Professional Laser Hair Removal Machines for Sale

Looking for professional laser hair removal machines for sale? Don’t worry you are in the right place.

We all know that removing hairs from the parts of the body, mostly the ingrown hairs from hidden parts of the body have proven to be quite difficult and stressful and of course, you know we are always here looking and researching better ways for you to improve your lifestyle and taking care of your hair needs is our ultimate goal.

The reason I am writing this review is to reveal to you the top professional laser hair removal machines for sale out there in the market.

If you are tired of manually shaving your hairs every other day and having to watch them grow back within few days or weeks, then don’t you think it is time for you to look through making use of professional laser hair removal machines as they will permanently get rid of those annoying hairs on your body especially the hidden ones.

I assume you have probably heard of laser hair removal machines, do you know what they are and their uses?

Well if you know, it’s a good then because we will have to lead you by the hands while you make the best choices of the best ones to buy.

But if you don’t know its probably a good thing because will have to also lead you by the hand while educating you on the uses of professional laser hair removal machines, their uses and how you can make the best choices based on their description, key features, pros and cons and of course we will show you where to buy them at the best rate possible as well as the best quality to get for yourself.

Now, will you allow us to be your buying guide while you look out for the best professional laser removal machines to buy? I mean like you have a tour guide, can we be your buyers guide? lol

If yes! Then you need to follow this article closely and make sure to read to the end, because if you don’t, you may be losing out on important information we have tactically embedded in the write up after deep research.

So, if you are looking to buy a professional laser hair removal machine but have been finding it difficult to make a better-informed choices, not to worry because we have taken great care in selecting the best laser hair removal machines to buy so you don’t have to stress yourself, just go through them and make your choice.

Well, we shall be starting with explaining what laser hair removal means, what the machine does and how it works, advantages and probably disadvantages of laser hair removal, etc.

This is specifically for the benefits of those who had no idea about the uses of laser hair removal machines but if you already have the idea then don’t bother because it is a win-win situation as we will help you make a more informed choice.

Now if you are ready to get to learn all you need to know about professional laser hair removal machines then please hold my hand while we walk and learned through with the purpose of making an informed choice on the best one to buy.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Over the years many people have used manual hair shaving techniques to remove unwanted hairs from the body.

As mentioned earlier, we know how annoying removing hair with manual blades can be and of course how inefficient it can be more recently a lot of people have embraced laser hair removal to remove unwanted hairs and this is probably easier and more efficient when compared to manual hair removal processes.

Laser hair removal is, therefore, the process of introducing laser beams from the machines on the hair pores making the hair follicles absorb these light beams and further get rid of the hairs contained in the follicles.

Laser hair removal machines are used in this process and over the years these machines have only been used for commercial purposes but further experiments and testings have made it possible for people to employ the use of these machines in their respective homes devoid of professional knowledge as they are easy to operate for personal use.

The machines can be used to remove hairs from almost all parts of the body very efficiently and this is a major advantage it has over manual hair removal processes.

Watch this simple Laser Hair Removal Video

Does laser Hair Removal Machines Remove Hairs Permanently?

Laser hair removal machines do not remove your hairs permanently but it’s more like a semi-permanent removal. If you use this machine for as much as seven-session or above, the hairs around the areas will drastically reduce in growth frequency and before you know it you are on your way to enjoying a body that looks so silky and free from annoying hairs that keep growing back when you shave them off manually.

Using lasers sounds more like a better lasting solution and that is why you need a professional laser hair removal machine at home.

How Effective is Laser Hair removal: Watch this video

Advantages of Professional Laser Hair Removal Machines

Just like we have discussed earlier, professional laser hair removal machines are actually very helpful in removing unwanted hairs from the body and that is why a lot of people are opting to use them these days at their own convenience.

Well, for the purpose of guiding you towards making a better choice when buying your professional laser hair removal machines, I will be listing out the most important advantages of using professional laser hair removal machines both at home and commercial places.

  • It offers semi-permanent hair removal for people who do not enjoy seeing unwanted hairs on their body, well for people like this the professional laser hair removal machines will come in very handy.
  • It gets rid of hairs growing in hidden parts of the body that you will find very difficult removing when you use manual methods of hair removal.
  • The process is very fast hence it has the capacity to cover large areas within a short period of time unlikely manual methods that you will have to spend a lot of time on and may not even get it right.
  • It is almost painless when you compare it with waxing, a lot of people will always want to know whether using a laser is very painful. The simple truth is that laser hair removal technique is less painful than other hair removal techniques, even if there seems to be minor discomfort it is very bearable
  • The process is very efficient and cost-effective. With one to seven exposures to laser hair removal treatments, you are bound to start noticing hair loss on your body.

