Natural Remedies For Patchy Beards

natural remedies for patchy beards

Confused about why your beards are patchy and now online searching for natural remedies for patchy beards. Then you need to continue reading this post. You would thank me later, trust me!

You would agree that keeping beards is no longer a style thing only but more fashionable routine to embark on nowadays.  A lady will surely have a halt in her steps when a bearded guy passes. Men with beards are considered very appealing.

As a man who wants to pass that masculine appeal off to anyone who cares to see, the dream would be to have that super cool outstanding beards!

But, is it cool when you begin to notice patches in your beards instead of the awesome beards you have always dreamed of.

Most times, it is taken that a bearded guy is a mature guy. Not to say that this is true, but people believe that a bearded person is a matured person.

Patches can be seen as the uneven growth of beard hairs within the beard area. One with patchy beards cannot be seen as a full member of the beard gang community.

There is a certain attractiveness to beards, and it can be safe to say that this attractiveness cannot be gotten with patchy beards, hence, the need to find remedies for patchy beards; not just any remedy, but a natural remedy.

Why Natural Remedies for Patchy Beards

It is better to play safe by going the natural way than to dabble with different things in the name of getting a remedy to patchy beards, then becoming ‘sorry’ at the end of the day.

Ladies love their men with full beards yeah? So to all men out there with patchy beards especially those who wish to gain the attention of the ladies, and aspire to join the beard gang community, it’s time to seek natural remedies to fix up your patchy beards!

Let’s take a look at some of the natural remedies for patchy beards

1. Natural Remedies for Patchy Beards – Let it Grow

Have you ever thought about worrying less and just letting the hair grow out? From interactions with people who once had patchy beards and are now in the beard gang community, majority revealed that they let the beard hair grow out and occasionally trim it. From there, they added some natural routine to grow their beards and voila everything turned out nice and s*xy.

Many times, we worry a lot and start trying out unnatural and inorganic ways to make our beards grow fast and even out, which actually worsen situations instead of making it better.

As they let the beard hair grow out, the beard patches start to disappear and everything gets even. Always remember that this is a gradual process and you have to be patient. Do not expect to see results immediately, and do not quit along the way.

As the hair keeps growing, you might find it hard to keep up with it, and to avoid trimming it, you have to control yourself and wait till the aim is achieved before you consider trimming a little.

2. Natural Remedies for Patchy Beards – Proper Personal Hygiene

Yes, you might not like your patchy beards, but does that mean you should neglect it? How do you expect to take care of full beards if you cannot take care of patchy beards? The need for proper personal hygiene cannot be overemphasized.

The same way you care for your health should be the same way you care for your beard region! Treat your beard region like you would treat a newborn baby! You would be surprised at how your patchy beards would disappear once you start paying adequate attention to your beard region.

Treating your beards right helps it stay healthy, which in turn ensures growth sprout!

Do not forget to wash those beards! Humans need to stay hydrated, yeah? Your beards also need to stay hydrated! It is part of keeping it hygienic.

3.Natural Remedies for Patchy Beards – Natural Oils

There are certain oils which are recommended for use in case of beard patch. These oils stimulate hair growth and evens out the patches.

You know how ladies regularly use certain oils on their skin and faces? Same way guys should use these recommended oils religiously on their beard region. One can use these recommended oils to clean the beard region steadily. By doing this, you are using the oil(s) to stimulate the growth of your beard hair.

The recommended oil(s) can also be used for moisturizing purposes. Yes, even when your beard hair has grown, it still needs to be pampered. Your beard hair needs to stay nourished, and these oils help in keeping them healthy and give it a good look/feel. It is safe to term the look ‘sexy’.

These oils go further than the beards, and help in treating your skin! Recommended natural oils are sure bets!

A common mistake one might make would be to apply the oil to only the patchy area because after all, that is the only problem area yeah? Please apply to everywhere! Do not make the mistake of focusing on only the patchy area, else, the even effect you desire will be disrupted.

The most recommended oils for hair growth would be castor oil and coconut oil. Ladies can testify to this, as it also helps them with their own hair growth. These oils play out the same way with the beards. It will be a gradual process, but you will surely get there.

