Benefits of Onion Juice for Beard Growth

Trying to search for the benefits of onion juice for beard growth. We have put this article together to help you find the answers to your question. Keep reading.

You may be wondering if onion has any benefit on your beard. Don’t worry; it is normal for a human to wonder about a shocking fact.

What if I told you that onion is packed with a lot of benefits for your beard? That’s just the truth.

You will learn the benefit of onion juice on your beard in a minute.

Let’s get to it.

What Are the Various Benefits of Onion for Facial Hair Growth

Benefits of Onion Juice for Beard Growth

Onions are one of the most beneficial natural products that grow from the ground. They are used at home as a spice to add taste to food items, now we are about revealing the benefits of onions for facial hair growth.

This is because onion juice has served as a natural remedy for various health and beauty related issues.

Benefits of using Onion Juice for beard growth.

  • Onion juice is now found as a new topical treatment for alopecia ( Sharquie KE, Al Obaidi HK, June 29, 2002)—a condition that leaves hair absent in some areas of your skin where it normally grows—baldness. The study shows that onion juice gave a significantly amazing result in hair growth
  • Onion is packed with a lot of minerals that are beneficial to our scalps. The minerals include potassium, sulfur, tannin, vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, polyphenol, folate, Biotin, flavonoid, vitamin B1, copper, and phytonutrient.
  • Sulfur is a chemical element loaded with the ability to tackle bacterial such as fungi packed in the hair scalp. If you can look closer to your scalp, you will see a colony of bacterial using an electron microscope. The presence of bacterial on your hair scalp will definitely hinder regular hair growth. Sulfur goes down inside the openings of your scalp to kill the bacteria and also cleanse it for easy hair growth as it stops fungus infections from growing.
  • Onion juice has some chemical properties that boost blood flow in the scalp, helps to heal your hair follicles to enhance the proper growth of your beard hair.
  • Onion is loaded with flavonoids which is a strong antioxidant that ensures the healthy growth of your hair.
  • Onion juice has also been confirmed to cure premature grey hair because it contains enzymes called catalysts which neutralizes hydrogen blood cycle in the hair follicles
  • Onion juice as a treatment for scalp psoriasis, hereditary hair loss, alopecia
  • Onion juice as a treatment for severe dandruff
  • It can tackle the condition of hair thinning
  • It can treat the condition of folliculitis
  • It deals with scalp and hair infections

These are part of the many benefits of onion juice to your hair that you must know about. So, now, you should be persuaded to want to apply onion juice to your hair without minding how it smells.

How Can You Extract the Onion Juice

Benefits of Onion Juice for Beard Growth

I don’t want to assume that you already know how to extract onion juice. I am taking you through a short tour on how to extract onion juice so that you can easily apply it to your beard for its benefits. Here we go:

Extracting onion Juice from the whole vegetable is not add; through a few simple steps, you will have got your onion juice ready for whatever you need it for.

What You Need to Extract Onion Juice

  • A plate and a small bowl
  • Onion ball
  • Grater

How to Do the Extraction

  • Get like two onion balls; one small size and one medium size
  • Use your grater to grate them
  • After grating, keep them in the plate provided
  • Now fetch with your hand and squeeze into the small bowl batch by batch depending on the volume of the onion juice you want to use
  • With these simple steps, you are done collecting your onion juice and it is ready for use.

How Long Does It Take for Onion to Regrow Hair

Benefits of Onion Juice for Beard Growth

Onion juice so far we have been able to identify some powerful benefits it has on our hair. Especially the packs of minerals it contains. How long does it take onion to regrow hair?

It may be that you have a patchy beard or hair, it could be that you experience hair loss on a daily basis or some bacteria are invading your hair causing damage to it; and for these reasons, you decided to apply onion juice, there is a tendency that you will like to see the result coming up quickly.

It is natural with human to expect quick results on something especially when you are in urgent need of it.