Disadvantages of Professional Hair Removal Techniques?

The fact that this procedure has many pleasant advantages does not mean there won’t be any disadvantages. Of course, there will be disadvantages but they are minimal and often unnoticeable.

Hence the disadvantages of using professional laser hair removal techniques are;

  • It seems to be very expensive, this is because spas and clinics who offer the hair removal sessions tend to charge high for each session but not to worry because once you buy your own professional laser removal machine, it will be much more cost-effective than going to the salon or spa each time to have a session of laser hair removal.
  • It requires the patient to see the result. Laser hair removal is not something you do and expects urgent results. You will have to do two to seven sessions before you start seeing results.
  • Professional hair removal is not suitable for all parts of the body. Body parts like the genitals, eyebrows, and moustache.

What are the Side Effects of Using Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine?

Although using a professional laser hair removal machine promises a painless procedure free from harsh side effects, still there are still some minor side effects that a person using it most likely experience. Not to worry over them because they will only exist for a temporary period of time. Therefore, I have taken time to list out the few side effects you may experience using a laser hair removal machine. They are;

  • Minor skin irritation may occur in the form of itching or twitching.
  • The skin may experience redness due to exposure to light.
  • Using professional laser hair removal machines may also cause burning, scarring or blisters and this occurs mostly in very rare cases.

What is the Cost of Using the Professional Laser Removal machine?

Doing laser hair removal in salons and clinics by professionals cannot cost you anything less than $500. This price seems to be a little costly for many but on a second thought, having your own laser hair removal machine will greatly reduce your cost and give you more opportunity to make maximum use of the machine for your own benefits.

Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Cancer?

Most people who do not use professional laser hair removal are scared of the stories out there which most times alleges that laser hair removal machines expose one to cancer. This is not true as the laser hair removal machine techniques are completely scientifically tested and safe for usage. So, when you are prepared to buy your laser hair removal machine, then please go ahead and buy it because it is extremely safe to use.

Professional Laser Hair Removal Machines for Sale

Are you tired of booking appointments with the salon or spa all the time in order to use laser hair removal machines?

Are you equally tired of spending chunks of money each time you visit the spa or clinics for your laser hair removal?

Do you want to have these machines right there in the comfort of your home? Then this is the right time to go all out and buy one of the professional laser hair removal machines we are about to list here now.

Buying it will not only save you good money but will also give you the opportunity to do your laser hair removal in the comfort of your home with optimal concentration. Don’t you think that is a good idea? Of course, I know it is that is why I am taken my time to give you a genuine review of all the products I have had the opportunity to get to know their descriptions, key features, pros and cons through personal contact.

I am glad you are here because I promise to take you by the hand while you make your choices of the best professional Laser Hair Removal Machines for sale.

Now if you are ready, then there is no need to waste time as time waits for no man, lets jump right in and explore.

Before then I want you to promise me that you will follow me diligently and read all the product descriptions and features, I will be listing and of course, make the right choices.

Now if you have made that promise with me, then let move on.

The professional laser hair removal machines for sale are;

1. Laser Hair Removal for Women-Permanent IPL Body Hair Remover for Men-At Home Flawless Hair Removal Device-600,000 Flashes-2 Flash Modes-Ideal for Arms, Leg, Bikini, Face

5 professional laser hair removal machine for sale

The number one on my list of 5 professional laser hair removal machine for sale is this wonderful product, well if you are looking to get value for your money then having this product in your closet is worth is. You will know the reason for my assertion once we proceed to see the key features of the product as well as the pros and cons. Watch out for it!

Product Description

The laser hair removal for women-permanent IPL body hair remover for men is a machine made to concentrate on almost all parts of the body. The actions of this particular machine are not restricted to a particular area. It can also be used on sensitive body parts such as the bikini area.

Key Features

  • It features state of the art IPL technology which makes sure that its users enjoy the best of professional results.
  • It comes with an electric shaver that ensures a painless pain removal process.
  • It has a longer life span of about 600000 flashes.
  • Users have access to choose between manual and gliding flash modes


  • It has the ice-cold function which makes sure to protect the user from rash or irritations of any sort.
  • It comes with a free gift, the facial hair removal cream for smooth and clear skin.


  • The 60000 flashes of light make the light flashes quite unbearable for the eyes but not to worry because the machine comes with protective glasses to protect your eyes from these flashes

See the laser hair removal review video below


2. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser -For women and Men- At Home Device for Permanent Results on Face and Body-FDA cleared

5 Professional Laser Hair Removal Machines for Sale

Well, this product looks like the only FDA cleared laser hair removal machine to be used at home and this is a major advantage for people who want to use this product.