What do you think about the blog/ brand creating a beard oil made from organic products for your use someday? Would be awesome, right?

Do you know these recommended oils help to prevent the beards from being itchy? Invest in an oil today for your beards. It is also of great importance that the recommended oil you get goes well with your skin.

This is because as you apply the recommended oil for your beard, you are moisturizing and nourishing your skin to help keep your skin in good shape. This skin is what holds the beards, and so, it should be healthy. If the oil does not go with your skin, then it is not right for you. Healthy skin produces healthy beards.

4. Natural Remedies for Patchy Beards – Exercise

Honestly, this is one of the first things that should come to mind. Exercise is most surely an effective natural remedy that only requires your readiness. Exercise seems to be a natural remedy/solutions to so many things and growth of beard hair/fixing of patchy beards cannot be left out!

One might want to ask the function or role exercise plays in fixing patchy beards. Well, constant and regular exercising increases blood circulation which in turn helps in beard hair growth. Exercising also increases testosterone which work simultaneously with the beards.

When talking about exercise/exercising as it concerns beard growth, it does not have to be something that you will do till you break down. The word ‘exercise’ might scare some people, but it is not so bad. You just have to do as your capability takes you.

The exercise session can be short, but it has to be felt. Do not just play around and say you exercising then stay and be expecting results. If you do so, sorry to burst your bubbles but your patchy beards will remain the way it is, and the little testosterone you even have will decrease making matters worse for you.

Have a schedule that will help you plan yourself, then, create a short but intense exercise session and continue to follow it religiously. Do this regularly, then come back to testify as your entrance to the beard gang community will be sooner than expected.

It is never said and has never been said that anything in life comes easy! Break a sweat and watch your patches improve.

An exercise that can really help is weight lifting but please only do so as your strength can carry you.

5. Natural Remedies for Patchy Beards – Find ways to reduce stress

It is very understandable that one has to hustle, but it is also very necessary to find time to rest in between all you do. It might be shocking or even unimaginable to think stress plays a role on the fixing of patchy beards, but best believe that yes it does as it is a very major participant!

As your hair grows naturally, it stops growing when your stress level increases and the higher it increases, the faster your hair growth reduces.

Once your stress level increases, your testosterone level reduces, and there is a constriction in blood circulation. There should be moderation in everything we do! If you really want to care for your beards and be a full-fledged member of the beard gang community, please reduce your stress level.

Take time out to notice those things that over stress you and try to cut down on them. Do not forget to rest! Yes, there are times you need to press the ‘off’ button. This helps you to recuperate better.

6. Natural Remedies for Patchy Beards – Balance Diet

What you put into your body as food builds/molds you. If eating a well-balanced diet can play a role in someone’s health and even in the growth of the body, what makes you think that it won’t be necessary for the growth of beard hair?

A well-balanced diet will contain all the classes of food that will build your hair growth. With a well-balanced diet, you can get healthier, fuller and thicker hair.

The nutrients gotten with the intake of a well-balanced diet helps to keep you and your beards very fresh.

In as much as your diet should be balanced, there should be a higher percentage of proteins. Proteins in particular play a big role in hair growth. Eat a well-balanced diet today and further see how the patches on your beards become full and healthy.

7. Natural Remedies for Patchy Beards – Garlic Juice

Research has shown that garlic is rich in Sulphur and also helps I the growth of hair. The juice gotten from garlic should be consistently rubbed on the bearded region, and be washed off after some time. Do this regularly and see how the patches turn out.

8. Natural Remedies for Patchy Beards – Cut off Bad Habits

Have you ever considered that some bad habits of yours might be causing the patches on your beards and refusing your beard hair to grow out evenly?

Quite a number of people have the habit of pulling their beards! What else do you expect when you keep pulling on your beards!? They are definitely going to fall off or have patches!

You need to cut off all bad habits that relate to the beards in order to allow the beards grow healthy. Free your hand from your beards! Let your beards have breathing space! When the bad habits are cut off, the beards are sure to grow.

Now that you have seen natural remedies for patchy beards, do you have any further questions? Drop them in the comments.

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