Beard Shampoo For Black Men in 2020 – Things to Consider

Beard Shampoo For Black Men – Shampoo is a word you must have heard or come across as a stylish black man who cares about looks, this term often come into the picture when it boils down to hair care regardless of whether you are making reference to the hair on your head or the ones below your chin.

Before we go down and talk in-depth about beard shampoo for black men and things to consider, let me take a line or two to enlighten you about the origin of shampoo.

Origin of Shampoo

According to Wikipedia, the word “shampoo” just like some other English words is a term that was coined from India in the colonial era that dates as far back as 1762. The word which means to soothe, press or knead originated initially from the Sanskrit dialect before it was picked up by the Hindi speaking Indians who tweaked it as chāmpo (चाँपो [tʃãːpoː]) and if you are observant enough, you will, at the point be convinced the world Shampoo was indeed coined from India.

Away from the classroom (lol) let’s revisit what shampoo really is as it won’t be unfair to go on with this article without properly brushing all there is to SHAMPOO.

Shampoo is basically a hair care product that is usually in the form of a tacky liquid and it is mostly used for cleaning hair and in some rare occasions as against the liquid form that is widely known, they also come in bar form just like the bar soaps we have all around today.

Its usage is simple as all you have to do to get it properly applied is to empty some of that liquid content unto your palm, massage it into your wet hair and rinse off, the advanced form of its application involves the use of a hair conditioner. The main reason behind most bearded people’s use of shampoo is mostly due to the need to get rid of the unwanted build-up without hurting the oil secretion around the beard area in any way that will have an adverse effect on the growth of the beards.

Shampoos are not just made for hair cleaning, there are shampoo products targeted at people with specific skin or hair conditions and that is the more reason why we have shampoo for dandruff treatment, organic shampoo for people with allergic reaction to the mainstream shampoo, baby shampoo which is less irritation for infants and young children and to top it all, shampoos specially produced for animals that may or may not contain insecticides and other medications aimed at treating one parasite infestation or the other.

Going on and on about the origin, usage and the types of shampoo will only make this article long and painstakingly boring, now, to the interesting part, let’s talk about beards.

A beard, without complex and complicated use of words is a collection of hair that grows mainly on the cheeks and chin area of humans and some animals as well.

As black men conscious of the current fashion trends, the craze about having and maintaining a beard originated from societal attitudes and the bandwagon effect of “what’s in vogue”.

Beard shampoo for black men – Things you need to consider

For black men in the diaspora, when it comes to choosing a beard shampoo, here are a few things to consider;

1. Content/Ingredient

For the best result with little to no side effect, it is in your best interest to opt for beard shampoos put together with real natural raw materials. To be sure you are getting the recommended product, you can rely on words of mouth from trusted source(s) or simply walk into any store, pick up a beard shampoo, read the label on the container to be undoubtedly certain you are getting what you want as beard shampoos with lots of chemicals will turn out to be unhelpful in the very end.

I am not just clamouring for beard shampoo products because I want to force them on you, no, I am only helping you factor in some of the key elements for a cleaner and healthier beard.

If you had been a fan of the mainstream beard products with lots of chemicals in the past, a one-time-trial will do nothing but convince you that beard shampoos laden with natural ingredients are the best as they won’t leave your beards plagued, rough and unmanageable.

2. Value for money

We are in the 21st century where lots of people, myself included, follow the bandwagon at one time or the other, we only buy brand names now disregarding the qualitative aspect of the product we are meant to look out for in the first place because, after all, it is our hard-earned money and it needs to be spent judiciously to better add value to us.

If you are still lost in my world and wondering where I am going with this, you need not bother yourself as what I am saying, in essence, is, buying a product with a hefty price tag doesn’t translate to getting the best quality there is out there.

My analogy does not in any way mean expensive products are always a rip off, but, there are equally good products out there in the market that costs a lot less and you should always take out your time to compare prices form the ingredients’ view, what reviewers have recommended and the kind of container they come on, once all of these has been put in place, value for money is what you will get all the way through your beard shampoo journey.

3. Effectiveness

As generally believed by the community of black men who use beard shampoos from time to time, the thicker the beard shampoo, the better and this has been proven over time by a vast majority of beard lovers.

4. Fragrance

No two beard shampoo has the same smell and here is where I will discredit buying based on recommendation as the scent I find nauseating might be soothing to you and vice versa, so, there is need for you to take your time and carefully select a beard shampoo that fits your style and you find pleasing as the cologne will stick with you throughout the day and you sure don’t want to have an awful smell.

