Beard Growth Pills Side Effects You Should Know

Beard Growth Pills Side Effects – We have had a lot of warnings through media and other communication channels to filter into our ears about the negative effects of Beard Growth Pills, and just as many other well-crafted articles, this post is also written for this purpose.

Although there isn’t any recently recorded formal data about the specific rate at which facial hair is getting popular, it is however too noticeable even without studies, that beards are on almost everyone’s faces. But notwithstanding still, there are still some persons who aren’t inclined to the trend of “beard gang” due to one circumstance or the other. These kinds of persons are thus forced into the arena of buying thoughts of applying beard growth pills. The society plays a major role in doing that.

However, many blindly and ignorantly dive into this new world without critical surveillance and knowledge about the side effects of this boosters. Some maybe didn’t know side effects ever existed.

This article is thus aimed at critically boring into the crust of this subject matter. Before you also “force” yourself into the beard gang you’ve always craved for through the beards growth pills, get down to read this article for full knowledge! It might not be gotten anywhere else again if you do not know.

What are beard growth pills

Maybe you’re still even confused about the whole subject matter – perhaps this is your first time of hearing about the facial boosters, let us quickly run through what the beard growth pill is all about.

Without much ado, in the simplest form, Beard growth pills are boosters which encourages beyond even natural sense the growth of facial hairs – beards.

However, in actual sense, there is pretty more information about this definition than the above. In the aspects of constituents, principal, and minor functions, a principle upon which the beard growth pills work.

Thus, comprehensively, Beard growth pills are basically vitamin supplements filled with a number of microscopic units which enhances longer, faster and stronger growth of beards.

Additionally, these pills also act as protein supplements. This although takes full course especially if one doesn’t eat diets that are rich in protein, or one is a loyal fan of junks and fast foods.

Do Beard Growth Pills Exist?

Yes, they do! They are in existence. And for the facts, several companies have been thriving lately in the mass production of these pills. Although these beard growth pills exist both natural and man-made.

It is quite important to know a few of these pills before we dive into their respective side effects. This aids perfect understanding and clarification of the subject matter under discussion.

Thus, under this section, I’ll be taking you on a rather brief but detailed journey into the various kinds of beard-growing pills that could be easily found – both natural and man-made.

A couple of man-made pills are quite relatively popular which even proves further the validity of these beard growth pills & its functionality.

A few of these beard growth pills are outlined below

1. Testosterone Booster

This supplement helps men to grow thick, wild yet desirable beards. It is basically for men with low testosterone.

2. Beef Gelatin Capsules

This works based on the supply of protein. It contains 90% by volume of protein. And as we all know that protein is essential for the vibrant growth of beards.

3. Biotin

Biotin is a vegetable protein which helps to metabolize amino acids present in the body. It is actually recommended to be used simultaneously with the Beef Gelatin Capsules aforementioned. However, as a snippet into one of the effects of this beards growth pill, you must not eat meat or any other animal by-product if you’re using the pill.

4. Viviscal

This pill’s main function is to prevent the inappropriate thinning of beards, while also improving the thickening of the facial hairs.

5. Advanced Men’s Formula

Just like the Viviscal discussed above, this pill – Advanced Men’s Formula, is used to enhance the strength of hair strands, and as well used to discourage premature shedding of facial hairs.

However, also playing along with various researches and studies while a little bit diving into the natural supplements for beard growth, we can denote that testosterone, DHT, and follicular nutrition are factors that decipher your rate of beards growth, its length, and as well strength.

Some of the compounds that in actual sense, and has also been scientifically proved to improve the testosterone, DHT, and follicular nutrition content in the body are:

1. Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens is the scientific name for “velvet beans”. Velvet Beans is an Indian herb which very high amount of LEVODOPA. Levodopa converts very fast into DOPAMINE in the body. The increase in the supply of dopamine, in turn, stimulates the relatively large production of testosterone in the body.

2. High-Quality Multivitamin

A high-quality multivitamin is a very good supplement for beard growths. It ensures that the micronutrient level in your body is topped up and constantly renewed, which gives room for your body to grow facial hairs efficiently.

3. Sorghum

This is an ancient grain that is mostly grown and found in Africa.

Sorghum is principally used to increase enzymes which converts testosterone which is a good beard growing hormone to an even more potent and beard growing hormone – DHT, by roughly 54%. This, in turn, stimulate the linear growth of beards effectively.

4. Creatine

Although creatine is well known by weightlifters for its promotion of lean masses and strength gains, it is also one of the natural beard growing pills which increases testosterone and DHT levels in the body.

5. Nicotine

Do not be scared. You can actually make use of nicotine in supplementing your beard growth. Although this is done preferably not in the form of tobacco but in form of gum.

Nicotine can be used as a beard growth pill because of the presence of DHT in its breakdown product. Which thus implies that more DHT would be available in one’s bloodstream which in turn stimulate the growth of the facial hairs.

