Steps to Grow a Beard Faster and Thicker in 2020

Steps to grow a beard faster and thicker naturally in 2020 is a question that has been boggling the mind of many lovers of beards who either don’t have the guts to use the supplements on the market because they are unsure if there are side effects to it or they just don’t have the extra bucks to get the combination of supplements needed to get their desired result. Since the early 2000s, lots of men from all races and country of the world has been clamoring for ways to grow their tiny beards into a full-blown healthy looking one naturally because they hate the after-effects of what the chemicals contained in some of the hyped supplements, most of which lack scientific credibility can do to their body.

Many may not understand this on steps to grow a beard faster, especially the women folk but there are indeed many ways to stand out from the crowd in this contemporary world of ours and as ridiculous as it sounds, growing a healthy-looking beard is actually one of them.

Growing a beard is not a new phenomenon, the only new thing is the motive behind growing a beard which has since evolved from keeping faces warm to being all about stylish appearance plus the societal perspective about men keeping beards, from the iron age down to the jet age, there have been cases of men with beards, though, back then, having beards was being attributed to being dirty, not having one’s bath regularly, mental disorder or a busy schedule, that was the society’s perspective then, fast-forward to the present day and age, a lot has changed, bearded men are no longer perceived as people with no spare time to take proper care of themselves, they are instead perceived as people with patience, people with guts, people who dare to stand out, matured persons, sexy persons, handsome and masculine by women and the society at large.

Though there is no readily available data to verify the popularity of facial hair, it doesn’t take even a blind man a study to testify that the army of bearded men seems to be growing larger by the day and they are already taking over.

In the 21st century, there are several reasons why men want to grow their beards faster and thicker natural but whatever your reason is, we have got you covered as this article is specially crafted for people of all races looking to grow their beards from tiny stringent to a full-blown and enviable one. Let’s forge ahead by tackling the menace of patchy beards from the very things that keep us alive, second to oxygen is food, so let’s kick off from there;

Steps to grow a beard faster and thicker naturally – Starting from the mother of them all, this article won’t be what it is without this in the subsection as food can be likened to fuel that keeps our bodies up and running and without it, getting the needed nutrients down to where they will be needed is almost an impossibility.

Steps to grow a beard faster and thicker: How the food we eat can affect our beard growth?

The food we ingest have been proven to influence the growth of our facial hair, this is no magic, the discovery was a result of years of study about how facial hair growth depends largely on the male hormones i.e. testosterone and DHT to thrive. This discovery led to new revelations about how some foods can do well to increase the production level of these vital hormones. Some of the food that has been proven to increase facial growth includes:


Eggs are the most common and easily gotten consumable you can get around you regardless of the country you are in, in as much as you are not in space, you have probably eaten fried, scrambled and boiled eggs many times than you yourself can remember, thing is, most of us only eat as much as one in obedience to doctors’ prescription about taking just one a day and as an addition to our main meal just to quench our hunger without really knowing the many benefits contained in that shelled wonder.

For those who are not in the know probably because they skipped a few interesting food science classes in elementary school, eggs have a qualitative amount of protein which is essential for the building blocks of human hair.

Eggs also contain an organic molecule which has been generally demonized by health workers in different field of work but this same sterol is needed to maintain a healthy amount of testosterone production which the hormone for the stimulation of beard growth, the secret, however, is not to find an alternative but to eat in moderation because no other source of cholesterol can be as easily gotten as eggs. Also included in the components of an egg is biotin, one of the main essential vitamins needed for beard growth happens to be in eggs just in the right amount. Asides all the aforementioned goodness in eggs, they also contain not one but all the essential vitamins and minerals alongside a fair amount of fatty acids for the production of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone which will from now on be referred to as DHT in this article.

Orange Juice

Orange juice is the last thing that comes to mind when looking at natural remedies for thicker beards, well, here we are. I know the question probably bugging your mind right now is, really? The same orange juice I gulp every now and then?