Onion Juice may seem strange to many people to be applied for hair growth, in fact very bizarre but according to Dr. Mini Nair, it is personally effective in the cases of Alopecia Areata, Androgenic Alopecia.

If you applied the onion juice extract for fifteen minutes, in some cases you can apply it for 2 hours, some cases you can apply the onion Juice to affected places and leave overnight.

After the application, there will be an initial irritation on the applied area but do not worry as it helps in stimulation of the blood flow around the area, and after 6 to 8 week of application, the hair will begin to regrow from the affected area.

One of the reasons why it is possible for onion juice to regrow your hair within this short period is because it contains sulfur, and sulfur helps to regrow the hair as mentioned earlier in the post.

This can be concluded that you will have to wait for 6 to 8 weeks or even more before expecting the effect of onion juice on your hair. However, the application should be consistent for a good result.

How to Stimulate Beard Growth With an Onion

Benefits of Onion Juice for Beard Growth

How to stimulate beard with an onion? If you carefully observe the above contents so far, you will realize that in one way or the other, I have been indirectly preaching on how to stimulate your beard with onion.

The first thing you need to have in mind when planning to stimulate your hair growth using onion is the Juice. The onion juice is what contains all the nutrients that can stimulate your beard or hair growth.

I will still have to demonstrate some steps for you to see how to stimulate your beard growth with onion.

The Things You Will Need During the Stimulation Process

  • One big ball of onion or two smaller balls
  • A small bowl to collect the juice
  • A teaspoon if you so care
  • A grater to grate the onion juice or clean mortar and pestle to pound it.
  • Olive oil
  • Vaseline

Now that you have collected all the things needed to extract your onion juice, there is a need to learn the steps of extraction and proper application. Here we go:

  • Grate the onion ball with a grater and collect the content with a teaspoon into the provided small bowl.
  • In this case, you are using the onion gel rather than the juice alone; so get your olive oil ready
  • Add half teaspoon of Olive oil to the onion gel
  • Mix the olive oil and onion gel together very well
  • Get your Vaseline and add a small amount to the mixture above; mix them together again
  • Apply the mixture to your beard continuously for 6 to 8 weeks before a reasonable result can be seen.

If you do this correctly, definitely, you will stimulate your beard hair growth in no time—it is a natural secret known to only a few people.

Does Onion Juice Work on Patchy Beards

The work of the important nutrients contained in the onion juice or gel is to stimulate the flow of blood on affected areas where the hair follicles are dead.

One of the benefits of onion Juice is that it helps to revive the damaged hair follicles that may have caused the patchy beards.

So, if you go by this fact, you will realize that onion juice works on patchy beards. All you need to do is make a similar mixture I explain some minutes ago and then apply on the affected areas as instructed.

There will be dramatic changes in the way your beard grows fuller and thicker.

If you are not already using onion juice on your patchy beard, I think this is the right time to start doing so as it will bring smiles back to your face.

Especially the newbie teens, you can always use this method to stimulate your beard growth anytime at any moment.

Final Words on Benefits of Onion Juice for Beard Growth

So far so good, I have been able to explain the benefits of onion juice on our beards and how the nutrients or minerals contained in it can help in the growth of our hair whether beard or head hairs.

I also pointed out that onion juice can be used to repair damaged hair follicles because it contains sulfur that helps in stimulating blood flow around the applied areas.

This indicates that onion juice alone can be applied to our scalp for regaining of hair.

You can also use onion Juice together with other ingredients such as Vaseline or Olive oil for hair growth.

Onion gel is also effective as it is almost the same as the juice; the only difference is that the gel is a coarse mixture of the juice and the onion while the juice is liquid.

With all these revelations, you can now decide whether to apply onion Juice to your beard or not. Remember, it takes 6 to 8 weeks of continuous application before a result could be seen.

What is your opinion about this article? I will like to hear from you as the comment box is always opened for such.

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