Best Clippers For Fading Black Hair In 2021

Best clippers for fading black hair: The fading hairstyle has become the most popular in the world in this modern-day, especially among blacks.

I don’t know how urgent you need a good clipper for a perfect fading black hair cut, but I will quickly recommend this Wahl Professional Peanut Clipper for you. I guarantee you will love it after use.

Best Clippers For Fading Black Hair – Top 3 recommendations

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Whenever you aim at getting a perfect cut for your hair, your first target should be to find a good clipper that will help you do the job perfectly. This is the reason why I am developing this article solemnly because of you.

The Complete Guide on finding the best fading Haircut Clipper

The best way to approach every situation in life is to be guided by those who have experienced it; for this fact alone, let me guide you on how to select the best clippers for fading black hair.

The Motor of the Clipper

People tend to accept anything that is more reliable than the rest. What this implies is that the power of a clipper is very important for you to check before the purchase it.

Ask questions like what is the ideal power for a good clipper. For example, Wahl clipper is rated 11 Watts, 115V AC 60Hz. This power is at least good for a good clipper, take note of it.

Why important reason why you must stick to a powerful clipper is that the black hair is quite different from every other hair in texture. It is normally thick, curly, wavy, and could easily break sometimes. In order to avoid bad precision or clipper getting stuck in your Afro Hair, don’t use weak clippers.

There are three types of Motor Options that are available and they are:

  • Pivot
  • Magnetic
  • Rotary
What Differentiates these Motor Options

Let me take you through the difference between the three types of motor options in clippers.

The Pivot Motor

The Pivot motor is the next after the magnetic motor in the hierarchy of competence ( it is better compared to magnetic motor) when it comes to giving a perfect haircut of all kinds, especially for black hairs.

The designs of pivot motors are somehow similar to those of the magnetic motors. The difference is that, instead of a spring, it is two electromagnets that they are made of.

For this reason, the two blades can move easily in two directions, to create two times cutting power compared to a magnetic motor.

This motor option is popular for its perfect cuts on black hair. This means the double strokes it is made of can handle curly, thick, and wet hairs. You can use this option at home or even in professional settings.

The Magnetic Motor

This option is actually popular at home which indicates that it is the most inexpensive of the three options sited. The design is simply made up of spring and electromagnet that vibrate the blade for easy cut through.

This option, however, lasts long and also doesn’t need much maintenance. One fact about this motor is that it is the weakest of the three types, though it cuts your hair fine, straight without any issue but is not strong enough for black hair.

From this information about the magnetic motor option, as a black man, I will advise that you go for the other two options and stay away from the magnetic motor option.

It isn’t that they don’t work well on Afro hair types but it is better to go for a more convenient option.

The Rotary Motor

This is the highest grade among the three types of motors for black hair texture. It has the best potential to deal with your hair perfectly.

It is the most durable among the three types with adjustable speeds, above all the quietest of the three.

You will find these rotary motors in most of the professional barbers’ shops. You know, a true business doesn’t take shit for rice.

These types of clippers are very strong and powerful and can handle all types of hairs, be it the thickest of hairs.  One good thing about this option is that the clippers don’t overheat after long day use.

One thing remains a fact about the rotary option, the clippers are expensive. That shouldn’t be a problem because you are going to get the best haircut especially your dream shading black hair.

The quality and long lifespan of 10 years is another ideal reason why you should go for this option, plus minimal maintenance experience.

In conclusion, I recommend that you go for a rotary option as it will give you professional performance and still last long for money value.

The Blade of the clipper

The blade of a clipper is another significant feature you must get right. You need to know what material is the best for a clipper blade. These are popular and acceptable blades and are made of stainless steel material.

They are affordable and also serve you for a long time due to the rustproof nature, easy adaption to maintaining the sharp edge, and so on; no wonder most guys prefer stainless steel blades because they work awesomely for them.

Carbon steel blades

The carbon steel blades are better than the stainless steel blades. They are rustproofed and also sharper than stainless steel blades. The durability of carbon steel blades is upgraded and last longer compared to stainless steel.

Titanium can increase the lifespan of the material it is coated with, in the case of carbon steel blades, they are coated with titanium which is the reason behind them having a longer life than the stainless steel blades.

However, there is this option of ceramic. If you want the best of the best, go for blades made of ceramic because they are better and sharper than the steel blades. Most ceramic blades don’t get dull for a long time even with poor maintenance especially if you are the over busy person. They also don’t overheat when used for long.

