Beard Oil And Acne FAQS

BEARD OIL AND ACNE (FAQS) – Imagine you’re at the supermarket looking for that beard oil everyone’s been talking about, you’ve toiled your way through stalls, had to endure loud chatter from the people around, you’ve checked everywhere and are just about to give up when you finally spot. It is all on its own, like the king of oils, waiting for you to reach out, grab it and take it home (you’d have to pay of course).

You do all that, you get home and use it judiciously. You feel so good about yourself but then, two days later, there’s acne all over your face. What horror you suddenly feel, your self-crowned ‘king of oils’ just ruined your face. You suddenly feel like grabbing that oil and throwing it in the trash, you never want to see it again, you hate it so much you could murder it. Then you rush over to the internet, same place everyone testified about the beard oil, and you’re almost about to bash the oil but instead, you ask the question “does beard oil give you acne?” Then you sit back and watch the answers pour in.

This is what this article is about.

There are a lot of questions on the Internet involving the use of beard oil and how it causes acne. They say looking good is pain but everyone consciously avoids the part where you have to suffer if you use the wrong products, or if you don’t do something right.

Everyone wants the perfect story just as we all aspire to have the perfect beard. We do not all want to be the guy who rocks a glossy beard and a face full of man-shaming pimples. So relaxed, sit tight, we’ve scoured  the Internet for these frequently asked questions (FAQS) and gotten some answered that could favor you. So best believe all hope isn’t lost. We’ll try to get you back to you former glory.

What is a beard oil?

A beard oil is a hair product made specifically for beards to nourish, condition, and hydrate them alongside the skin it is attached to. A good beard oil not only conditions and hydrates the beard, it also moisturizes it and also helps in the prevention or in most cases the reduction of itchiness, grows it, prevents bacterial infections, softens it, gives it a glossy look and even gives it an exciting fragrance (if your beard does not do all these, it’s time to throw it out).

A beard oil is able to do all this because it does not contain just one oil but a blend of different oils. It contains a greater percentage of what’s called carrier oils  which possess therapeutic properties that are essential for beard growth and good for the skin. Carrier oils are also essential for dilution which is why they are blended with other oils. A beard oil also contains in much lesser quantities, essential oils which also possess therapeutic properties and also give the beard a soothing aroma. In very large amounts, essential oils can be harmful to the skin and so have to be used in diluted forms to avoid irritating the skin. This is why a much lesser quantity of essential oils are used in beard oils.

What is the aim of beard oils?

Beard oils are not made to harm the skin, instead their sole aim is to replenish moisture to your beards and to your face, they also heal the skin of any irritation and can be good for aromatherapy; as its scent could be soothing to the nose. It also works to soften beard hair and reduce itchiness. Naturally, beard hairs take the oil away from the skin, when this happens, your skin dries out and also starts to overly produce its own natural oil called ‘Sebum’ to make up for the oil it does not possess.

When all this happens, your face becomes too oily and may cause clogged up pores and also lead to acne. This is where beard oils help. When a beard oil is applied, it works in two ways; it keeps the beard hair moisturized and also simultaneously moisturized the skin. When the skin is moisturized, it does not lose any oil, so it doesn’t try to overly produce its own oil (sebum) to compensate. This means you not only score a great smelling beard but also a glowing and healthy skin too.

Can People with very sensitive skins use beard oil?

Every bearded man wants to rock a healthy looking beard like the next bearded man, but, sometimes very sensitive skins make it difficult to achieve this. You should always remember that not every beard product works for every bearded man. What works for bearded guy A may likely not work for bearded guy C but that doesn’t mean that all beard products are back for bearded guy C. It merely means that bearded guy C need a little something extra in his oil that works not just for his beard but also takes great care of his skin at the same time. What’s the use of rocking a great looking beard if your face is all messed up?

Every bearded man has got issues that arise from growing beards so no one is exempted from them. We all use beard products so we can either correct these issues or prevent them from happen, so you definitely are not alone. The good news is that there’s a solution to everyone’s problem. More people have problems arising from having sensitive skins . Certain products are likely to react badly with your skin, so it choosing the right beard oil, you must do a thorough research of its ingredients and how it works and know decide if it is the right product for you.