That same one you make by squeezing out orange contents into a cup has been known to help boost beard growth as there is a reasonable presence of sugar fructose in Orange itself. The ingested sugar fructose doesn’t just go through the digestion process and go right out without being beneficial to the body in any way, detailed research has shown sugar fructose helps lower the amount of sex hormone-binding globulin (will now be referenced as SHBG), a hormone that manipulates both testosterone and DHT thereby making them less active in the body.

When you down a cup of orange juice, the embedded fructose that is being released into your bloodstream as soon as the orange juice gets inside of you will reduce the level of SHBG release from your liver thus leaving more free-testosterone and free-DHT in the bloodstream which in turn attached to the hair follicles which aids stronger and quicker hair growth. Orange juice is not only beneficial to the male hormones; it also boosts the activity of thyroid which is an agent for speeding up nail, hair and beard growth.


Potatoes are considered clean as they are gluten-free and a quality source of carbohydrates.  The human body depends on the amount of carbohydrate it can get from potatoes and other ingested source of carbohydrate to produce testosterone alongside DHT, the main contributing hormone to facial hair growth. A recent study has shown that, when people double the number of calories gotten from carbohydrate over protein, the testosterone and DHT level shoot up which is a good thing as it helps grow facial hair naturally.


Raisins are not getting the recognition they truly deserve, if only half the men on this planet know about the magic in eating raisins every day, most would have eaten their way to grow a beard faster and thicker naturally, stress-free. This is so because, raisins contain an incredible amount of boron, a trace mineral which every man in the know with patchy beards covets.

The presence of this body in raisins helps grow beards but, not many men know about it. DHT levels can be easily tuned up with raisins and this is backed by a study which noticed a 28% increase in testosterone and a 10% boost in DHT when up to 10mg of boron is consumed per day while other studies came up with varying result sheet that is slightly different from this. A quick note though, studies have shown that 100 grams of raisins do contain about 3mg of boron, while everyone is not a fan of raisins, you can substitute the magic beard grower for boron in the case you are allergic to raisins or some other condition that won’t make you go near it.


Being that beef is an agent that helps boost the production level of testosterone in the body, it’s effectiveness for helping to grow facial hair rapidly cannot be doubted. Red meat especially is an unequaled source of saturated fat, the major fatty acid needed for the synthesis of the testosterone in the body.

Asides being an embodiment of fatty acid, it also does contain rich animal protein that aids the body in its quest to steadily build material for hair growth. For better results, red meat can be ingested together with gelatin for increased production of amino acid.

Steps to grow a beard faster and thicker naturally – Moving on, we have a review on rogaine as a beard growth supplement and its health implications.

Steps to grow a beard faster and thicker: Is Rogaine healthy for beard growth?

Rogaine previously known as Minoxidil (this term will be the most used in the section) can be said to be a healthy way to grow beards as the supplement itself was originally procured for the treatment of high blood pressure. It’s classified as an anti-hypersensitive vasodilator and it is mostly recommended for people who didn’t get lucky with lowering their blood pressure through standard treatment and medication like everybody else.

Before the discovery of Rogaine as a beard growth enhancer, people who used it solely for the treatment of their blood level noticed there is a side effect to the usage of the drug; an excessive hair growth. Till this day, Minixodil is still used as a treatment to lower high blood pressure, going further into the history of Minoxidil, the wonder drug for both hair growth and blood level reduction was originally aimed at treating ulcer patients by the company that developed it.

After the final production stage, the company discovered it had failed in its quest to produce a drug to suppress ulcer, however, the company’s effort didn’t go to total waste as it was discovered when the drug was tested on drugs that it does have a reasonable amount of effect on suppressing the blood level which is a win for the company whose efforts would have gone down the drain without any form of compensation.

By the time the dog got to the trial stage, the first set of changes noticed by the scientists in charge was Minoxidil’s effect on hair growth. By the late 1980s, FDA approved Minoxidil as a tested hair growth product allowed to be released into the market under the name Rogaine.

Thing is, Rogaine is not only for the growth of facial hair and as unbelievable as it sounds, Rogaine will help clear the pathway for hairs wherever you apply it on your body, it has been tested on the chest, eyebrows, scalp, face, arms etc. and the end result was as predicted; an improved hair growth wherever you apply it.

