Is Onion Safe To Use For Beards?

Is onion safe to use for your beard? Let’s find out together.

Sometimes, something you never believed will be possible will just be the very thing happening before you. It has always been in that trend from the time memorial.

You see, onion is a natural thing that grows out of the soil, better put, onion is part of the vegetables used regularly to make our soup and food more delicious.

That’s the main work most of us know it to be perfect, and yes onion can be applied to your beards, as its juice is great for beard growth.

Is Onion Safe To Use For Beards?

Is Onion Safe To Use For Beards?

Onion is indeed safe to use on beards. It helps to stimulate the growth of beards and it has no side effects on the face. We usually advise that you use natural ways to grow your beards like the use of onion juice for beard growth and not through the use of chemicals or other artificial means. Onion is everywhere, accessible, cheap and indeed safe to use.

How onion works on beards

When an engineer wants to test a machine with you, he needed to explain its mechanism before showing you the practical, the same is mandatory upon me to do concerning how onion works beard growth.

It has been scientifically proven that if a person consumes onion regularly; apply the juice on his beards, will promote hair growth in the area it is applied.

You know one thing about yeast and fungal is that they derive join in crushing and blasting your beard mercilessly when it comes to full combat with these beard destroyers, onion is a perfect combatant.

It can get rid of them with ease, naturally and there will be no side effect thereafter.

Beard dandruff does not have a place to breed on your beard when there is onion juice available to get rid of it. So, this is one of the reasons you need to consider onion as a remedy for retarded hair growth on your jawlines.

Onion is one powerful vegetable capable of preventing premature greying of beards in young men.

It contains sulfur that can improve blood circulation when applied to your beard area, definitely, it energizes your hair follicle, triggers them to grow stronger and healthier hairs.

Are you thinking if onion juice can prevent hair breakage? Onion can help prevent hair breakage and thinning.

If you can apply onion juice on your beard daily, it will help improve the volume and texture.

How do you use Onion on your Beard

Is Onion Safe To Use For Beards?

When a man is convinced about something, he wants to know what next if at all, he will be using it soon. Are you ready? Let’s begin the game:

Things you will need to get it done:

You need the following tools and ingredients to use onion on your beard

  • Onion
  • Honey
  • Rum
  • Water
  • Bowl

How to make the onion juice syrup and use

  • Make the mixture of onion juice and honey and place on the bowl
  • Let the mixture proportion be 1 tablespoon of honey and ¼ cup of onion juice
  • Consume the mixture on a daily basis
  • You can also apply the mixture on your beard and then massage for 10 to 15 minutes every day

Why you should use Onion Juice on your beard

When you don’t know the importance or something, that’s when you tend to ignore it. I hope if I tell you some secret about onion juice, may help you put more effort into using it wisely.

Importance of onion Juice on your beards

Now, check this importance of the onion juice together with me. Let us reason the potentials and see if they are irresistible or not.

It improves blood circulation. In a research journal, a group of men and women were persuaded to wash their heads with onion juice while another set of men and women were told to wash their heads with plain water.

This study was carried out for two months and the two groups continue to follow the initial instruction given two times a day.

When the study was completed, the group that washed its head with onion juice got fuller and healthier hair compared to the group that washed its heads with plain water.

In fact, the men that participated show better result than the women contemporaries.

Another study showed that onion juice, when ingested, improves blood circulation in vivo. This means onion is a good agent when it comes to growing your beard healthily.

Onion juice widens your veins and arteritis and then increases blood flow.

What this implies is that onion juice can help increase your blood circulation in the scalp. This should be your focus; hormones are known to affect beard growth negatively especially excess hormones.

It helps to Boost Testosterone

Wow, imagine a poor being given the glad tiding of becoming rich once in his life. He is excited and suddenly full of life.

As a man, you need testosterone to boost your hair growth.

Now, onion is promising to help you boost this hormone. I am sure you will accept this deal without any hesitation.

A study conducted to see how onion can help to improve testosterone in men. It was done to see know-how onion juice affects rats and male humans, and in the end, it was discovered that the testosterone level of male humans increased.

Onion helps to nourish your hair follicles

As the blood circulation is now regular, it is ideal that it will increase the wellbeing of your hair follicles and therefore making it grow healthier, fuller, and shinier hairs.

It helps your hair stay stronger

The fact remains that onion is very effective in making your hair stronger. You know about keratin and collagen already, sulfur is one of the most important components of onion and it helps to improve the production of keratin, and also doesn’t leave the production collagen.

Onion juice is made of anti-microbial properties

Onion juice is endowed with a lot of anti-bacterial contents that helps it fighting against infections on the skin beneath your beard that could hinder good growth and development of it.

It has antioxidant properties

Onion is made of anti-oxidant properties that help to protect the body from free radicals controlling the ageing process. If this is the case, your premature grey hair will have nowhere to stay on your beard.

Frequently asked questions on the use on onion for beard growth

Will onion or its juice alone promote my beard growth

Onion is a vegetable that contains a lot of elements especially the sulfur that helps in terms of blood circulation.

If this is the fact about onion, applying it alone cannot promote beard growth even when the research above also indicates that it helps to promote the production of testosterone.

It has to be combined with other ingredients such as honey, Aloe Vera and many other ones alike. This is a hack developed by both experts and experienced people.

Can I mix onion juice with other ingredients for beard growth

It is obvious that onion juice alone cannot grow your beard properly even though it has the ability to increase your blood flow level around the scalp or the skin underneath your beards.

You can mix the onion with other ingredients such as honey, olive oil, jojoba oil, aloe Vera, coconut oil and many other essential oils not mentioned. In fact, you can mix onion juice with Shea butter to stimulate good beard growth.

How long does it take to grow beard with onion

Onion juice can help grow your beard effectively when applied regularly and the result will be seen within 6 weeks.

How do I reduce the smell of onion on my beards

You may not like the smell of onion juice. Take for instance you already have mixed onion juice and honey or other ingredients and you don’t want to perceive the smell.

You can make the mixture of onion juice and rum (Rum is said to be liquor that is made by fermenting and then distilling sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice); it can neutralize the smell of onion.


Is Onion Safe To Use For Beards?

The content of onions is known to be essential for the growth of beard, especially the sulfur contents that add up to the ability of blood to flow well from around the scalp.

It should be understood that onion juice alone cannot help your beard grow until you mix it with other ingredients such as honey, Aloe Vera.

However, as part of the research I provided above, it was discovered that onion can increase your testosterone level, which means in some ways, it lifts hair growth on your skin but needs to be stimulated with other substances as mentioned along for a better response.

Onion is safe when applied to your beard. As you can see, during one of the researches above, onion juice was tested on the head of some selected male and females and it worked by increasing the volume of their hairs, unlike their counterpart that used plain water.

Lastly, onion comes with different benefits from helping you regulate blood flow, contains anti-oxidant properties, and nourishes your hair follicles and so on; this has made it an ideal vegetable for men to eat and apply on their scalp or skin for better hair growth.

Do you have any thoughts, comments or questions on the safety of onion for your beard growth? Reach out to us in the comments and we will respond to you.

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