James Harden Without Beard: What Do You Know?

james harden without beard

Whenever you hear the word James Harden Without Beard. What do you think of it? Here we will be answering questions related to the popular basketball player and his beard.

Below is a breakdown of what we are looking into:

  • Who is James Harden?
  • Does James Harden trim his beard?
  • Did James Harden have a beard in Colleges?
  • What kind of Haircut does James Harden Have?
  • List of Best James Harden Beard Style with Pictures.

Who is James Harden?

James Harden, Popularly known by his nickname ” The Beard” is an American Pro Basketball player and plays in the NBA for the Houston Rockets. The NBA is known to be a home for Superstars when we talk about basketball. You might know him for his beards but he is more than that, he is one of the best shooting guards NBA has ever seen.

He was born on August 26, 1989, in Los Angeles city of California to Monja Willis and James Harden Senior. And he was the youngest of the three children.

Pictures of James Harden Without Beards

There are days when this professional basketball player goes without a beard. He wore a youthful look with different styles from clean shave to light stubble then to a moustache. Below are the pictures of James Harden with long beards.

  • Clean Shave
  • Light Mustache and Goatee
  • Pencil Mustache connected with a small Goatee
  • Trimmed Beard
  • Stubble

 1. Clean Shave

This is a style that is free from any facial hair apart from the eyelashes, eyebrows and shortly trimmed sideburns. It looks good when it is shaved consistently. But he was only able to keep up with it back in the days before he becomes a superstar.

2. Light Mustache and goatee

This beard style is the one that makes use of a very light mustache and a light trimmed chin goatee. The sideburns are always trimmed, short and the jawline and neck are clean shaved.

3. Pencil Mustache connected with a Small Goatee

Pencil Mustache connected with a small goatee incorporates thin pencil moustache that extends through both sides to the small trimmed goatee. Sideburns and jawline are very short and clear. It is one of the neatest looks of Harden before growing a full beard.

4. Trimmed Beard

Asides from clean shave it is a great one that is easy to carry. All that is needed to maintain this is trim your beard and mustache.

5. Stubble

Stubble is a type of beard style that gives the chance to grow for some days without trimming. This look of James Harden without a beard is the infant stage of the trademark he wears today.

List of Best James Harden Beard Style with Pictures

  • Overgrown goatee and mustache
  • Chin curtain with a trimmed mustache
  • Trimmed beard with a thin mustache
  • Harden’s Goatee with a linked mustache
  • Stubble
  • Peach Fuzz
  • Clean Shave
  • Full-grown beard

1. Full-grown beard

Full-grown beard style is one that the beard left un-trimmed and allowed to grow off the jawline with the chin. The facial hair will not only cover the cheeks but also extends towards the jawlines on both sides. It is one of the beard styles that James Harden goes for and you will always see him maintain 5-inch length.

2. Overgrown goatee and mustache

This beard style can be done when a trimmed beard and mustache has grown without trimming. It will eventually get to a stage when the facial hair won’t be too long to be called a full-grown beard neither not too short to be tagged as trimmed.  It is more unkempt and casual.

3. Chin curtain with a trimmed mustache

Chin curtain with a trimmed mustache is a facial hairstyle in which the mustache gets trimmed properly while the hair on the neck, jawline, chin are allowed to grow out of the face. The facial hair growth is like that of the curtain of hair hanging from the chin. It is an amazing style that gives an unkempt look just like that of an Overgrown goatee and mustache.

4. Trimmed beard with a thin mustache

It is a beard style in which the facial hair is trimmed in-lining with the jawline and chin. The sideburns are extended and trimmed to connect to the chin hair via the jawline. The mustache is always thin and easy to maintain as it is just above the upper lip.

5. Harden’s Goatee with a linked mustache

So Harden’s goatee with a linked mustache is a beard style you can find in men. This beard style makes him different as the hair of the chin connects to the growing mustache on both sides. It is also known as a circle beard and since the 1990s gained similar meaning as a goatee.

6. Stubble

Stubble beard style is a very short length facial hairstyle which makes it easy to maintain. The hair is not long enough to be called a beard and also not too short to be referred to as clean-shaven.

7. Peach Fuzz

Peach fuzz is a beard style that is common among teenage boys who are just reaching adolescence. The hair is sparse and light in shape like fuzz on the peach.

The Timeline of James Harden Beard With Pictures

Harden was not born with beards but by following the guides and genetics been on his side he was able to sprout hair out of his face. Building off that idea let’s briefly look at his history right from the time he was with no beard to the present day.

High School, Beard Status – Nonexistent. The Face As a Blank Canvas, Just Waiting For A Beard

James without beard in College

He was one of the top recruits in the country – and he received offers from most of the major schools from the west.

