20 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Grow Beards in 2020

Why you should grow beards. Still thinking of why? Jump in and see what will make you start growing beards like almost immediately.

Beards are a gift from nature. You would agree, right?

Beards are a characteristic feature of men’s faces. As a young boy approaches adulthood, he starts to undergo certain physiological body changes that keep occurring till adulthood. One of the physiological body changes that happen is beard sprouting.

Why you should grow beards

Although the beards don’t come out fully at first, when a teen gradually grows into an adult, he is able to manage and keep a full beard. Beards are a part of a man’s make up. It is ingrained in all men’s DNA or genetic code to grow beards.

Therefore, all men can grow beards, full ones, provided they don’t shave it. Beards have so many benefits that will be looked into in this article. The purpose of this article is to enlighten you on major reasons why you should grow beards. There’s been a lot of beard trend lately. The #beardgang could be heard every day and is used all over the world. Showing that the world is now looking very positively at full beards unlike before when it wasn’t common at all. Although there are a series of beard discrimination here and there, the world has started to accept beards as part of men’s lifestyle.

We should be proud of our beards, shouldn’t we?

In the USA, the month of November signifies a full month of no-shaving for the guys. It’s a tradition, a very thoughtful and lovely one at that. That kind that could be made possible in Nigeria.

It allows for the bearded man to push up more acceptability of beard grooming and beard styling in the society and for more people to start to look at beards in a positive manner. More men should grow beards really, and I will give you 20 reasons why men should grow beards.

Let’s get on with it:

Why you should grow beards

Why you should grow beards – Health Benefits

1. Beards block UV Rays

One benefit of having full beards that you should definitely tap from is that it protects your skin from the sun. UV Rays that are emitted from the sun have a hard time penetrating through hair especially beards. This means that the skin underneath your beards and facial hair is permanently protected from sun damage.

There are many benefits to having your skin protected from UV rays, for example, less likely to have skin cancer, the ability to maintain an even tone of skin and so on. There is also a high risk of skin damage and rapid aging if the skin is exposed to too much UV rays. Luckily, you can protect your facial skin just by growing beards!

Cool huh?

2. Beards can be especially helpful in cold weather

Yes, beards can definitely help in warming you up in the times of cold weather.

Thing is, hair traps heat and since your beards are a type of hair, you will be kept warm even in cold weather. It works like you are covering your face with hat or hood to protect from the cold. But this time, it’s your beard that is doing the protection work. Who thought beards could be this helpful?

3. Beards in a way help to improve your s*x life

Remember, I said that a man with full beards is a more manly, hotter, and confident man right? So, when you have all of these hot attributes at your finger, you should expect that your woman would want you more. And even when you want to have sex, she wouldn’t refuse.

Why? Because you’re too perfect, too hot to be refused. This results in a richer s*x life! What more could you ever ask for? Nobody would have thought beards are linked to sex but it turns out that beards and sex are linked. And it is all because you look more confident.

4. Beards protect you from illness-causing bacteria and viruses

Your full beard will also be doing the work of protecting you from illnesses once you decide to start keeping it. When you shave off beards, you are shaving off what could have trapped harmful bacteria and viruses from going into your mouth. Isn’t that pathetic? Why will you knowingly expose yourself to illness-causing germs when you could have readily prevented it? Beards trap those germs in your food so that you don’t ingest them.

5. Beards protect your face from pimples and acne

As if all these are not enough, they also protect you from acne or pimples. Pimples are one of the worst facial infections all over the world.

It could be caused by dirt on the face or hormones or diet. But since beards protect you from filthy things like dirt by trapping them, then you have a lower risk of being pimple-faced.

6. Also, you could get spared the problem of bumps and burns

Turns out that you could save yourself a whole lot of problems like bumps and burns that come from shaving if you just respectfully kept your beards.

Bumps and burns are discomforting, painful and annoying, everybody knows that. But you have the power to stop experiencing these things, by stopping the shave thing. You don’t have to shave at all anymore before going to work and that is super cool.

7. Beards also serve as a natural filter from harmful substances

Beards filter the air that you breathe in by trapping the harmful germs, dust particles and things you really shouldn’t inhale. This prevents you from being infected with diseases or having the flu from the dust. Remember air does not only come in through the nose but also through the mouth.

Let’s just say, your beard loves you enough to protect you.

8. Fewer wrinkles

Because beards do such a great job in blocking UV rays, you will have reduced risk of aging of your facial skin meaning fewer wrinkles.

So, do you wish to look forever 25? Just grow that beard.

Why you should grow beards – Lifestyle reasons

9. Beards give you the bragging rights

Another plus side to keeping beards is having a bearded face makes you look impossibly stronger to other men, therefore, you will appear intimidating. This will be an incredibly useful tool in the case of bullies. Once they see your face, they know better to steer clear.