Growing patchy beards that is fuller in some parts of the face than the other can be linked to the dormant hair follicles that is all over the face and to reverse their dormancy and make those follicles active and sot out great healthy looking beards to unify facial hair growth, Minoxidil can simply be applied to those areas that seem patchy.

When applied, the result varies from person to person while some complained about the drug not being a quick fix for the beard problem, it really wasn’t indicated anywhere on the wrap that it’s an overnight grower.

Using Rogaine involves a lot of patience as changes become noticeable only after weeks or months of usage. Being that body composition and reaction rate is slightly different, some men might have to stick to using Rogaine for months, but, no matter how long it takes for you to get a full-fledged beard through the usage of Rogaine, it’s always worth the wait. To shorten or rather bypass the wait time, you can opt for other Minoxidil triggered strategies like carefully choosing the type of Rogaine to buy based on your preference and expected result.

The mystery about Rogaine is, scientists don’t even know how it goes about promoting hair growth, and they are only in the know about how Rogaine is a potassium channel opener that aids the stimulation of blood circulation especially in hair follicles which clears a pathway for more hormones and nutrients for faster and thicker hair growth. Now that we have briefly covered how Minoxidil came about, its intended, actual usage and other information, the time is right to move on to the real question that brought about writing on Rogaine in the first place.

“Is rogaine a step towards growing beard faster and thicker naturally”?

There are varieties of methods out there on how to grow a better-looking beard, Rogaine is sure worth a try because it has been proven to work and the evidence is there all over the internet for all to see as many users who have had success with the product have dropped their reviews in form of testimonials right under the product’s online sales page. As a product that is capable of growing hair on just any part of the skin where it is applied, Rogaine’s effectiveness on beards cannot be overlooked and every user must have at the back of their minds that, patience is a virtue and the usage of Rogaine takes some if not lots of patience and at the end of the tunnel, there is always light and that’s what Rogaine has been synonymous with, a better endnote in form of a healthy looking beard for users who didn’t run out of patience mid-way through the application journey.

Steps to grow a beard faster and thicker naturally – Now to the health benefits of biotin as a beard supplement and its possible side effects.

How biotin can help grow facial hair and whether it is healthy to use?

The use of biotin for beard growth might not be ideal for men who are looking to grow their beards to replicate that of Odin or Zeus but, it’s infamous with men who are looking to grow their beards thicker and healthier. Since lack of biotin or not having enough of it causes hair to lose its thickness, experts strongly believe it aids in thickening the hair. Save for the fact that there is no scientific proof to back this but there’s more than enough evidence to support the claim that biotin can indeed improve keratin infrastructure, a type of protein that gives the hair, nails, and skin some support by strengthening them, this only turn out well when you use biotin through ingestion.

It is worthy of note though, that biotin should not only be used as the sole promoter of facial hair growth as it is only one of the minerals needed for steady growth, for a better result, it should be combined with other facial hair supplements.

The biotin supplement was initially pushed into the market for women but, over the years, a variety of it for beard growth has flooded the market.

Biotin is Necessary for Energy Metabolism

Biotin is a type coenzyme that helps in the breakdown and processing of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates for energy production. Asides being an agent and one of the steps to grow a beard faster and thicker naturally through the stimulation of the needed hormones for beard growth, there are other health benefits of biotin.

Biotin May Be Beneficial For Type 2 Diabetes

With the enhancement of glucose uptake in muscle cells and the stimulation of glucokinase, an enzyme present in the liver responsible for glycogen synthesis, biotin has been helpful in the reduction of human sugar level. Patients with type 2 diabetes have been studied to have about 45% reduction in their blood sugar concentration, all with a dosage of biotin every day for some time. High doses of biotin have also been known to improve diabetic neuropathy conditions, a nerve damage condition that’s synonymous with diabetic patients.