Arizona State, January 2009. Beard Status – Gestating. Bristling with Potential

At this stage, he was already Arizona doing what he is good at, during which he shot 52% from the field and 41% from three. He had a massive burden to deal with getting Arizona State into the NCAA Tournament which they missed at first campaign but he never gave up on his beard.

Arizona State, March 2009. Beard Status – Capitalizing on Maroh Madness, The Best It’s Ever Been

At this stage, he got the state into the tournament. He won the first-team All-America honors as well as the Pac-10 player of the year by scoring 20 points in a game. Cool right?

NBA Draft. June 2009. Beard Status – Restrained. Neat and Impressive, But Could Turn Into Anything

At this stage, his beard ar neat and impressive but no one could foresee what could become of them.

Rookie Year, January 2010. Beard Status – Contained; Solid But Unspectacular

His beard is well contained, he must have spent a lot of time to keep them in shape. Here he struggled shooting only at 40% from the floor, though he was able to account for 9.9 points per game. He received zero Rookie of the year votes.

Right Now. Beard Status – Glorious. A Toronto Revenge Film Distilled Into Beard Form. All You Could Want From A Beard And More

Now Harden’s scoring 26+ points in a game, and now one of the 15 best players in the NBA. It does not end at that his beard style is now a Landmark as his face can be found on Magazine front page.


Tips to Rocking Your Beard Just Like James Harden’s

Growing Beards is a cool one , but on in order to rock it like James Harden has being doing, you need to understand and appreciate it.

If you really want to have a beard that many will find attractive just like his beard has become a trademark found on clothes and Magazine’s front page you need to need to do things that seems odd at first, but as time goes on you won’t find doing them difficult.

To grow your beard just like that of James Harden you need to keep your beard clean and shaved, don’t forget to eat food with nutrients needed for beard growth, hire a professional to keep your beard in shape instead of being a Do-It-Yourself guy and keep getting your beard spoilt all time, exercise and sleep well.

Asides from the ones listed above don’t forget to move with confident bearded men, don’t be ashamed to show off your beards and be confident.

List of James Harden Quotes

This year I’ve just been aggressive. I still have that mindset of passing the ball, and being aggressive and attacking the basket is going to draw more attention, and that way I can find my teammates. Being in attack mode is something I try to bring into every single game, and that’s what’s making me be so successful.

My dream was to be in the NBA. I wasn’t really focused on being a star player on a team. I just wanted to make it to the NBA. I’ve been blessed for the opportunities to be in the Finals, been in the playoffs ever since I’ve been in the NBA.

Some guys travel with expensive Louis Vuitton luggage but it gets all scratched up under the plane. I’d rather not spend too much money on something that’s just going to get messed up.” – James Harden

That excitement on the court, I’m the same way off the court. I like to have fun, meet people; I like to give high-fives to the kids courtside. Just have fun. That’s kind of my personality, that’s how I’ve been.” –  James Harden

To play as a finalist for the USA Basketball National Team is an unbelievable feeling and an opportunity that is truly humbling. It is an honour to be included with such talented players and I look forward to the chance to represent my country this summer. ” – James Harden

There are a lot of guys who play in the NBA. There aren’t a lot of guys who have a chance to win a gold medal, too. ” – James Harden

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on James Harden Without Beard

Did James Harden shave beard in college?

James Harden was born with no beard, and there is a point during his time in college and his early days as a newbie in basketball when he had no beard. So definitely he must have shaved his beard during this period, even if it is once.

Does James trim his beard?

One of the most glaring things we learned that James Harden doesn’t even remember the last time he has completely shaved his face. “No, I don’t. … Hardenenlightens us on who is allowed to trim the beard: “I let my barber trim it.

Is James Harden Married?

No, he is not married, right now he is focused on winning more NBA championship.

What is James Harden NetWorth?

According to Forbes, James Harden is worth $145 million.

Will James Harden Shave his Beard?

“How much would it take to cut the beard off? Would you do it for charity?”

According to the TMZ report, yes, yes he would!

Harden said he’d lose the beard, but not without stipulations. He’s not about to hack off his luxurious face-mane to help buy books for underprivileged barn owls. He’d do it for a good cause, and more importantly, the right cause.


You have read on who James Harden is, his net worth, his best beard style and many more.

Years back James Harden used to be an average man before he was transformed into a distinctly handsome guy. Growing his beard seemed to have given him more confidence compared to years back, it was possible to detect small patches which were less robust than the rest.

Then years later during his Harden’s fourth season was his breakout year at Houston’s Rockets, the beard had a breakout of its own.

Now he’s The Beard

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