What Makes The African American Beard Different

What makes the African American beard different – Do you know why the African American beard stands out?, If your answer is No, Don’t worry. I am about to unravel that mystery to you.

Unless you’ve been living somewhere outside the planet “Earth”,  you already know that the “Beard” thing is serious. Some dazzling while others aren’t so. Nevertheless, the Beard is now a fashion statement among men. Old and young, black or white. Among all, that of African Americans stands out. From Usher’s clean-cut to James Harden’s gigantic piece: just what makes their beard different?.

With the rise of the Beard gang, the African American is known to be fashion-forward. It is no surprise that they rock some of the sexiest Beards. Can you compare Prince Harry’s Beard to Usher’s?. Definitely No! If you’re still contemplating, ask the female folks and see which one ranks better. Apart from fashion intent, Beards leaves a sense of maturity and uniqueness.

It is often said that Men without Beards are “Boys”. **chuckles**

While it is mostly believed that the Beard plays a key role in attracting the opposite sex, true! but it has also widely been confirmed that this isn’t the only factor that draws a female to a man. A beard compliments your physical appearance and makes your face look more appealing if it is well-groomed. But still remains just a part of many pieces that unlock a ladies heart. There are still other missing pieces left out.

The African Americans are leaving no stone unturned in terms of rocking fabulous beards, my favourite Usher, LeBron James, James Harden and Terrence J are just a few of the black sweethearts to have fully embrace this trend.

In case you haven’t noticed: it is now a tradition.

But the question that keeps popping up is – what makes theirs so special? What is the secret?, What makes theirs different. I know these are the series of questions going through your mind. I know you are dying to know.

Do you want to find out? You are at the right place. Grab a Cup of coffee and take your seat as I unveil their secrets to you.

The African American Beard Thickness

A Beard is a signal of wisdom, maturity, and leadership. Most men have come to realize the respect the Beard commands. More numbers are embracing the Beard lifestyle more than it used to be the case.

As good as having a beard sound, it isn’t easy to groom. From the struggle of grooming to maintaining consistency, beard groomers are faced with these challenges. While having a thick beard sounds appealing, most men struggle to keep it once it reaches a certain level, itchiness spins out of control that they are forced to shave it off before it gets to the desired length and texture.

The African American beard is known to be thick and at remarkable length. Thickness is one quality that makes a beard standout, consistency and length also play a vital role. The thickness of a beard varies, while some prefer the Rick Ross type of beard, others may favour a Drake-like sexy beard. All is a matter of choice.

But that notwithstanding, a thick beard is the dream of every man, patchy beards aren’t just ugly, they look less fashionable and at the same time gives an impression that you aren’t properly groomed.

Blacks are known to possess thick hairs, with genetics playing a major role in this. In contrast, the whites naturally possess soft tender hairs, a factor that restricts you from having the Beard you want. Most Europeans know this, which is why they use cosmetic products to make their beard thicker. For the African Americans, this comes naturally, this is why they spot the best beards. Take a look at Drake, you will understand how thickness plays a role.

While a thick gigantic beard like that of Rick Ross isn’t that appealing, for most people the thicker the Beard the more respect it commands.

Presence of Black African American Beard Eumelanin

Whether is a Scruff, Tweard, Yeard or Verdi, it looks best when it is dark coloured. Black they say is beautiful, no surprise that black men rock the best beards.

Unless you’re a fan of the Hulk Hogan all-white beard style, black is the natural beard colour for men. Few men go extra miles to rock a different coloured beard, while some managed to kill their look with a different coloured beard, It is a “No” for the majority.

Just like genetics play a major role in the thickness of the hair, the same happens to its colour.

The colour of your hair comes naturally and science happens to give a reasonable explanation for why some people hair are black while others are not. Just like as Melanin influences the colour of the skin, a similar pigment known as Eumelanin gives the hair its colour.

Just as its name implies, Eumelanin is a type of Melanin which determines the colour of the hair. Eumelanin occurs in two varieties – brown Eumelanin and black Eumelanin. Pheomelanin is another type of Melanin, but unlike the former, it colours the hair yellow or orange. The proportion of this pigment determines the actual colour of your hair.

The Black Eumelanin is more manifested in the black race than other race. The African Americans are also inclusive. While the blacks may not be the only race attributed with black melanin, Asians and South Americans are part of this as well.

But, a vast majority of the blacks have this, except in cases of Albinism which represent a meagre percentage of the general population. It is highly unlikely to find someone born with Blonde hair among the African Americans due to their Black ancestry.

The manifestation of Pheomelanin and Brown Eumelanin among the Europeans attributes to different hair colours seen among them. The Germans especially are prone to Blonde hairs due to the secretion of Pheomelanin. Just as melanin isn’t overly manifested, the same applies to other colour-related pigments.

This factor is the reason why the African American Beard is mostly black and different from the rest. “Eumelanin popping” I must say. Black is Beautiful after all.

Proper Grooming of the African American Beard

No matter the thickness or amount of black Eumelanin present, if your beard isn’t properly taken care of, it will appear rusty and unappealing. I don’t know of anyone who likes a Haggard looking beard. If you are banking on your beard to command all the attention and respect you need, you better groom it well. If not forget it, you are better off with no beard.

No matter the style of beard you want to rock, proper grooming is needed. You don’t want to go around looking like an ex-convict or someone just released from jail. Your beard is meant to add that missing piece to your appearance, it is meant to be the icing on the cake. It should attract people to you and not scare them away.