This list goes on and on… They usually seem to be unending. Well,  with the few listed above here, I hope you’ve gotten few quite important understanding of the kinds of beard growth pills available, while also gaining clarification that boosting your facial hair growth doesn’t all depend on taking multivitamins et all, as regards other claims I’m sure you might have heard about before you stumbled upon this article.

However, to read more about the kinds of Beard Growing Pills CLICK HERE (please provide an internal link when posting).

At this point, I feel we’re ripe enough to dive into the “side effects”, which is exactly what this article is based upon.

What are the side effects of Beard Growth Pills

After much as being said & explained before now, it is safe to outline the side effects of these beard growth pills available around you. Side effects of beard growth pills can either be temporary or in extreme cases permanent.

However, I would like to bring to your notice, that these side effects outlined below are gathered from studies and researches.

Thus, as a disclaimer, this information enclosed below shouldn’t principally be taken as medical advice or what-a-view.

The side effects of Beard Growth Pills are but not limited to;

1. Excesses Of Hairs (Hypertrichosis)

Excess hair begins to appear on the body generally. Hair starts to grow on legs, arms scalp, on the cheeks and around the eyes.

These new but rather unwanted hair are called the “Vellus Hairs”. That is, they are temporary and will shed off over time. Thus, they can either be left to grow or shaved with a razor – depending on the person.

2. Heart Palpitations

As per most of these growth pills such as Nicotine, Minoxidil, Caffeine, etc. were originally created for the widening of blood vessels, heart palpitations can be experienced by those who use them.

That is, users of these pills may feel the increase or decrease rate of their heart. This is also usually temporary and can be waved off, although this might rise to severe palpitations which is very unpleasant and disturbing.

In situations like this, it is advisable to go see a doctor as soon as possible to help you discontinue the application

3.  Beard growth pills usually cause diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, rapid weight gain, swelling of the face, feet, hands, lip, etc. for its users.

4. Acne

The use of these beard growth supplements usually causes acne, which ranges from slight ones to very severe acne.

This is usually very critical on bodies of users who are biologically prone to acne, as these pills might completely dry out their skin.

Applying these pills on active pimples also inflates such pimples. It is thus recommended not to use the pills on active pimples.

5. Chest Pains, Headaches, and Dizziness

Chest pains are incurred as a result of these pills and can range from slight pains to very severe ones. In cases of severity, it. Is advisable to seek medical assistance immediately before it gets out of hand.

Headaches are usually often temporary and tend to occur less as one proceeds with the usage.

Be prepared to face severe dizziness as you start the application of these supplements. Very severe ones. The feeling you tend to get when you stand very fast from your seat, and blood rushes into your head which in turns makes you dizzy, is the exact type of dizziness I’m referring to here.

6. Fatigue

How fatigue relates to this still actually remains a mystery to I myself, but it actually does occur in several cases. Some I’ve experienced while some I’ve either read or heard of.

A feeling of tiredness cum sluggishness and general weakness are side effects attached to this course.

However, it is seriously advisable to discontinue application, or better still reduce the dosage, when cases like this occur. Also, don’t forget to see a doctor.

7. Skin irritation, itchy skin, skin burn sensations, and dryness are all side effects of beard growth pills.

This is often caused by the presence of propylene glycol in these pills. And although can be avoided by the frequent use of moisturizers.

8. Altered Growth Cycle Of Hair Follicles

This is simply associated with the beard & scalp hair shedding.

The application of these pills alter the growth cycle of hair and cause excessive sheddings.

The hair growth cycle is:

  • The growing stage.
  • The gradual degenerating stage.
  • The inactive stage.
  • The shedding stage.

9. Dark Eye Spots, Wrinkling Of The Skin And A Dull Looking Skin

Application of these pills tends to create dark spots around your eyes and also excessive wrinkling of your skin would be noticeable. This is however caused by the inhibiting effects from these pills. This might be permanent in some cases, and temporary in some. However, people already affected this should try to avoid the direct rays if the sun, as it tends to even worsen the effect.

10. Decreased Vision

I’m not really good I’m explaining this and why it is so, and even with my vast research, I still find it hard to get a study who talked about it. But, it is true anyway. And as well scary and deadly as it sounds

11. Severe rashes

In conclusion, we hope you’ve learnt something! Necessarily not knew, but even more vast and better. It is very important to say, serious side effects are rare to come by, but when encountered, might be really deadly and severe, might require full medical attention. Perhaps you are having any medical conditions, it’s best to consult your doctor.

Also, it is also advisable to apply sensibility when applying these pills, and one should as well have a good and understandable knowledge of one’s body before making any application. I hope this helped you a lot! I wish you well and urge you to keep bearding! Keep those beards.

Perhaps you’ve got stuff to say on the side effects of beard growth pills? Do you want to share your experience, et all? Let me hear from you via the comment section.





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