How To Grow A Full Beard Without Patches

Looking for how to grow a full beard without patches? Jump right in!

Learning how to grow your beard as a man is a skill you must hone. Every man has the capacity to grow beards although some can have it fuller than others. A full beard is every bearded man’s dream. There is no point in growing a beard that is not full and thick especially if it looks patchy. A patchy beard can be really disappointing and discouraging.  You might even find that you will start to wish to shave off the whole beard due to its irritating patchiness. If you don’t know what a patchy beard is like, here is a definition. A patchy beard usually grows in patches, this means that there will be patches of hair in some areas of your face and no hair in some other areas. A number of factors that can cause beard patchiness include bad genetics, Alopecia areata, and unhealthy lifestyle. If in your family tree, you can hardly find beards on any of the men’s faces, then maybe it isn’t in your genes to be able to have a full beard. But luckily for you, you can turn that around. There are ways to get your beard to grow thereby defying and bypassing those bad genes. We will be giving you tips in this article on how to grow out a full and thick beard with no patches.

Let’s get to learning how to groom a full beard without patches, shall we?

1. Learning How To Grow A Full Beard Without Patches – Balanced and healthy foods

There are lots of benefits that are tied to healthy feeding. A very crucial step you will be taking if you want a full and thick beard is to stop eating junk foods and start eating healthy. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals especially Vitamins A, C, D, and E. These vitamins play a key role in hair growth and formation. Also, start
feasting on fruits and vegetables as they have these vitamins and minerals in adequate supply. A very good reason you might be growing a patchy beard is that you are not eating food that is nourishing your beard. Eating foods packed in unhealthy preservatives, excess sugar, alcohol is all bad for hair health and your overall health.

Eat well-cooked foods and pack yourself with enough vitamins and we guarantee you that over a few weeks, you will notice significant changes in your beard. Also, don’t underestimate the power of water on your beard. Water does a lot for your body and helps to hydrate your body and yes, your hair. If you aren’t taking in enough water, it can be detrimental to your beard because it can cause it to get dry. A dry beard that is not well moisturized will encourage patchy beard.

2. Learning How To Grow A Full Beard Without Patches – Patience and Time

As much as these two factors stated above are not physical factors like foods or vitamins, they are very important in your beard journey. Have a lot of patience if you plan on growing a full beard and don’t give up on it. It is very important that you give your beard time to grow. If you just started growing it and it is still in the stubble phase, have patience and wait for a month. That means wait for at least four weeks, your beard is sure to grow. Just don’t rush things.

Trying to force it to grow all out overnight or get instantly fuller or thicker overnight is a bad idea. Just wait for it. It will surely respond to treatment if you put into your daily life the other tips listed in this article. We just need to make sure you have patience at the back of your mind while trying to grow out a full beard.

3. Learning How To Grow A Full Beard Without Patches – Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a well-renowned drug endorsed by the FDA and it is known to do a lot of wonders when it comes to hair regrowth for both men and women. It is also called Rogaine and it is recommended if you are suffering from Alopecia or patchy beards. You will start to see improvements usually within a week. Minoxidil is highly trusted in the online community for its effectiveness and if you would love to get it, then you can go ahead to shop for this product on Amazon. Minoxidil costs $30.23 and you really should get it if you want a full beard with no patches.

4. Learning How To Grow A Full Beard Without Patches – Exercise

Exercise is also a great way to get your beards to grow more. Do more weight lifting, push-ups, sit-ups and jogs to encourage more beard growth. How does this work? When you exercise, your testosterone levels shoot up. This hormone called testosterone is very healthy for your beard and is closely linked to more beard growth. How can you increase your testosterone levels so that you can grow more facial hair? The answer is in exercise! So my friend, I guess you know what
to do now right? Get to jogging!

5. Learning How To Grow A Full Beard Without Patches – Clean your beard and skin

The reason for cleaning your skin is that you are setting a healthy foundation for beard growth. If you can’t clean and exfoliate your beard and the skin underneath, this will lead to clogged pores. logged pores are essentially bad for your beard. So, get a beard wash with natural ingredients, and wash and exfoliate your beard at least twice a week. Take your bath regularly and every time you do, wash your beard too. It tells over time.