People like Drake and Usher do not rely on just Eumelanin for the superb appearance of their beards. Proper and adequate maintenance is given. From regular trimming and washing to using expensive beard products,  your beard isn’t just a piece of hair on your face, it should be given the same attention you give to your clothes and other parts of your body. Or even more.

You may want to ask: How am so sure that the Africa Americans groom their beard well? There is no magic to this, neither do you need a soothsayer to answer this. As the saying goes “you are what you eat” the same applies to the Beard. The amount of care you give to your beard determines how it will come out. The more you care and give it the attention the better it appears.

Before you go out today, take a look at the mirror and see if all strands are in the right place, if otherwise, you need to hit the saloon and do the needful. Your comb and brush should be your friend. After every bath run your comb and brush on your beard before applying beard oil which acts as a moisturizer to give it that shiny look you crave for.

You don’t have to be an African American to rock a beard like theirs, anyone can do it whether black or white. with the right care and maintenance, you can rock a beard like Drake’s or even better.

Slowly but surely we are getting closer to unravelling all the secrets, You’ve come too far to give up now. Stick with me as I take you to the end. The only way to discover all the secrets is if you read till the end.

Let’s continue… Grab another cup of coffee to keep you energized.

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The African American beard Thrives from Proper Nutrition

You’ve probably heard it 103 times but I’m saying it again –  you’re what you Eat! Most men struggle with growing a beard, and when they finally do it is either patchy or not even enough to be called a ‘beard’.

While most find solace in cosmetic products, this problem has been linked to nutrition. The state of your hair corresponds to the health condition of your body.

Not everybody has the financial strength of investing in expensive hair boosters, but a more realistic and natural remedy to this likes in nutrient-rich foods and supplements.

Foods rich in vitamins, proteins, and zinc enhances the growth of the hair. Eggs, fruits, and vegetables are a few examples that fit that purpose. Vitamin A, E, and C help stimulate the hair follicle to produce sebum which helps to promote hair growth in humans.

Vitamin A and C are both water-soluble vitamins. Vitamin A is needed by many tissues in the for growth, especially the hair. Foods rich in vitamin A include carrot, sweet potatoes, and spinach. It is no surprise then that a deficiency in vitamin A leads to hair loss. Vitamin C, on the other hand, helps produce anti-oxidant which prevents the hair from ageing.

The omega-3 fatty acid is another substance that helps you grow hair fast and is particularly useful in preventing the Beard from becoming Rusty and brittle. This nutrient can be gotten from foods like nuts and fish. Food supplements are a faster and easier means of getting these nutrients in your body.

Most people with a good beard take their nutrition as a priority, African Americans inclusive.

The African American Beard Lives on Regular Exercise

Contrary to what we know, exercise doesn’t just stimulate the body muscle, it benefits the body tissue as a whole especially your hair.

I know this may come as a surprise, you are not alone. I was too! But then I finally realized something. Have you observed that most guys with good beards also have good muscles? This isn’t my idea it is a fact. LeBron James, James Harden, Kevin Hart, Usher all have something in common – Good beards and muscles.

After realizing this my curiosity tripled, and before I could spell “America ” I was already on Google typing ” How does exercise promote hair growth“. You will be surprised by what I found. Then I asked myself ‘ why didn’t anyone tell us this”. Thanks to Google I finally found out. I’m not going to keep you in the dark, Let’s go straight to business.

When we exercise we sweat in most part of our body, likewise, our scalp. When our scalp and parts where hair grows sweats, it unclogs the hair follicle giving rise for new hair to develop. Exercise increases blood flow to various tissues especially our skin.

Increased blood flow means more nutrients are deposited on the hair root, giving rise to increased hair growth. Exercise suppresses the amount of cortisone ( stress hormone) produce and increases the level of serotonin (happiness hormone) in the body. When your body is stressed, it affects all part of the body and stops the hair follicle from growing faster.

There you have it problem solved. Exercise more to grow a longer and thicker beard.

This is the last and probably most important secrets these African American guys have kept from us. If you want to grow a beard like theirs, follow this and thank me later.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on the African American Beard

How Often Should A Black Man Wash His Beard?

Your beard needs to wash thoroughly to remove dirt, depending on your lifestyle, washing it 2-3 times in a day might be needed. The environment, the foods you eat and pollution around are few of the factors that determine how frequent you wash your beard.

How Long Will It Take an African Man To Grow Beards?

Putting factors like genetics into consideration, it takes 4 – 6 weeks before beard hair starts to grow, but it takes more months before the beards grow to its full capacity.

How Long Does It Take An American Man To Grow Beard?

There is no difference in the time it takes an African man and American man to grow beards. An American man can only put more efforts into the promotion of his beard.

Can African American Beard Stop Growing?

African American beard can’t stop growing, although, after the beard grow to a certain level known as “terminal length”. It is always hard to tell where the extra beard hair is growing in at.

How Much Biotin Should I Take For Beard Growth?

There is no specific recommended dietary allowance for biotin. But the adviseable proponents of biotin should be around 2.5mg to strengthen the hair shafts.

At What Age Is Beard Fully Developed?

At what age the beard get developed is not a matter of African American man. Men typically start to develop facial hair in the later years of puberty, between the age of eighteen and twenty years, and the majority do not finish developing beards until their early twenties. For some it always later in their thirties.

Here you have read what makes African American beard hair to be different and answers have been provided to questions such as At what age is beard fully developed, how much biotin should I take for beard growth, and can every African grow beards.

Do you want to connect with me on Beard related information? Or you’ve got thoughts on the African American Beard? Hit me up on admin@mybeardgang.com or better still drop your comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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