Biotin May Help Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Biotin is essential for normal fat metabolism which is crucial for the healthy maintenance of heart and blood vessel. A combined use of chromium and biotin can help with the reduction of heart disease risk factors by causing an increment in the levels of high-density lipoprotein and reducing the levels of low-density lipoprotein, especially in diabetic patients also suffering from one heart disease or the other. Biotin in pharmacological doses of about 15000 mcg/day is one of the effective ways to lower the concentration of triglyceride in the blood of patients with elevated triglyceride levels.

Biotin is Needed for a Healthy Immune System

The development of the white blood cells can also be linked to the presence of biotin in the body, an insufficient amount of biotin in the body can lead to an impaired immune system allowing for the vulnerability of the body to infections. It also increases the production of antibodies needed to keep the immune response at a high alarm rate to fight viral and bacterial infections.

Now that you rest assured biotin does no harm to the human body, you can forge ahead and get one of the biotin supplements in the market as a step towards growing your beard faster and thicker naturally.

Steps to grow a beard faster and thicker naturally – Teenagers corner, how to enhance their masculine look.

Steps to grow a beard faster and thicker: How to grow beard faster for teenagers?

As a teenager living in a country where mustache is treated as a symbol of masculinity or adulthood with some kind of stereotypes against men who sports a clean babyface either by choice or genetic disorder, a lot of teenagers are pushed into wanting to grow a fully blown beard at an early age especially from the ages of 11 through 15. Since the growth of facial hair mostly depends on genetics, boys in their teenage hairs automatically grow some hair under their chin no matter how little.

The rate at which hair grows during the teenage years is usually poor as there are only tiny strings of hair here and there, what many teachers wanting to sport a beard don’t know is, as aforementioned, the natural growth of hair, either on the head or under the chin depends solely on your genetic makeup. The development of beards has been known to rely on other “manly” features particularly the secretion of the testosterone hormone which naturally occurs at different ages in different individuals.

Between the ages of 15 & 18, patchy and extremely thin beards begin to sprout in individuals and a full beard usually doesn’t appear until adulthood which is around the time youngsters are in their twenties. A full-grown beard in teenagers is extremely rare and abnormal even for the better part of the teenage years.

As a teenager who should probably focus on some other important things like future decisions and the likes, growing beards is not really something you can force, the easiest and stress-free way is to wait on nature to run its course. You might keep on surfing the net for a solution to your beardlessness on the basis that a kid your age in your class already have fully grown beards, yea, it’s possible and there is nothing you can do about it, he is just lucky to have genes that express themselves better when it comes to hair growth and you on the other hand just to pray for mother luck to smile on you so you can at least grow more beards you can play with and pull when you are “thinking” about decisions to make.

People in the 90s have been known to hold a firm belief about shaving a beardless face to actually encourage the beards to come out fully, as well as this is not scientifically proven, some teenagers have testified to this as a solution that actually works, so, if you know how to handle razor and you are open to whatever option just to sport a beard, you can give this a shot as you might be lucky to have your beard breakthrough. You have to think this over though if you are the type who doesn’t know how to handle a shaving stick, there’s need to ask for help from a close relation you can trust as shaving yourself without any prior experience can result in cuts that might be infected on the long run, so, play safe while at it.

There are other alternatives like the many topical medications that can be applied to the surface area of where you want the beard to grow. Minoxidil, one of the earlier highlighted supplements is a tested and well-known beard growth booster. However, as a youngster with tender and sensitive skin, the after-effects of Minoxidil might include hair in unwanted surfaces if not applied carefully, redness of the skin and a stinging sensation in the areas where it was applied.

Due to the fact that scientists have more pressing issues in the world to find a workaround to, there are no dedicated efforts towards finding an easy way out to grow a beard for teenagers, so, as there is no foolproof solution, your beard depends on your body’s natural ability to evolve faster alongside your genetic composition.

The bottom line for eager teenagers is, if you are meant to grow a beard at such an early age, you sure will and if your body’s genetic composition doesn’t allow for it, there is little you can do to help the situation, so, just sit back and relax, your adulthood is almost hair where you will have a full-blown beard you’ve always wanted.