You should also know that beard oil is less likely to irritate your skin but to be on a safer side, you must look out for beard oil products that contain geranium oil, tea tree oil, grape seed oil or safflower oil. These oils work to soothe and moisturized your skin, they also help stop acne and protects against any forms of bad bacteria. They are also anti-viral and antiseptic, and will treat the skin beneath the beard rather than irritate it. They also solve issues of dryness and itching and leaves your beard soft to the touch.

How do I care for my beard and skin at the same time?

You can take care of both your beard and skin at the same time. Beard oils work well to care for both the beard and the skin underneath but you can also take care of the rest of the skin too. Beard oil works for the skin by protecting it from unforeseen issues that may arise. It is safe to say that applying beard oil is a very good defense mechanism for the skin. That’s does not mean you should apply beard oil to your face. Beard oil is specifically made for beards only so you just have to find great products that work well for your face too. You must endeavor to apply the same care as you did in finding the right beard oil to also finding the right skin care product for your face.

When you’ve found the right product that suits you, you must endeavor to exfoliate on a daily basis even as you take care of your beard daily. There is nothing girl about exfoliating daily, you just gotta do what’s necessary to keep your glow up. No one is going to do it for you. Your skin needs the same amount of attention as a girl’s skin does. Also, do not over-exfoliate, frequent exfoliation may cause acne, which is what you’re looking to avoid in the first place. Always keep your skin hydrated, it needs it.

Can sensitive skins be irritated by scented beard oils?

Here’s another tip, sensitive skins can be irritated by beard oils that contain fragrance. It’s safer to be on the look out for unscented beard oils when next you’re in the market. They are less likely to react to your sensitive skin. Beard oils manufactured specially for sensitive skins do not just avoid reacting with the skin, they are also antibacterial, anti fungal, antiviral, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and they would also relieve burns, soothe itches and also work to heal acne scars.

Why is a beard oil so important?

A beard oil imitates the natural oil our skin produces, it helps to maintain a healthy skin and a healthy beard too. They are needed to nourish the beard and the skin underneath it. This does not mean that your skin cannot produce these natural oils but when the hair zaps all the oil away from the skin (as previously explained in the beginning of the article) and leaves it bare and dry, you need to find other supplementary means to replenish it. That’s where the beard oil comes in. A more graphic picture of the importance of a beard oil is outlined thus;

When your beards grow, the sebaceous glands in you skin (these are the glands which are responsible for producing sebum oil which is needed to lubricate the hair and the skin) which are naturally small, are then faced with an overwhelming demand to ensure that the newly grown hair is coated with oil. But then, the bad news is that there is only a limited amount of oil the sebaceous glands can produce and this means that part of the newly grown beard hair would come out dry and frizzy. Without the nourishment of the sebum oil, the beard hair would start to itch the skin beneath it. Beard oil is then needed to supplement for what the sebum oil could not and correct the dryness and flakiness of the skin. The oil then coats the newly grown hair and nourishes it alongside the skin.

Can beard oil grow beard?

Beard oils contain unrefined jojoba oil and this helps in the growth beards by creating conditions for healthy beard growth. It works effectively to reduce the breakage of hair and gives you beard hair a thicker appearance and a much longer look. But remember, no hair oil actually causes natural beard growth, it only enhances its growth conditions. More like, it gives you hair a platform to grow better and longer.

Will beard oils work well for my stubborn hair?

Beard oil is used to hydrate the skin and also it in turn softens and tames frizzy beard hair. Just as it nourishes the skin, it also styles the beard so it doesn’t look scruffy, rough and unkempt or even ‘stubborn’.

All beards can be groomed and styled; you probably think it can’t because you haven’t tried a beard oil on it. No beard magically looks good on its own, beard products help in changing the scruffy stubborn look to a much more tamed one. It has to be routine though.

How do I soften my beards and also avoid getting acne?

It is quite easy to soften your beard. You obviously need a routine for this in other to do it right. First off, wash your beard at intervals (say, 2 times daily) with special beard shampoo and conditioner just the same way you wash your hair. Be sure to massage it gently and properly while washing it. Dry it out after the wash. You can use a clean towel to do that or even a blow dryer depending on how thick it is. When your beard is all dried out, apply the right quantity of beard oil (not too much and not too little).

Just apply enough to give it an effortlessly glossy look and then brush it gently across the entire beard. In the end, you’ll notice how soft it has become. Keep up the routine and maintain the look.

Easy right?

When should I put on beard oil?

Right after a hot shower, then your hair are soft and clean and would easily absorb the oil. Be sure to dry up first before applying oil, wet hair prevents oil absorption.

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