List of Awesome Types of Mustaches

types of mustaches

Looking for the type of mustache to have? Then you need to check our collection of types of mustaches and find exactly what suits you.

The idea of keeping the different types of Mustaches can be less appealing to the majority but if well grown, trimmed and maintained the right way, it can add to what people think of you. Personality!.

So to make things easy for you we have compiled a list of types of mustaches below to give you an idea of the best one that can fit you perfectly.

List of Awesome Types of Mustaches

  • Classic Handlebar Mustaches
  • Relaxed Handlebar
  • Horseshoe Mustache
  • The Walrus
  • The Anchor
  • Pencil Mustache
  • Toothbrush Mustache
  • The Monopoly Man
  • The Thick Sloping Beard and Mustache Combo
  • Imperial Mustache
  • The Salvador Dali Mustache
  • The Thin one
  • The Chevron with a Full Square Beard
  • The Shadow
  • Stubble Mustache with a Chinstrap
  • The English Mustache
  • French Mustache
  • Fu Manchu
  • The Butch
  • The General Ambrosia
  • Tom Selleck Mustache
  • The Shadow

List of Types of Mustaches Explained

1. Classic Handlebar Mustache

types of mustaches

This type can be left short or long. It could be thick and you can also make the end to be curled upward by using special mustache wax. It is considered one of the oldest mustache styles, and now finding its way back into the 21st century.

2. Relaxed Handlebar

types of mustaches

Relaxed Handlebar is the one for good looks and also luscious, It is for guys who have heavy brows and deep-set eyes. Compared to the classic handlebar that needs much effort to maintain, it does not require much care.

3. Horseshoe Mustache

types of mustaches

It is an asymmetrical and full mustache, which grows down through the jawline and looks like a horseshoe turned upside down.

Horseshoe Mustache can be recognized through the clean-shaven chin and the mustache which extends down to the jawline.

To make your horseshoe mustache stands out from the rest, you should consider keeping the rest of your face clean-shaven. And you can decide to pair the horseshoe up with sideburns.

4. The Walrus

types of mustaches

The walrus is a classic and similar to chevron mustache looking at it from the shape perspective. It is always thick and bushy and also tends to pass through the mouth lines. For someone who has no thick mustache then this is not a style for you.

5. The Anchor

types of mustaches

From the name, one can easily conclude that it resembles those anchors used for traditional ships. For a more different look, it allows the soul patch to reach the chin puff and that makes it avoid the gaps in the middle. It is a minimalistic approach for professionalism.

6. The Monopoly Man

types of mustaches

This is another classy mustache type that is different from the rest. It is similar in shape and style just like that of the handlebar, the Monopoly is the best for those who already have full hair on their upper lip. The hair is meant to meet in the middle of the mustache which creates a solid block of color.

7. Toothbrush Mustache

types of mustaches

Named Toothbrush Mustache because of its minimalistic look and it was popular in the late 19th and early 20th century. The Charlie Chaplin mustache can give you another interesting look if combined with a modern haircut. Toothbrush Mustache is similar to lampshade mustache. What makes the two different is that Toothbrush Mustache extends to the corners of the mouth as it maintains vertical lines.

8. Pencil Mustache

types of mustaches

The Pencil mustache passes through the upper lip in an even line. This type of mustache can be thin or thick and meant to be taken care of properly. It needs a high level of maintenance if you are the type that finds it hard to maintain mustache this is not for you.

9. The Thick Sloping Beard and Mustache Combo

types of mustaches

If you are with a short face, this will look significantly longer by sporting a thick sloping mustache and beard. This style is good for someone who is interested in creating a look that is wild. If you are someone that works in an organization that frowns against negative personality representation, consider trimming the beard closer to your face and leave the mustache section.

10. The Chevron with a Full Square Beard 

Thick mustache, is a mustache style that covers the whole upper lip. It is bold and boxy and will complement a rugged face and jaw well by making one much squarer than you really are. The chevron mustache adds another view to this style. It can be worn by anyone with thick and full facial hair.

11. The Thin One

This style is dependent on angles that follow the shape of the face. Taking care of this type of mustache is a daily necessity in order to keep the lines sharp and clean. It is the most popular mustaches style among working-age males.

12. Imperial Mustache

Imperial Mustache is a thick mustache that grows above the lower lip and grows upward to the cheeks. It is an old-style that give you a touch of European flair. This style will give you a sophisticated and distinguished look.

13. The Salvador Dali Mustache

Salvador Dali Mustache is a mustache style named after the popular artist Salvador Dali. Twisted to needle-sharp points, this style needs patience and perseverance to achieve. The mustache will need to be trained so it grows out long enough to play with.

14. The Shadow

If you are looking for the merest hint of a mustache, this is what you should consider. It is one of the most common mustache styles you will find among Hollywood stars. It can be groom within days, which depends on how fast your hair grows.

15. Tom Selleck Mustache

This is another mustache style named after Hollywood actor with the name Tom Selleck and it is known to be attractive to certain people. It needs up to four to five months to grow, very thick and coarse facial hair with just a hint of a curl is what you need. Growing too much or little curl can affect the final result.