Steps to grow a beard faster and thicker: How to Make Stubble Grow Faster?

These subtopics are kind of intertwined but nevertheless, for the sake of this article and the people looking up to this blog to get every beard solution solved, we will take our time to treat every single one of the questions, regardless of how related they are to the previously treated ones. Provoking your stubble to grow at a rapid pace is an easy job as they pop up almost everywhere on your body whenever you’ve treated your body to a shave or a waxing session. There are two ways to this, the supplements method and the natural method.

The supplements and medication method entails the ingestion of vitamin E supplements, a needed nutrient that promotes healthy growth of hair and nail. Going down this path as an adult requires a dose of 25 milligrams of digestible vitamin E supplements in a day while the external application in the form of vitamin E oils can be massaged on the surface of the skin where you want the hair to sprout. As earlier mentioned in one of the subsections, Rogaine is an over the shelf topical hair treatment that is effective in slowing down the rate of hair loss and promotion of hair growth.

Rogaine can also be applied on the face especially where you want the stubble to grow in order to instigate hair growth. Biotin, another supplement we have treated extensively in this post can be taken alongside vitamin E supplements to help restore a loss of hair in parts of the body like the privates, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc.

The natural method, on the other hand, has been proven to work, the only difference between this and the supplements’ method is the rate of effectiveness i.e. speed. The supplements work better and faster than the natural method which involves a lot of wait time. When you wait for old age to kick in, the rate of hair growth increases, though studies have shown that while men lose their head hair as they grow older, chances are that their beard hair just starts growing at its own set-out pace which is usually faster than it was during the teenage years. Men don’t usually grow more than enough stubble until they are well above twenty years of age. Studies have also shown the weather affects hair growth in some way, summer especially has been known to be a season that encourages hair growth as DHT is most active during the warmer months.

Though, this has not been scientifically proven, but, sexual activity has been proposed to increase the growth of hair, so, this coming summer, as an engaged man looking to grow some your stubble in order to look cute for your significant other, you should consider some summer romance as part of the natural ways to grow your hair faster. Dead skin cells stay dead on the surface of the skin preventing the growth of hair, this reason is why you have to exfoliate your skin every now and then in order to get rid of the dead skins and give way for the growth of a new batch of beards.

Steps to grow a beard faster and thicker naturally – Effective home remedies for beard growth.

Steps to grow a beard faster and thicker: How to grow beard naturally at home?

If by now you still don’t understand your ability to grow facial hair generally depends on your genetics, I will implore you, for the sake of the efforts I put into writing all of these, kindly go back to the very beginning of this article and read all over again. The fact that the genetic makeup can’t be altered is a cause for concern for beard lovers who have been unable to grow one, but, here are a few things you can do at home to speed up your facial hair’s growth rate to the maximum potential;

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of those things, a simple message with this essential oil is one of the many home remedies you can make use of to increase the growth of your facial hair. It is even more effective when it is combined with rosemary oil. The application is simple, mix a little amount of both oils and apply to the face area with a cotton ball, rinse off the solution after about fifteen minutes of application, for maximum result, do this as many times as you are chanced in a week.

Amla Oil

Amla is which is also known as the Indian gooseberry became more famous for its oil which has been known to stimulate beard growth. It can be used as a standalone solution or alongside mustard leaves for an even refreshing solution. Just like the coconut oil, when applied on the face, it should be rinsed off after half an hour that it’s been on the face and it should be rinsed off with cold water and nothing else. After the amla oil must have been rinsed off, grind some mustard leaves into a paste, apply the same way as the oil and wait for results.

Lemon and Cinnamon

One teaspoon of ground cinnamon bark is all that’s needed alongside three teaspoons of lemon juice. Make a mixture in form of a paste, apply over the face, rinse when it has stayed for up to thirty minutes then repeat twice or more times in a week.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is powerful when combined with any carrier oil i.e. sesame or olive oil. The two should be mixed and massage into the area where you need the hair to grow, leave it for a maximum of 25 minutes then rinse with cold water.

