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We are not just Beard Ambassadors for nothing, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that bearded men in Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and all over the world are at their very best in facial grooming by creating amazing products and helpful content that will bring us together as #MyBeardGang.

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"Mybeardgang is awesome! Their blog has some of the best information on bearding online, and their beard cream are also top notch. Can’t wait to see what next they come up with."

Kizzy Micheals

"I fully endorse the Mybeardgang brand and their work! It’s great to see someone is bringing high quality information and content on beards online. And their products — pretty great stuff too."


...and we have been featured on;

Esther Adeniyi

With our blog talking so much on beard gang and the  trends on Instagram, we got featured on the article; Beard Gang : Everything You Need to Know About Your Beard and we expect more soon.

…and we also got mentioned on Trendz, an online magazine platform. it is a total review of our beard cream coupled with my beard Gang Blog; Mybeardgang Review: Best beard cream in Nigeria?

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Welcome to the website where you will only find anything and everything beards. 

We are absolutely sure that after reading the amazing beard stories of bearded men in my beard gang community, jumping into beard lifestyle before heading to beard care, you will fall in love with the blog and will never want to leave.

The list of bearded men keeps growing, and we are defining our style and changing our narrative! 

This is an opportunity for you to grow, nurture your beards and finally be a part of the BeardGang!

At MyBeardGang, it is not just about your beards, it’s about YOU!