My Mom Never Liked My Beards – Marcel Apakhade

My first strands appeared when I was 13 years old. I refused to barb then because I had hoped that more beards will come. Nothing showed until my Mom made it her mission to clean my sprouting beards and make me clean shaven. I carried clean shaved face till 16 After I completed my diploma and started my first degree.

I fell in love with beards because I never knew what having beards mean as I grew up around clean shaven men. I came across comic books where I loved the villain’s beards and that changed my mentality entirely.

Keeping beards to me is fashion because I believe it is a way of life. Now I believe that people who craves to understand me must also understand why I seek to keep my facial hair. You cannot claim to love me and dislike my facials. Why the love&hate relationship? LOL!

Speaking on beards discrimination,

Mostly of the people from families that have the European education believe in cooperate wear or traditional wear and appearing neat and tidy, so to them keeping a well trimmed beards is a No No, and that poses a problem.

But for me, with my current state/style I feel like Edward Cullen from twilight Or doctor strange, and I don’t think my family will want to go against my choice this time.

I have had my fair share of ladies loving my beards, but trust me, I have also had series of ladies disliking them. Not all girls like hairy men.

my Mom

I won’t be surprised because of the beards discrimination based on religious affiliations. In society we meet intellectuals with wide knowledge and one of the revolves around appear neat and tidy. For certain people beards hide other unimpressive aspects, maybe height or weight.

So, it is possible that to them keeping beards may not be a fashion item but as a result of certain health and confidence issues. Imagine if I discriminate these people when I do not even know the reason for their choices.

I would like to add that my most important stage of my beard life was the first strands that were destined for no where.

The manly days, The where my I no be your mate talk. You don mature?? Until the shaving by my Mom.

It was a sad time for me back then, but here I am loving my beards and hoping to be a part of #mybeardgang community someday.


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