You must understand that ceramic blades are not strong, so can easily break when dropped on the floor. Take note of that. You must learn the skill for handling it; especially the professionals are good at maintaining a ceramic blade.

They are the most acceptable blades by the professionals.

Titanium and carbon coatings used to increase the sharpness, and one best benefit of them is that they increase durability. If you can purchase them, they worth the extra morning placed on them.

Cutting a thick hair regularly will have a revealing decrease in the slightest decrease in dullness and this will affect the performance of a clipper.

Self-Sharpening Blades

The self-sharpening blades save your time and money since you don’t need to sharpen them often. Some professionals will advise that you sharp them once in a while not because they will become dull anytime soon but for the fact that it is a good practice to do so.

This means self-sharpening blades are not necessarily subjected to sharpening all the time.

The blades of self-sharpening clippers rub against each other whenever they run and therefore, sharpen each other. An advantage of self-sharpening blades is that there will be no need for you to replace them for a very long time.

For instance, stainless steel blades can last for up to 2 years depending on the brand. Replacing the blade is good when it is due, but in the case of self-sharpening clippers, it will take you sometimes to replace them.

Corded or non-Corded

It depends on your choice to either choose corded or non-coded clippers. If you are going to be using a clipper for home use only, both types are okay, but if you chose to use the corded type since you will not be moving around with it.

It is okay that way; as for the non-corded, a traveller may need it for portability and flexibility. It doesn’t mean that the corded type is not advisable for a traveller but he should ensure that it is also rechargeable.

Most of the modern clippers are designed both corded and non-corded.

There are many things you should look at when planning to buy a clipper. I have mentioned the most important ones and yet, I want you to know that the length adjustability of a clipper should be considered too.

This is normally achievable using the comb guides that normally come with every clipper. You can control the length at which you want your clipper cuts your hair using each of the guides at a time.

Best Clippers For Fading Black Hair – Detailed Review

You are intending to purchase a good clipper for fading black hair, what is the best clipper that can get that job done for you?

Here I have selected some of the world’s best clippers for you:

Wahl Professional Peanut Clipper


Wahl has been one of the world’s best brands that everyone trusted because it is reliable and the products outperform many other brands out there.

This is one of the reasons why I have to give this very product honourable attention so you can also see the features for yourself.

Features of the Product

  • If you are an expert, this clipper will deliver quick performance as you demand
  • This clipper is designed for smooth, precise and ultra-close trimming on thick and any type of hairs
  • You can create any style you want on your hair using this powerful clipper

I am recommending this product for you because it will actually give you the result you have on your mind currently. Get it right at amazon and you will smile in the end.

Pros and Cons of the Product

No matter how good a product could be, some people may not like certain features about it. Let us observe what people are saying about this product:

The Pros of the Product

  • A customer referred to this product as amazing. It is better than other brands this customer bought earlier.
  • Another customer regretted not having this product for a long time—he confirmed that the product holds battery for long.

The Cons of the Product

  • A customer complained that this Wahl product did not cut hair as other previous Wahl products did
  • Another customer compared it with other brands in terms of performs that they outperformed it but later confess that it works but not to his own taste

WONER 8-Piece Hair Cutting Kits

Best Clippers For Fading Black Hair


What is your dream about your hair cut this season? Okay, fading black hair. This product will bring your dream to pass because it is actually designed to do so.

Let us look at the features of the ideal clipper for the very type of your hair.

The features of the Product

  • It is 100% waterproof, easy to use and clean
  • It is a durable clipper and for this fact, will last long working fine with your type of hair
  • It is a hair trimmer that comes with 4 precision well suitable for its job
  • The corded model can last for 100 minutes after charging, this makes it a good clipper for a traveller
  • This product comes with the following: hair clippers,4 guard combs, charger adapter, cleaning brush, instructions.

You will definitely like this product because it is one of the best customers have been so excited about. It has accumulated a lot of positive reviews with a lot of 5 stars ratings. I am recommending the clipper without hesitation.

Pros and Cons of the Product

Let us look at the pros and cons of the product to see how likely you may want to purchase it based on customers’ comments.

