How Can I Make My Beard Grow Faster On The Sides

Best ways to make my beard grow faster on the sides You want to know by all means, how you can make your beard grow evenly on the sides. That’s my target in this article. There are a few methods you can use to grow your beard on the sides. That’s is not what to panic about because it is […]

Does Garlic Help Beard Growth

Does Garlic Help Beard Growth? Many hacks are around the world where people come up with creative approaches to tackle situations. Using garlic for the growth of your beard is one of such amazing facts. So, does garlic help beard growth? Yes, it does help grow the beard. Garlic is a natural ingredient containing antimicrobial activities that aid in the […]

Can Grey Beard Be Reversed Naturally

Can Grey Beard Be Reversed Naturally: There are three conditions in which your beard turns grey or white—the genetic, ageing, and deficiency. This is what we will be looking at in this post. Can Grey Beard Be Reversed Naturally If your beard turns grey or white through a natural course like genetics or ageing, there is no way you can reverse […]

Factors Influencing Beard Texture

What are the factors influencing beard textures: Everything has a reason why its nature is how it is. Your beard and mine are not excluded. These agents that determine the behaviours of something are most of the time refer to as influential factors. Factors influencing beard textures Starting from your height, size, the colour of your skin, hair, length, and […]

How to Use Igbo For Hair Growth

Igbo is slang for weed. There are of course many benefits associated with weed, depending on the method of application and the area of the body being treated. Surely, you can use Igbo for hair growth, but how? There are many questions you will find on the internet about using Igbo, otherwise known as weed, for hair growth.  Does Igbo […]

Sallah Wishes And Prayers To All Bearded Men (2020)

Whether you are a Muslim or not, it is important that we share this amazing holiday time with you. We look for moments like this to join all bearded men in Nigeria and across the world in celebrating and sending our Sallah wishes and prayers. How do you wish someone happy Sallah? First thing you need to say is Barka […]

How To Use A Beard Trimmer In Shaving Your Head

How to use a beard trimmer in shaving your head: It is necessary for men especially to shave their hairs. Since time memorial, people have adopted different ways of shaving their heads. Some people used normal blades, especially in ancient times. In these modern days, technology is advanced and has changed the phase of the entire world, people now make […]

Will Coating My Face With Semen Help Me Grow A Thicker Beard

Will coating my face with semen help me grow a thicker beard: I know you might want to say, yuck! Me semen? But heck yea, who says you can’t use semen for beard growth? You want to know how? Let’s get to it. In biology, as a science or non-science students, we all know what semen is. This is the […]

How Do I Take Away The Smell Of Onion From My Beard

How do I take away the smell of onion from my beard: Maybe you have been rubbing onion juice on your beard of a recent, and now it has reached a limit that you can no longer bear the smell; the next thing you will be thinking of is to get rid of the smell. How do you do this will […]

Is Onion Safe To Use For Beards?

Is onion safe to use for your beard? Let’s find out together. Sometimes, something you never believed will be possible will just be the very thing happening before you. It has always been in that trend from the time memorial. You see, onion is a natural thing that grows out of the soil, better put, onion is part of the […]