Common Black Man Beard Problems and How to Treat Them

Common Black Man Beard Problems – Having a Beard is one of the most common puberty changes most boys planning to become a man must surely encounter, although some lads out there will find it hard growing beard.

Like my little cousin will say “ Mum all my buddy out there is growing beard, what the hell is wrong with me? I have no facial hair, it is disgusting”. Not growing beards the right time can be a problem which is what you will learn in this “common black man beard problem”  content.

Having facial hair is highly in fashion at the moment, but overcoming the problems which you will encounter when growing the beard can be a huge problem. The growing of beards comes with a multitude of problems, so get ready to face one when you are growing your beard.

You will see some lads complaining about having a messy beard, a patchy beard, a “lego” beard, or not being able to grow a beard at all. All these problems are huge problems, which you can keep rolling in for years if you don’t know how to treat them, also these problems can be easily solved once you know how to solve them.

There lots of black man beard problems, but this content will be limited to the most common black man beard problems, so if your beard problem is not listed here, don’t feel you are alone, you can use the comment box or contact us by letting us know your beard problem, you will get a solution as soon as possible.

Do you know? Black man beard problems can be solved easily by the beard gang team, so grab the comment box after reading this content and let us hear your thought about this content.

What are Black Man Beard Problems?

1. Patchy Beards

Having patchy beards is one of the most common black man beard problems, you will come across a situation that you will have a lot of facial hair in certain areas, and not a lot in others. We know the growing of a beard is not by your power or by our power, but with these simple steps you can follow which will drastically increase your chances and also you need to understand why your beard is patchy, is it natural.

Why African Beards are Patchy

Some black men are able to grow epic beards while some, on the other hand, find it hard growing in full beards.  If your beards are patchy this can be caused by genetics, it is an inherited trait. Growing of patchy beards, or facial hair on the chin or cheeks do occur most in Africa men than anglo men.

Having a patchy beard is not a bad thing, but some people might feel irritated. Did you know many prominent African men sport wonderful beards that are patchy? Will-I-Am from The Black-Eyed Peas. He has a patchy beard and he showed it off without shame.

Below are the classes of food you should give a trial of you are having patchy beards:

The Vitamins

black man beard problems

For those who are suffering from patchy beards, or your beard doesn’t grow because you’re unhealthy, try taking beard growth vitamins.  You can take a cocktail, you can take Beard growth multivitamin.  This contains the best minerals and protein necessary to help you boost your dormant beard follicles and produce new growth

Protein supplements

Black Man Beard Problems

If you lack diet then you can take an extra protein supplement like  protein derived from animals or protein derived from plants—both work great


Black Man Beard Problems

Biotin: Biotin is essential to the activity of multiple enzyme systems. It is a natural material used by our body to make hair strong, think, and vigorous. The intake of biotin helps to strengthen the root of your hair, prevents split ends and brittle hair. It can also help to boost your inactive follicles that have ceased to change over into growth mode.

Testosterone Booster

Black Man Beard Problems

One major reason why most men go bald is a lack of testosterone and an increase in estrogen. An increase in testosterone in the body will enhance fast hair growth, so if you are willing to grow your beard faster and solve the patchy beard issue then you should consider taking a testosterone supplement, especially if you are a bit older. Also, it is advisable to practice a testosterone-friendly lifestyle, involving the right foods.

There is some major beard growth serum, we’ll recommend for you this will help you force your dormant follicles to grow by using a minoxidil substance like Lipogaine. When you start using this cream it will take some months for you to see changes, All the beard cream we’ll list here work by dilating your facial capillaries.

★Bullfrog – Beard Oil

★The English Beard Oil Company – Beard Oil

★Murdock – Beard Oil

2. Dry Skin Under Beard

Nothing irritates more than having a dry skin under your beard, it is also a painful problem to have to deal with.

This problem can make the lads, who are new to the growing of beards,  decide to cut off the beard because it is quite frustrating if not handled by care. If you are experiencing this problem it is quite easy to solve. If you want to get rid of this beard problem, you need to use a facial scrub twice a week. NOTE do not do the facial scrub regularly because it can cause further aggravation.

A facial scrub will help to remove dead cells, skin flakes and ingrown hairs, all this are part of the problem, so feel free to do this. The non-greasy moisturizer will also play a massive part in solving this problem, so you should consider using that also.

Below are the beard creams we recommend for a black man facing the issue of dry skin under the beard.

REN Skincare – Face Wash

Mr. Natty – Soap

★Bad Norwegian – Facial Cream

3. Itching Beard

Why is my beard always itchy?

A major discomfort can also be caused by an itchy beard and it discourages the idea of growing a beard in the first place. It is likely to be the most usual problem that men complain about. You can start with the idea of conditioning your beard, you do not really need to spend money on expensive specialist products, you can absolutely use a hair conditioner for this. We would also advise you to always comb your beard regularly because this will help you to get rid of unwanted stuff caught in between your hairs and it will prevent your beard from getting tangled. Always remember to moisturize your beard because moisturizing also helps. Do not forget to keep your beards nicely trimmed too. You will be able to stop any excess hairs from causing issues by using a good electric beard trimmer.