We have come a long way since the beginning of this article and you will agree I have done justice to “beard shampoo for black men and things to consider” and I will really love to call time here but, it will be unfair to round this up without pointing you in the right direction as in the type of beard shampoos you should get to keep your beard soft and attractive.

Here are a few great beard shampoo products

1. Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard SHAMPOO

This is no overhyped ordinary off the shelf product as it’s trustworthiness, effectiveness and product quality have been proven over time by lots of websites and tons of Amazon marketplace reviewers as a top-rated beard wash.

The uniqueness of this shampoo lies in its form, remember what I said about bar beard shampoos? This is a typical example of its rarety as it comes shaped like a bar soap embedded with a natural blend of ingredients just for your good looks.

Small people with tiny hands might have gotten freaked out and about to jump to the  next beard shampoo on the list, don’t be like that, the mere fact that the shampoo is in a bar form doesn’t mean it will be bigger than your hand, it sits and fits perfectly well in the palm.

There has been so much fuss about this beard shampoo because it helps to retain and prevent the over secretion of the essential oil, keeps the beard area hydrated, reduces frizz, softens the hair and keeps the skin nourished. The application is simple, with the exfoliating ingredients present in the shampoo gives it a rough texture which ensures it doesn’t slip off when rubbed directly on your beard, alternatively, it can be applied to your palms first, then rubbed gently to form a rich lather which can then be applied on the beard.

2. Mountaineer Brand Beard Wash

This beard shampoo secured the number two spot on this list solely because of its completely handmade with lots of natural ingredients to help cleanse the beard from its very roots, remove dead skin and gets rid of food particles and dirt. The absence of chemicals in this shampoo makes the texture a light one when compared to other beard shampoos on this list but, nonetheless, it outperforms most of the beard shampoos you will get from online stores as it lathers instantly and the oils present in its formula helps soften the beard while also guarding against beard itch and dryness.

3. Grave Before Shave – Beard Wash

One thing I love about this brand, “Grave Before Shave” is the product name as it portrays the thought of most black men in the beard gang, most men with well-groomed beards will never allow a blade near it for n reason whatsoever and when the question of when the beards will be shaved pops up, they will always tell you it’s until they breathe their last breath, that is how much people value and cherish a well-groomed beards and that’s where I have come to love this product, this was before I even got to try it out.

The content of this beard shampoo complements its name as it helps to hydrate the beard area of men suffering from beard dryness and it doesn’t end there, it can also be applied to other areas of the body with hair dryness. As a beard lover and an ardent follower of the beard community, I have come to realize lots and lots of full beard gang members fall in love with this product the more because of its size and the quantity required to get the job done. Being that the content of the large bottle lathers easily, a drop is all you need to easily get rid of the balm and oil residues present on your head which in turn makes the product outlast the others when it comes to usage duration.

A word of caution though, for those with sensitive skin with harsh reaction to certain chemicals, you might want to think twice about this as this product is not a hundred percent natural and the few chemicals present therein might irritate your skin, it’s better you stay off this and look at other viable alternatives if you can’t cope with the irritation.

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4. Zeus Beard Shampoo and Wash

This brand has been in the beard industry for long and without bias has become a force to be reckoned with as some of their past products, especially their beard kit has done more than enough in convincing people to opt for their other products as they have been tested and trusted to give out nothing but the best.

You can’t really go wrong when buying their product. The beard shampoo came into being by putting together lots of organic raw materials that will give the beards of any user a glowy look.

With the presence of antioxidants, you can be sure of not being plagued with beardruff and continuous itching after use. This beard shampoo’s aim of trying to be a total all-in-one package ensures that the protection of your skin cells is a priority and this will, in turn, prevent the inflammation and tingling sensation that comes with growing a beard. The product has been tried and it stood the tests of time as it lathers up easily and it doesn’t take much effort to get in off when you are satisfied with the amount of time it has stayed up on your beard.

5. Mr. Rugged Beard Wash Shampoo and Conditioner 

Going by the name, Mr. Rugged beard shampoo sure deserves some accolades as it serves as both a shampoo and a conditioner for the beard. It also helps with the control of sebum in the skin thereby making its users almost invincible to acne and itchy beards.

Now, these are the number of great beard shampoo for black men that I have considered for you. Do you have another beard shampoo for black men that you have tried and worked perfectly for your skin? Please share them with me in the comments below.

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