6. Learning How To Grow A Full Beard Without Patches – Groom your beard effectively

Essential grooming practices that bearded men do include washing and conditioning the beard twice a week, applying beard oil daily and combing and brushing the beard. If you fail to do these things, it could have adverse effects on your beard. Pick the specific days when you intend to wash and condition so that it becomes regular. Also, try to get a quality beard oil for your beard. Beard oils refurbish and give your beard a total makeover.  Invest in a beard oil, visit a store today and pick up a quality beard oil. The importance of brushes and combs on your beard can’t be ignored. Brushing your beard after applying a beard oil is very important. This act of brushing helps to spread the oils all over your beard to every inch and hence promoting the moisturizing of the whole beard. Combing your beard helps to style it effectively.  Just remember to practice proper grooming techniques like the ones summarized above and you are one step away from having a full and thick beard within a couple of weeks. Try it!

Really, there is no one single magic way of growing your beard to be thick and free from patches. You need to keep trying and experimenting. Keep at it and you will get your desired result. Yes, stop looking in the mirror every time. Patience is the best gift you would be giving your beard at the moment. Just be patient with it.

Don’t rush.

There is also the mental aspect of growing your beard that you should keep in mind. Some of it includes criticisms, peer pressure, and impatience. Criticism will come anytime. While you are waiting for your beard to grow and for those patches to cover up, be sure to take criticisms in a positive way. Some people will tell you your beards don’t fit your face or that it has too many patches. But you have to be strong and have the mindset that even though your patches are yet to be covered up, you will wait for your beard to grow at its own pace. Have that mindset and you will overcome all obstacles. Just know that no matter what people say, you know deep down, that you are taking concrete steps to make it work and you will soon see brilliant results.

Sometimes though, the reason you could be having patchy beards is that you are suffering from the condition called Alopecia areata. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that causes hair to fall out due to the body mistaking the hair around that area to be a foreign body.

So,  the body sends out white blood cells to that particular area and they bombard the place and attack the roots of the hair. This causes the hair to get weak of course and then fall out. Alopecia areata can affect anyone whether old or young. So if you have patchy beards, then it may be due to this condition explained above. But the fortunate thing about it is that the hair usually regrows before six months. So if it is Alopecia, there is a great probability that it will still grow out back. But also as we stated before, it could be your genes. If your father, your great-grandfather or grandfather weren’t too gifted in the beard department, know that you can’t either.

You can only use beard growth supplements or improve your chances of growing out one by applying a combination of the tips listed above.

A full beard is a gift indeed. But you really can’t force things bro. If you find that you have waited for up to six months and your beard still hasn’t grown out, be sure to just keep your beard short. Short beards rock too! There are lots of amazing styles that you can throw with a short beard. We have all seen hot celebs who rocked the short beard and stubble, yes stubble, and they rocked them both well. It just really depends on the level of care you give that short beard. A short beard is a really fantastic style on its own. Just own it! But if after applying those methods and eating the right foods and adopting a super healthy lifestyle, you find that your beard is
improving and increasing in length, fullness, and thickness then kudos!

Congrats! Your beard is a really valuable part of you that nature has endowed you with. Don’t shave it.  No matter the pressure, resist it. And know that if it is in a bad shape, it is sure to improve very soon. Never for any reason be tempted to shave off all of your beards. Don’t leave the beard gang. Instead, be an inspiration to call in more members. How you can call in more people to join the beard gang is to rock your beard proudly and neatly. Other clean-shaven men will spot how confident,  sexy and bold you look with it and will definitely want in. So, you really need to be proud of your beard bro. Be proud of it.

To conclude, we believe that we have given you a guideline on how to grow your beard to be thick and full and how to avoid patches. We strongly believe this guide will help you to fight those patches and you will finally get the kind of awesome beard that you desire and totally deserve. Have fun with the whole process. Don’t  be disappointed, discouraged and heartbroken if you don’t see results immediately. Just trust in the whole process that once you have followed the steps outlined above diligently, your beard is sure to grow. So, a quick summary of everything written above is own your beard, love it as it is, have patience and most importantly, perseverance, eat healthy foods especially foods that encourage beard growth like eggs, leafy dark green vegetables like Spinach, have enough exercise to boost your body’s Testosterone and DHT levels and rest well. Stress could be one of the reasons you have a patchy beard though. So in order to avoid stress triggering patches in your beard, be sure to get enough rest and sleep for nothing less than eight hours daily. Enough sleep has been proven to boost testosterone levels.

We believe we have given you enough information, now it’s time to use them to the advantage of your beard.  Seize the day and have an enjoyable beard growth story!

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