Clean Moisturized Skin

When the skin is constantly cleaned up with damp water to keep it moisturized, it creates a better environment for the facial hair to sprout quickly. In general, the face area should be as clean as possible, no grease, dirt or dead skin in order to allow for the hair follicles to find their way out.

Protein and Saturated Fat

Some of the key nutrients for the fast growth of healthy facial hair are proteins and saturated fat and as a person looking to boot your beard growth, you should incorporate some foods that are known to be a good source of both, the likes of beans, fish and others should be included in your meal.

Balanced Vitamin Intake

Just like balanced diet is essential for the overall health of the human body, so it is with vitamins, as a person seeking to grow more beards, you must maintain a balance between your intake of vitamins A, C & E as they help in the maintenance of follicles and sebum which leads to increased blood circulation that creates a better environment for beards to thrive.

Exercise Daily

Exercise, they say, keeps the body and mind young, this it does by enhancing blood flow and circulation which is the key to the stimulation of hair growth. Jogging, running, cycling and other physical activities help to carry nutrients all the way around the body to the root of the hair follicles, exercising for at least 20 minutes a day will make a big difference in your beard growth journey.

Groom Occasionally

To have the luxury of a thick, dark beard, you must avoid shaving your facial hair too often. Refrain from shaving if having thicker beards is your goal, wait out for at least seven weeks and start grooming after that when the beard is fully grown, the end result will be a glowing, dark and healthy-looking grown facial hair.

Get Proper Rest and Sleep

When you have a busy schedule that requires you wake up as early as possible in the morning in order to meet up with office time and you get back very late in the night every day of the week over a very long period of time, the testosterone level in your body will reduce a great deal and that is bad business for someone whose goal is to grow better-looking beards. To enhance the testosterone level in the body, it is important to rest for at least 8 hours in a day just for the facial hair to get the needed nutrients that will encourage them to grow and come out of their shell.

Steps to grow a beard faster and thicker naturally – How to tackle patchy beards.

Steps to grow a beard faster and thicker: How to grow beards on cheeks?

Beards most often look patchy as a result of hair not growing on the cheeks area and if you happen to find yourself in this kind of situation, do not despair as this section is just for you to look like every other beard model out there, you no longer have to be frustrated with how patchy your beards look because right underneath this paragraph, some of the trips and tricks to grow just the amount of hair you need on your cheeks will be highlighted;

You and Your Beard Are What You Eat

You have probably heard this phrase one too many time, you might be even tired of hearing and reading about it but it is nothing but the truth, in order for humans to stay active, smart, up and running, there is need to cultivate a healthy eating culture. Not only will a healthy eating culture help you shed some fact but, it will also pace up the rate at which your facial hair grows and all of these numerous advantages just because you changed your diet from the usual which is probably junk food or some other food that’s not beneficial to your body.

If you have not been eating healthy in the past and you are looking to start now, the new eating plan should include a lot of vegetables and fruits. Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K contained in fruits and vegetables are agents which enhance the level of testosterone and DHT hormones which are responsible for hair growth, this loosely translates to more hair growth as long as you stick to your new diet plan. Intake of proteins and minerals should be taken into consideration, they have not been proven to affect beard growth directly, but, they sure do as all the elements count when it comes to getting your shy beard to come out for the world to see.

Stress Is the Worst Enemy for Your Beards

Only a few are in the know about how stress can negatively affect the human body, just for the record, stress is one of the things that can make men’s beards have stunted growth. Stress and anxiety walk hand in hand and if you are finding it difficult to sport a good looking beard, you should consider turning to exercise or meditations to help reduce the level of stress and anxiety in your body. The more you allow your work and some other things troubling you to stress you further, the more difficult it gets for hair in your body to come out of their sheath, the follicles.

Exercise here is not pushing you to join or get a gym membership, no, we are not talking about the professionals type of exercise that can span for hours, we are pointing you in the direction of engaging in physical activities like jogging for half an hour, that’s all it takes to help your facial hair situation. I know this might sound impossible because some don’t even know the source of their stress, but if you want to look good sporting a beard, you have to identify the source of your stress and eliminate it.