Product description

This laser hair removal machine is powered by in-office diode laser technology also used by dermatologists and it’s the only FDA cleared at-home laser removal machine to remove unwanted hairs from the body.

Key Features

  • It features an advanced led light display that correctly guides through each step safely and effectively.
  • It is very powerful and effective and helps you achieve that smooth and clear skin.
  • It has a longer battery life.
  • It covers multiple faces and body parts during treatments


  • It has more energy and has the capacity to deliver about 3 times laser treatments
  • The Tria professional hair removal machine is very effective and the intensity of light emissions from the machine is not as intense as lights from normal IPL devices.
  • It has more control and targets each follicle at much deeper and concentrated area than most IPL devices
  • Tria laser hair removal machine is cordless and this makes it very easy to use and operate.


  • It hurts a little but the pain is bearable
  • The battery life is a little low but this is not too bad as it does its works perfectly.
  • It seems not to have a large target area but that notwithstanding it is still very effective.
  • It seems to be quite expensive but the product is worth any amount of money its bought.

Watch the Tria Laser Hair Removal Review Video Below



3. Bosidin Permanent Hair Removal Device For Women and Men -Face, Upper Lip, Chin, Bikini, Leg and Body Use

The Bosidin permanent hair removal device uses an automated AI technology to reduce the flash interval while providing you great results

Key Features

  • It features a skin tone sensor system that reads your skin tone 80X per minute to prevent it from flashing if it does not detect a perfect skin tone
  • Bosidin uses a triple high-level UV filter system that provides multiple filtrations that filters and protects your skin from harmful light


  • A large percentage of users see results after usage of about 3 times
  • The cooling technology present in this device helps to cool the treatment area rapidly.
  • It has exclusive attachments that can attach to the body parts and remove unwanted hairs.
  • Sensitive areas can also be solved using this product.
  • It provides salon-quality treatment just in the comfort of your home.


  • The product has an adapter attached to a cord which makes a little bit stressful to use but this is not a disadvantage as the other features of this product are numerous to list.

Check the Bosidin Laser Hair Removal Video Review Here


4. Remington Ilight Pro At Home IPL Hair Removal System, Permanent Results W/Powerful 16 Jasper Flash and 3 Bonus Cartridges-FDA Cleared for Women and Men

 5 Professional Laser Hair Removal Machines for Sale
5 Professional Laser Hair Removal Machines for Sale

Meet our number 4 on the list of professional laser hair removal machines to buy. This hair removal machine use the professional intense pulsed light technology and has 5 power levels plus a skin tone tester that will determine whether the machine is comfortable for your skin

Key Features

  • It is sold over the counter and it is used for the removal of unwanted hair
  • The Skin tone sensor system makes it stand out among other brands.
  • It features a corded power that ensures that you enjoy an efficient uninterrupted treatment with corded power.
  • It also features a skin contact sensor which determines that you have the treatment cap flush against your skin before treatments.


  • It works best for medium to dark hairs and will not work on coloured hairs like white or grey
  • The skin tone tester makes it perfect for all skin tone types
  • It delivers an average of 66% hair removal in the space of 12 months after 3 treatments.
  • It uses similar technology used by professional dermatologists in reducing hair growth in unwanted areas.
  • It delivers powerful flashes thereby ensuring maximum results in limited space of time.


  • The product is not for everyone so its better to test your skin tone with the skin tone tester before usage.
  • It cannot be used or dark skin, dark spots or tattoos over the body.



5. Silk’n Sensepil- Professional Grade, At Home Permanent Hair Removal Device for Women and Men

 5 Professional Laser Hair Removal Machines for Sale

This laser hair removal machine is the proven solution to easy and quick hair removal from the body.

Product Description

The high-grade tech design of this machine helps users to properly target any area on the body that requires treatment.

It is designed for use on the entire body with the face inclusive and provides permanent results.

Key Features

  • It features a 3.5 second charge time between pulses.
  • It emits gentle lights and targets hair follicles at the root to prevent future hair growth.
  • It is easy to use and painless


  • It works better when avoiding waxing two weeks before treatment
  • Treating every two weeks will enable you to see results after 3 treatment sessions.
  • Bright and light brown hairs require a greater number of treatments


  • It cannot be used on naturally dark complexions.
  • It cannot be used on the eye area and when using it on your face, you have to close your eyes.

Right! I am sure I have succeeded in leading you hand on hand to the best features and descriptions of the 5 professional laser hair removal machines for sale.

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Now it’s your turn to make a choice from the list above, whichever one you decide to check does not matter because we have carefully selected these products before listing them so it is a win-win situation for you.

Well, if you think I have done a great job in reviewing these products why don’t you drop a comment for us, like and as well share!

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