The Pros of the Product

  • It works great after the first time of use by a customer
  • Great product! A customer gave his remark
  • “I love this clipper upon using them…” a customer praised this product

Cons of the Product

As at the time of writing this article, there are yet cons for this product. The product had 5 stars all through the customer reviews.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip Cord Cordless

Best Clippers For Fading Black Hair


This is another fantastic beard clipper made for the toughest of hairs. If you need a clipper that is capable of handling your hair with perfect results, don’t hesitate to go for this very one at all because it will give you the perfect solution to your need

The features of the Product

  • This clipper is from the Wahl professional’s commercial grade lines of products, which means it is designed for professional barbers to deliver the best performance the experts expect.
  • If you are the stylish type, believe me, you are going to get the best out of this clipper as it will give you the entire control needed to bring out interesting styles from your hair.
  • If you have that time to create either hard or soft fading black hair, all you need is to adjust the taper and texture with a lever built in it.
  • This is a powerful clipper for over comb work and for bulk hair removal. The clipper is endowed with a high impact durable metal case.
  • The clipper comes with the following tools for easy cutting and styling: 3 cutting guides, recharging transformer, styling comb, oil, cleaning brush, operating instruction, and red blade guard, all of which guarantee professional quality.
  • The specifications of the product include, 5.25 inches and weigh 13oz; it is made of rotary motor and a lithium-ion battery that can run for 70 minutes. The clipper is also made of a 2191 adjustable 0000 blades.
  • Your dream could be a smoother and longer-lasting use of clippers and large neck duster. This is the best clipper that can always give you that desired style you need.

I am recommending this product for you because it will surely perform better than you expected and this is confident due to verified customers’ positive reviews about it.

The pros of the product

  • It works well and will give you the best of cuts ever
  • It helps you save money due to its long-lasting nature and durability
  • A customer confessed that it is more powerful than Andis

The Cons of the product

  • The blade quickly got damaged according to a customer

Purchase these products for an awesome performance that will leave you smiling for the success of selecting a good product.

Andis Professional Cordless Fade Combo Envy Li Clipper

Best Clippers For Fading Black Hair


Andis is one of the best; I do not hesitate to recommend it to you because it will surely do your job. If you need the best hair cut ever, just subscribe to this powerful clipper, it will not disappoint you. Here are the features of the powerful product ever:

Features of the Product

  • No normal human will like not heavy things; that is why this awesome Andis clipper will be your favourite as it is designed with heavyweight and at the same time ergonomic.
  • The ergonomic Cordless Envy Li clipper is made to feature a premium adjustable surgical fade blade that is graduated from 00000 to 000 precision.
  • The batter is a lithium-ion type and for this reason, can last for 2 hours and can recharge within 90 minutes.

This product is promising; I recommend it to you and hope you will actually enjoy using it any moment from now.

Pros of the Product

  • The batter life is pretty good and lasts for 2 hours run time
  • The weight is light and therefore easy to use without stress on your palm
  • It is a great clipper that cuts through in speed

Cons of the product

  • There was only one person against this product on the first review page and his or her claim was that the battery life is horrible, whereas other verified customers praised the battery life.

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self


Remington is one brand you can’t easily take for granted because it has a lot of powerful products in stock. You can see this simple but powerful clipper from Remington, it comes with lots of great features that will give you the best haircut you desire. Here we go:

Features of the Product

  • It is designed to fit in the palm of your hand thereby making the cut moves smoothly, and easily at the back of your head.
  • It is made to easily maintain steady movement around your neckline, ears precision ground.
  • This product comes with a stainless steel blade that can easily cut through the thickest of hairs, with reduced pulling and snagging.
  • It is made of 9 length combs cuts of 1/16 inches to help you achieve the very look you desire
  • The clipper is made of lithium rechargeable battery and features 40 minutes of cordless runtime
  • If you need convenience in haircut, this is the ideal product you should go for
  • The kit includes a handheld clipper, 9 length adjustable combs, cleaning brush, a storage pouch, and oil. This is a perfect clipper for a perfect fading black hairstyle.
  • It doesn’t end there because this product has an extra-wide curved blade and this enables it to adapt well to the contour of your head with maximum coverage that gives you that close even cut you desire.

The Pros of the Product

  • It is a great machine and yet economic
  • It can cut the toughest of hairs
  • It cuts with easy cleaning and this makes it the best ever

The Cons of the Product

  • A customer complained that the battery is junk
  • Another customer also complained that the battery is not lithium.

Tips on how to Maintain your Clipper

Here are some takeaway tips on how to care for your clipper to last long:

  • Remove stuck hairs from your clipper to avoid jamming in the nearest future
  • Disassemble the clipper after use for a long time for general cleaning but do this referring to the user manual if you haven’t mastered how
  • Sterilize the blades of your clippers
  • Clean your clipper attachments
  • Oil the blades from time to time


It should be understood by now that blacks’ hairs are thick, curly, and coarse and as such the best clippers to cut any desired hairstyle should be the types specifically created for that purpose and these three recommended clippers are just the best for you.

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