Steps to grow a beard faster and thicker: Using Beard Oils

If on your beard journey, you set out a specific period for the beard to fully shootout, then you should consider using beard oils to make the journey a faster one. As a pro tip, even after you have achieved your desired beard length, never stay away from the usage of beard oils as they will go a long way in keeping your newly grown beards hydrated, moisturized and itch-free. Doing otherwise will leave you with the direct opposite of the after-effects of using the oils, your beard will look stiff, dehydrated, rough, entangled and itchy.

Say for example, you set out to grow a healthy-looking beards in just four weeks, there is a need to ensure you get the right kind of oil that boosts facial hair growth from the market as there are varieties of oils available and getting just anyone just in the name of, I was advised to get a beard oil and a beard oil I shall get, without proper research, that might eventually turn out to be a total waste of time and a few bucks. The beard area should not be left out of the oil application as you sure don’t want to grow a beard that is looking all patchy again after the enduring weeks you just scaled through.

Steps to grow a beard faster and thicker: Grooming

Lastly, once you have achieved your plan of sporting a beard, the next line of action is to think of a way to properly groom and maintain the fresh out of the oven look of the beard for a very long time. To get the job done, a good trimmer and beard comb will come into the picture. This might seem like an inconvenience but, trimming a beard is an art on its own and to keep that amazing look you have now, there is need to take down all the stray hair and trim your way into perfection.

If you are not confident enough about doing this yourself, you can always head to a salon to get it done at a token but learning to use a trimmer is sure the best way to go about this and as the years go by, you will realize a trimmer is invaluable to bearded men as you have unknowingly saved tons of cash hairstylists would have pocketed just for taking a minute to take out the stray hairs.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Steps to Grow a Beard Faster and Thicker in 2020

Does Drinking Water Help Grow Beard?

Drinking water helps keep the skin and hair from getting hydrated. Hydration can prevent the body from getting the nutrients needed for proper beard growth.

How Long Does It Take For A Beard To Fully Grow?

Beard hair is somewhere on the spectrum between the head hair and the androgenic. The hair starts to grow in early teenage days but it may take 4-5 years before it can grow to fully. At this stage, it is always thicker and fuller than it was at 4 months.

Can A 15 year Old Grow Beard?

We have teens that start to observe beard growth at the age of 15 – 16. So, yes it is possible for a 15-year-old to grow beards. But the full adult beard won’t appear till they reach 20.

Does Shaving Increase Beard Growth?

No – shaving your beard won’t change its thickness nor will it change the colour or growth rate. Shaving your beard hair only gives the hair a blunt tip. And this stage, it appears more noticeable and appears thicker and darker.

Does Shaving Everyday Increase Beard Growth?

If the ” shaving beard every day makes it grow” myth is real, all men would have grown full beards. Shaving your beard every day makes your beard attractive and provide a healthy environment for its growth. Anything that is different from shaving every day creating a healthy environment and making your beard neat and attractive is myths?

How Long Should I Grow My Beard?

It takes months before to grow a full beard. How long your beard should grow depends on your lifestyle choices, genetics, and testosterone.

Do Beard Growth Supplements Work?

Beard supplements are for men with nutrients deficiency or men who have trouble growing stubble beards not to talk of full beards. Beard supplements such as Vitamin D are used by men to activate hair follicles that have become dormant. Also, B vitamins such as B-12, niacin, and biotin can help condition hair and strengthen it.

Yes, beard supplements work for those who use it the way it is meant to be used for.

What Is The Longest Beard Ever Growth?

A native of Norway, Hans Nilsen, also known as the king of Whiskers is the man with the longest beard ever sizing up to 17-feet and 6-inches long.

What Is The Fastest Way To Grow Facial Hair?

There is no shortcut to the growth of a beard, all you can do is stimulate and promote beard growth. Using beard oil and cream can only promote your beard growth not make it grow faster. Just do what it right then give it time.

Conclusion on Steps to Grow a Beard Faster and Thicker in 2020

Now that you have read on steps to grow a beard faster in 2020. Do you have any further questions?

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