16. The General Ambrosia Burnside

This kind of mustache style can only look good on someone with a certain facial structure since it grows more on the square side. Having a strong chin will also help make the look a better one.

17. The Butch

The butch is a beard style that extends beyond the corners of the mouth. Having a tiny soul patch and a jaw beard will complete this look, it is good for those with well-defined jawlines and cheekbones.

18. The Stubble Mustache with a Chinstrap

The Stubble with a chinstrap is easy to maintain and grow fast compared to others on this list. It looks great on those with thick and curly hair.

19. The English Mustache

It is elegant and meant for someone with serious for mustache as it needs regular maintenance to maintain the shape. The corners need to be waxed to make them point out or cut to the desired length.

20. French Mustache

It is a long and thin mustache, which starts to grow in the middle of the upper lip. It is recommended to shave the area that covers the mouth ends.

Types of mustaches: Tips on How To Care for Your Mustache

It is not enough to have the best mustache style while you find it hard to maintain it, which is why we have compiled a list of steps and guides to follow to not just do it but do it right. Now that we are in the month of Movember and there is a general rise in men looking for good looking mustache styles which we have already listed above, but it is not enough without providing tips for keeping them in order.

  • Clean and Scrub
  • Shave and Trim
  • Condition and Hydrate
  • Wax and Shape
  • Comb and Style
Clean and Scrub

Mustache needs to be cleaned just like beards. Daily activities performed can lead to the accumulation of dirt and oil that if left unattended to can lead to the build-up of bacteria that can lead to an unpleasant smell. Making use of a regular facial wash or the one specifically regularly can solve this. We have mustache wash like:

Shave and Trim

The numerous mustaches styles available have made some to be more complicated than the other. Maintaining certain mustache styles needs precision equipment. You can as well get a dedicated trimmer for this. If you have stray and long hairs, you can make use of manicure scissors and some gel.

Condition and Hydrate

Facial hair is known to draw moisture from the skin which can lead to dry flaky patches within your mustache. Making use of a dedicated moisturizer for beard and mustache is the best solution.

Comb and  Style

With proper combing, you will be able to free your mustache from debris and dry skin. It will ensure that your facial hair is clean and tidy.

Wax and Shape 

This is for you if you want to wear a more complicated mustache style. Waxing your mustache will hold it in place and also ensure that your hair stays neat and styled.

List of Tools Needed For Mustache Maintainance
  • Mustache Comb
  • Mustache Wax
  • Beard Wash
  • Beard Conditioner Balm
Mustache Comb

You might be thinking it is not necessary but it is one of those tools you need in making your mustache be in shape. Mustache combs are designed in a way that makes the combing of your mustache as easy as possible without catching the comb teeth on your nostrils.

Mustache Wax

It is an essential tool for styling your facial hair in place. Mustache styles like Imperial Mustache need wax to keep it in position.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on types of Mustaches

How Often Should You Trim a Mustache?

It is advisable to trim your mustache once in a week but you dye you are the type that dyes to cover white hairs, make sure to do this before you trim. Check out: How to turn white beard to black naturally.

How Can I apply Mustache Wax?

Note: Before you wax your mustache be sure that the hair is completely dry. Follow the steps below:

  1. Take and rub a tiny of the wax between your thumb and the index finger.
  2. Spread the mustache wax through one side only, then shape it to upturned curl.
  3. Follow this same procedure on the other end.
  4. Inspect to be sure that the wax reaches all areas and tweak if needed.
What does Moustache Symbolize?

Is it a symbol of courage and masculinity? What mustache symbolize can be interpreted into many things base on individual belief. Some refer it to a symbol of Courage and some call it the symbol of masculinity. What does it symbolize to you?

Can I Pull off a mustache?

Yes, you can pull off your mustache. There’s no fast rule to what you do with your mustache. It all boils down to what you feel about your mustache and yourself.

What Kind of Mustaches does Hulk Hogan Have?

Hulk Hogan has created his own trademark white mustache since the early days of his career. He is known for his classic mustache and biker mustache which is a full mustache that grows down along the corners of the lips, down the side of the mouth which it forms inverted Inverted horseshoe.

What kind of mustache should I grow?

Choosing the best type of mustache that is perfect for specific face shape is not easy but possible. Once you know the basic criteria to put into consideration then you are good to go.   Before you choose a mustache for yourself put the following into consideration direction, weight, and width. Don’t forget to put your face shape into consideration as well.

How can I grow my mustache Naturally?

Just as we looked into natural ways to turn white beards into black and accessories needed to grow beards properly. You can grow your mustache naturally without using chemicals that may be harmful to your hair or skin by doing the following: eating the right food, doing exercise, and taking care of the skin.


You have learned about different types of mustaches, how to take care of your mustache and tools needed to keep your mustache in shape. With all you read here you should be able to identify different types of mustaches and advise friends and family on the one that is good for them.

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