Having a full beard doesn’t make you physically stronger though, so tread carefully here. Just because you look and appear hulky and intimidating to other men doesn’t mean you can actually beat them if you got into a fighting contest. The bearded look is just to put potential bullies in their place or scare them away.

10. Beards help you look hotter

The hotter, the better! When you look very hot, you are able to attract the opposite sex very easily. This means that you have a greater chance of getting laid when you have and keep full beards because you will look so manly and irresistible and that is a plus! You will surely love it when girls start to eye you just because of your hot look. Or better still, you can win your lover’s heart and keep her forever just with your beards!

11. Beards give you the very mature look

Looking wiser and more matured is definitely a good thing as it helps you to earn respect from those around you.

A man with full beards has this “wise” look about him which makes them seem like someone that will be very reasonable. A matured look is good if you want people to consciously and subconsciously respect you. A wise look comes in handy because when you speak, people will listen.


It’s all in the biology of your look! Beards that are full give off the “I am wise” aura!

12. Beards help you to look very manly

Like earlier stated, keeping beards help you look very masculine. This is very good because you have a clear distinction in terms of looks/facial characteristics from a woman.

The more manly you look, the hotter you become. Meaning you win more dates easily. You win your long crush’s heart more easily and without stress. Why? Because your look impresses her.

Ladies love men that are very manly. The same applies to women as well. The more physically attractive she looks, the more males she can attract.

So you want to win that date? Or look more male amongst your friends? No stress, no worry. Just keep a beard!

13. Beards help to boost your confidence

Since you will appear more manly when you keep and grow a full beard, what comes along is full-blown confidence. Knowing that you look like a classic man is all the confidence boost you need. What makes you a classic man is that you have full beards which lots of guys, unfortunately, aren’t even able to keep! So, grow a beard and boost your confidence level today!

14. Beards help you to save money

Do you think this is a joke?

How much do you spend on shaving those beards that grow almost trice a week? If you are someone whose beards grow as fast as possible like me, then you would understand what this particular benefit is all about.

Say goodbye to spending money on shaving sticks, blades, and all. Keep and grow your beard the way nature has given it to you. Simple and easy way to save money!

Plus when you have bumps and burns, you spend money on creams, lotions, and painkillers. Avoid all these expenses and just grow your beard.

15. Women love it

Yes. There you heard it and read it right!

Women absolutely adore beards. Part of the reason is those three points stated earlier that is, confident, hotter and sexier. Women love and completely adore these three super qualities in a man.

A confident man is attractive just as a confident woman is attractive. Beards add to your hotness level and make you appear sexier. And women will basically swoon just seeing you so confident.

Beards have this “thing” about them. They add a whole lot to a person than the person is even aware of. If you have been looking at attracting a particular woman, a place you can invest in is your beards.

16. Beards save you stress and worry

When you don’t have to worry about buying shaving kits or worry about bumps and burns, you get to put your brain to use at better and more productive things. You will be saved a whole lot of time, stress and worry once you choose to start wearing beards. No more shaving before going out. Ah! Less stress.

17. Beards call to respect and prestige for you

Because beards make you look so manly, they call respect for you from the center, left and right. When a man looks so manly, he automatically calls prestige and so much respect towards himself without even realizing it. And also without trying!

18. Beards give you that distinct and unique identity

Since the society has so many clean shaved men out there that far outnumber the bearded guys, keeping and growing a beard helps you to stand out.

You get to have a distinct, different and unique look to you.

19. Beards are also a reminder of how nature initially intended men to look like

Nature originally intended for men to have full and well-grown beards. That is how nature initially pictured men would look like. Until the advent of blades, scissors and shaving sticks.

I am pretty sure that nature had a reason for the beards. To be on the safer side, since there are so many natural benefits to keeping beards that nature has not communicated to us, then if you’re smart, you’ll grow beards. That is if you want to tap from the benefits nature has to offer.

20. Funnily, beards also give you something to stroke while thinking;

As silly as that sounds, yes it is true. When you are ruminating or thinking hard on a particular puzzle, you can just start stroking your beards and get some soothing comfort from rubbing your Beard’s smooth and soft hair. Instead of just stroking bare chin while thinking ( which by the way, is really boring..), stroke your beard’s soft and smooth hair instead. There is even a higher likelihood that you will brainstorm successfully and find the answer.

In conclusion, you can see now that beards are truly worth keeping! It would be very absurd for you to have read these benefits and still not start keeping that beard. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Join the #mybeardgang community by dropping a comment below. Beards rock! Any day, any time.


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