There are many benefits of conditioning your beard. So many!

A perfect conditioner for your beard is the Beard oil. Beard oils are an extremely important part of every bearded man’s kit. Beard oil has so many benefits. After shampooing, get the quality beard oil of choice and put about eight drops of it in your palm and rub together. Then spread it evenly across your beard making sure you reach the tips and the roots of your beard.

The benefits of beard oil include that it serves as a leave-in conditioner for the beard. When you apply beard oil to your beard, it deeply conditions it. Conditioning means to soften. Beard oils do just that. Apart from conditioning, beard oils also help to moisturize. Beard oils lock in moisture in the beard, thereby keeping the beard well moisturized and soft. And also stopping it from drying. Beard oils contain carrier oil and essential oils that are so very healthy for the hair. Some carrier oils include jojoba oil and olive oil. Jojoba oil is especially famous for its amazing moisturizing ability. It also closely resembles the natural oil or sebum that our skin produces.

From the above, you can see that conditioning your beard is like giving it food – Healthy food.

When you condition your beard, you are moisturizing it. And you remember that dryness is what causes dandruff and beardruff right? So, by eliminating dryness from the scene, the beardruff will also run away. So one big step you will be taking when trying to cure your beardruff is to condition your beard with quality beard oil.

After applying the beard oil and massaging it into your beard, you need to brush your beard. Brushing your beard helps to lift the white dandruff flakes off the roots of your beard. It is important that you brush your beard after oiling.

It helps to give your beard a full look and makes it appear shiny and healthier. A beard that has been well brushed will look 100 times better than a beard that is not brushed.

When you want to buy a beard brush, please get a boar beard brush. A boar bristle beard brush helps to encourage beard growth without allowing hair loss. It is also animal hair so it is not too harsh to the beard and the skin under. Be sure to brush your beard in the direction that it grows. Not in the opposite direction. Also, be gentle with the brushing.

After brushing, you can use a cloth to wipe the white flakes off your body and cloth. The brushing is an important step in the dandruff curing process because it spreads oils throughout your beard. Thereby effectively keeping all areas of your beard moisturized and preventing dryness which dandruff loves.

5. Practice good hygiene

Hygiene is very important if you want to triumph over dandruff. Try to always stay clean and cleanse your beard every time. After you have done some dirty work or strenuous activity, you should shower.

This helps to keep harmful microbes out of your beard that could get in and cause dandruff. And it also helps to wash out the microbes that could have gotten in. Also, after using the toilet, be sure to wash your hands very well before touching your face.

This is to prevent the transfer of harmful germs and dirt from your hands to your face. Also, you should always use a clean towel to dry your beard. And don’t share the towel with someone that has dandruff. Because you could contact it too.

Eat healthy foods and avoid junk. When you eat healthy and very nutritious foods and fruits, they do the work of fighting off germs that might cause dandruff in your beard. Also, fruits will go a long way in supplying moisture for your beard, since they are a healthy source of water.

6. Rest very well

Rest is also very important when trying to cure dandruff. Enough sleep equals healthy hair and healthy skin. Also, while you are resting, you are allowing your body to make effective use of the vitamins and minerals you have been taking from the healthy foods. And thereby your body can use it to fight off harmful fungi and bacteria that could cause or be causing dandruff.

6. See your Doctor or Dermatologist if it is really severe

If after doing all of the above, and after two weeks dandruff still hasn’t gone then it might be time for you to see your dermatologist or doctor.

They might know the right drugs or creams to prescribe for you to use so that dandruff can go away. But it is only after you have done all of the above and there is no improvement.

Use natural home remedies for your beard dandruff

Funnily to get fast results, you can use some common home ingredients for your beard dandruff and it will disappear in days. There are so many proven and widely acclaimed natural home remedies you can use. Just go to your kitchen, grab it and use it. Amazing right? Yes! It is true! Let’s get to them!

You can use Aspirin.

Yes, you can! How? You would ask. Well, it’s easy. It turns out that the salicylic acid that Aspirin contains is also a major ingredient in most dandruff shampoos. So, Aspirin works totally.

What do you need? You just need two Aspirin tablets. Crush them in a bowl. After that, you add a small amount of your normal beard shampoo to the powder and mix. Then apply the mixture to your beard like you would do if you were shampooing your beard and leave it in your beard for two minutes.

After that, rinse out with water preferably a warm one. You should do this in the morning during your bath. The salicylic acid that Aspirin contains helps to exfoliate the skin underneath your beard and hence helps in treating dandruff.

You can also use Yoghurt

Just get one cup of plain yogurt. That is all you need. How do you do this?

After shampooing your beard and rinsing the shampoo out, then you apply the yogurt to your beard and its roots and then leave the yogurt in for 15 minutes. After it sits in for that time, rinse the yogurt out and use a bit of beard shampoo to do the final washing. Yogurt promotes good bacteria in the body and these bacteria produce probiotics that help to fight off dandruff.

Try this natural remedy, it works!

Do you know you can also use Tea tree oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, and other essential oils as remedies for your beard dandruff? Yes, they work too! Check out what makes a good beard oil.

Avoid exposing your beard to too much sunlight as it dries your beard out and causes all your natural oils to dry out. And remember that dryness causes dandruff, so you might want to protect your beard from the sun. Here is a Natural Remedies To Get Rid of Dandruff.

I would have to reiterate this on destroying dandruff completely off your beards

The importance of a healthy diet cannot be overemphasized. Eating junk foods can improve your risk of catching dandruff in your beard. So eat right!

Also don’t share your personal beard care materials with other people. Materials like beard brush and comb, clippers, trimmers, and so on.

By following the above instructions and taking care of your beard well, you will definitely beat beardruff to its game! It is certain.

Just make sure to follow the guidelines and have fun with it. And you will be on your way to saying Goodbye to dandruff in your beard. Don’t let dandruff discourage you from keeping your beard. Being a man with a beard is a big achievement. And when dandruff comes in the way of you and your beard, you kick it to the curb! Your beard is stronger than mere dandruff. Follow the tips given above and kiss dandruff in your beard goodbye!

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