D.R Harris – Beard Brush

Jack Black – Beard Oil

LA Bruket – Beard Oil

4. Ugly beard

Do I actually want a beard? You need to ask yourself this question because you might just be really agnostic if you like your beard, and if the answer turns out to be no, then you should perhaps think of shaving it off. You need to keep your beard in check regularly with simple grooming techniques if you really want to keep it. Firstly, you have the wish and intention to match your beard shape to your face shape, this might sound simple but the truth is that most men misjudge this and it can spoil the chances of making your facial hair look good. Trimming your beard regularly in the way you want it will encourage your beard to grow in the way you want it to grow and save you ugly beard. Instead of changing your style regularly, try and stick to one style because changing your beard style regularly will affect your chance of keeping a nicely maintained beard. If you look after your beard properly, you will never be short of its ideas.

Below are some beard oils you can use to treat your beard.

★Bullfrog – Beard Oil

★Bullfrog – Exfoliating Paste

5. Don’t know the right grooming product to buy

There are lots of male grooming product out there, you can work in any store and you will find lots of male grooming products, and you will be like “ what the hell? Which grooming product is the best?”

This is not really a popular black man beard problem, but some newbie does face this problem that is why I need to discuss this. Before choosing any grooming product you need to understand the nature of your beard and your skin because what is good for Team A might be bad for Team B. You need to first understand the style of your beard, make research on what grooming product other bearded men with your type of beard are going for. Don’t be surprised when you find plenty of beard conditioners, moisturizers and all in one grooming kits. We can’t really decide which grooming product to go for in this article but we ain’t discussing the best grooming product for your beard.

Just note that if you are just starting to grow your beard, buying the most high-end and expensive product on the market might not be the best idea until you’re fully dedicated to the bearded life.

Our store is right there for you to choose any grooming product you need, also you can contact us and tell us more on your beard for us to guide you in choosing the right grooming product.

General ways to solve black man beard problems

For those whose beard problem is not listed here, you can try these general tips in solving your beard problem and if it continues kindly contact us or drop a comment.

I will seek everyone who wants a beard should first ask themselves this question, Having a beard is right for me? If your answer is yes then you can follow those general ways to solve any black man beard problems.

★ Always condition your facial hair at least twice a week to stop the hair from getting damaged.

★Keep the skin underneath your beard in good condition, this can easily be achieved by moisturizing and exfoliating regularly.

★ Stick to one style of beard, this will make your facial hair to grow naturally

★ Find the right grooming product that your beard the most.

★ Live a healthy lifestyle; make sure you’re getting the recommended vitamins and eat well and get enough sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do I stop my beard from being flaky?

Beard getting flaky is a common skin condition that affects the scalp at the end of the day. It is known to be caused by the itching of the skin. Having a flaky beard does not mean that is the end, there is always a way out. It can also be referred to as seborrheic dermatitis.

This same condition can also happen to the skin, making the skin and beard turn white. Below are the ways to stop your beard from getting flaky.

  • Exfoliating
  • Washing
  • Moisturizing

It is the process that helps in the removal of dead cells, including those causing dandruff. The first thing is to look for a beard brush. It will help in the distribution of oils from the skin. And it will make the hair softer and easier to manage.

Before proceeding to clean the beard. massage the skin under a beard with the brush. But make sure you are not doing it too hard.


Washing your beard is another great way to prevent your beard from being flaky. You can make use of shampoo but make sure it is made specifically for the beard. Check out for these dandruff ingredients in any shampoo you wants to buy:

  • Coal tar
  • Tea tree oil
  • Pyrithione zinc

Massage the beard gently with the shampoo, be sure it reaches the skin underneath. Give it two or three minutes before rinsing it out. Avoid using hot water as it can further irritate the skin.


Moisturizing of the beard is one of the important ways to prevent or stop a beard from getting flaky. It will protect and re-hydrate the skin.

It can be hard to moisturize the beard without leaving a residue. To prevent this from happening, you can buy beard oil instead.

Can beard oil be used by someone with sensitive skin?

Yes, beard oil can be used by someone with sensitive skin but be sure that you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients used.

How can I prevent dandruff from coming back?

Stopping dandruff from growing and preventing it from coming back are two different pieces of stuff. It is important to keep up with the activities that helped you stop it in the first place, especially the washing and moisturizing aspect.

Conclusion on Black Men Beard Problem

To everyone who is still struggling with their beard or planning to grow their first beard, this guide should be a great help to get your facial hair came back into check. All you need is just a lot bit of added work when you are in front of the mirror grooming. You will turn your average beard to all and well-grown beard to be proud of.

To everyone who took their time to read this, we say a big thank you and kindly note all products mentioned here can be gotten on from any online store and any well-known supermarket.

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