What Causes Bald Spots In Beards

What Causes Bald Spots In Beards – Bald spots sometimes occur in beards. These are bald patches that flaw the look of the beard. You might not even have known that you are developing a bald patch. It might have been your friend, relative or colleague that told you that you have bald spots in your beard. These bald spots are irritating and cause the beard to look unattractive. No one really wants such things in their beards. It is one thing to suffer to grow a beard, to put in money, time, energy, thoughts into looking for ways to grow your beard to get thicker and fuller… But it is another thing for bald spots and patches to get in the way.

What causes bald spots in beards?

This is a really good question and we are here to answer it. Below, we will be listing some of the causes of bald patches in your beard and after them, we will be enlightening you on how to combat it and win your beard back.

1. Alopecia areata

This is a phenomenon where there is a loss of hair whether on the scalp or the beard. The word Alopecia means loss of hair. Alopecia usually
first occurs when a man is in his teen years or even still a child. Alopecia can occur in both men and women. But for men, it can affect the beard. The bald patch can regrow after a few months or be permanently bald. Usually, a bald spot of Alopecia regrows before six months. Anything after that means hair might not grow there again.

In Alopecia, small bald patches in your beard can merge together to form a large bald spot. And also while one bald spot is still growing back, another bald spot could be forming. It is unclear really what causes Alopecia, but it has been proposed severally that a healthy lifestyle could reduce your risk of it. That we will still talk about in the later parts of this article.

In some rare cases, Alopecia can cause total loss of hair on the scalp, beard, eyebrows, and skin. It can be that severe. Some school of thoughts has it that Alopecia is a form of autoimmune disease. This is when the body mistakes your hair whether beard or scalp as a foreign body and attacks it with white blood cells to fight it. This causes the hairs to fall out. Your hair can go back to normal once the immune reaction has stopped. This school of thought seems very correct. Considering that the hair most times grows back. Which is an indication that
perhaps the immune reaction has subsided? So, for the fact that you have bald spots in your beard, it might be a sign of Alopecia areata
in your beard. We will be sharing tips below of how to combat it.

2. Another possible cause of the bald spots in your beard is that you have vellus hairs that are yet to mature into terminal hairs.

When you first start sprouting beards in your teenage years, you will notice that your beard’s hairs were all over the place and scanty. Some grew on the neck, some on the top of your lip, some on the cheek. They weren’t even.  So, that hair that used to grow than is called vellus hair. It is similar to the hair you had as a newborn baby. The vellus hair is usually very thin, light dark and tiny. So, if you have Vellus hair in some areas of your beard, it is likely that it will appear as a bald spot to onlookers. Why? Because vellus hair is so thin. It is not like it’s opposite, the terminal hair which is dark and thick. Terminal hair is the mature form of vellus hair. So, if your bald spot is caused by vellus hair, then keep calm, It will definitely mature and grow into the terminal hair that we love. The terminal hair will cover all of those spaces and look full and thick. Just let the vellus hair mature.

3. Perhaps it is in your gene

Yes, genetics could play a big role in why you have patchy beards. If there is or was someone who had a patchy beard in your family, then you
are highly likely to have patchy beards too. This is because you might be unlucky and be the one to inherit those genes. Your brother might
not have it, but you might have. That is heredity for you my friend. So, look through your family history.

Those three reasons listed above are the possible reasons you could be developing patchy beards. There is no one cure for it but there are steps you can take to boost beard growth and hence promote the growth of hair in those patchy areas.  We will be listing some possible solutions below.

1. Use Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a very active drug for beard growth. It is well renowned for its effectiveness in improving hair growth both on the scalp and
for beards. You can buy this wonderful beard growth booster from Amazon. The link to buy this product is on Amazon here, and it costs $31.45 on Amazon. This product is tested and trusted by the FDA and this is a very important screening process that the drug has passed through.  This means that it does what it promises to do and is safe to use. It is still the best product out there for treatment of hair loss and
stimulation of hair growth.

2. Rest

If you have a patchy beard, resting can help you in restoring your beard back. Having enough rest allows your body to be able to make good use of the foods you are eating and utilize the vitamins in them. Make sure you sleep well as it also helps in boosting testosterone which is a necessary ingredient of beard growth.

3. Healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle includes eating the right foods especially proteins that are rich in Biotin. Biotin is an essential chemical that your body gets from protein such as Chicken that is very well linked to hair growth.  Eat vitamin rich foods too especially fruits.

4. Exercise

Exercises like jogs, long walks, push-ups, weight carrying, going to the gym all help in boosting your body’s testosterone levels which would, in turn, boost your beard growth.

If you have bald spots in your beard, don’t despair.  Eating right and leading a very healthy lifestyle will ensure that your hair in the
bald areas regrow.

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