Steps to Grow a Beard Faster and Thicker in 2020

Steps to grow a beard faster and thicker naturally in 2020 is a question that has been boggling the mind of many lovers of beards who either don’t have the guts to use the supplements on the market because they are unsure if there are side effects to it or they just don’t have the extra bucks to get the […]

Essential Oil for Beard Growth and Thickness

Essential Oil for Beard Growth and Thickness – Various questions are being raised about the growth of the beard. Part of them is the question of if beard oils work and which should be used. Well, it is great to say that Beard oils are a great conditioner for the beards. Using the right oil can also help the beard […]

Beard Shampoo For Black Men in 2020 – Things to Consider

Beard Shampoo For Black Men – Shampoo is a word you must have heard or come across as a stylish black man who cares about looks, this term often come into the picture when it boils down to hair care regardless of whether you are making reference to the hair on your head or the ones below your chin. Before […]

My Mom Never Liked My Beards – Marcel Apakhade

My first strands appeared when I was 13 years old. I refused to barb then because I had hoped that more beards will come. Nothing showed until my Mom made it her mission to clean my sprouting beards and make me clean shaven. I carried clean shaved face till 16 After I completed my diploma and started my first degree. I fell […]

I Had Never Shaved My Beards Since I Grew It – Steven Aina

My Beards Story My beards complement my face and it helps maintain my matured look. What I have on is the goatee type of beards, and it started growing when I was around 18 years. I am in my 30s now and I had never had it cleaned since it started growing. I have not had even one skin issues since […]

Natural Remedies For Patchy Beards

Confused about why your beards are patchy and now online searching for natural remedies for patchy beards. Then you need to continue reading this post. You would thank me later, trust me! You would agree that keeping beards is no longer a style thing only but a more fashionable routine to embark on nowadays.  A lady will surely have a […]

20 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Grow Beards in 2020

Why you should grow beards. Still thinking of why? Jump in and see what will make you start growing beards like almost immediately. Beards are a gift from nature. You would agree, right? Beards are a characteristic feature of men’s faces. As a young boy approaches adulthood, he starts to undergo certain physiological body changes that keep occurring till adulthood. […]

Beard Discrimination And Beard Struggles Are Real

You know beard discrimination is real right? – The discrimination against beards is not going to abate anytime soon and you know it. A lot of men have been made to feel like having beards is not a good thing to ever happen to their faces. Most men with beards originally have been forced to shave it off due to societal […]

Is Keeping Beards Fashion Or A Style Statement?

Is Keeping Beards Fashion Or A Style Statement? – Looking at men, especially the young and eligible bachelors pay great attention to their physical appearance nowadays, it is gainful to come to the assumption that they’re just being extra careful as regards partners. However, what most people do not know is this, beards and voices, beards particularly now, probably evolved at […]