Top 5 Beard Gang Instagram Handles You Should Follow

If you are a beard fan and love to see fantastic pictures of bearded men, then Instagram is a cool place to bring this into fusion. There
are hundreds of beard gang Instagram handles that are out there, but in this article, we will be giving you the top 5 handles we think you should be following.

1. @mybeardgang

This Instagram is founded by Adetola Deedee, a bearded man himself who found love in his facial hairs. The Instagram page is home to a wide range of pictures of bearded men.  Whether you reside in the U.S, or in Germany or in Nigeria, there are pictures you can surely relate to related to beards on their page. Just go to @mybeardgang in the search box and click follow to see amazing updates of bearded men, with beard care tips and beard lovers sharing their beard growth stories and journey, you will be inspired to start growing your facial hair.

With plans to build an amazing community of mybeardgang and having a beard care line amongst other amazing insights and plans, this Instagram handle is one for you to follow. No doubt!

2. @beardgang_ng

This is a Nigerian beard gang page dedicated to Nigerian beard lovers. To see their updates, just search for @beardgang_ng in your search box on Instagram to see their page.  And then be sure to follow them for inspirations of beard styles, beard oils for Nigerian beards and
pictures of Nigerian men slaying it with their Afro haired beards.

3. @beardganglagos

This is the home for all the beard lovers and men in Lagos, Nigeria. This handle gives you all the latest updates on men that have recently
joined the beard gang and what tips they use to properly groom their beards. All you need is to go to your search box in your Instagram application and type the handle, @beardganglagos. This will immediately bring up their page where you can check out their awesome updates and follow them!

4. @beard.kings

This is another Instagram handle you should follow.  Search for the handle in your Instagram App and follow them.  You get to see handsome
pictures of men rocking it with beards.  Awesome heh? This is the official Instagram handle for the bearded kings.  Join in to confirm
that you are a certified king!

5. @bearddaddy_ng

They deal in beard care products for Nigerians and is 100% natural. To order yours, call or WhatsApp them at 08036191208. Their beard care products are suitable for all skin types. Gabriel Afolayan a leading and professional actor in Nigeria follows this account! Perhaps he
uses their products. Go check them out! What makes this handle stand out is that they sell beard products apart from promoting the Beard
Gang movement. So, in addition to promoting the movement, they also sell amazing beard products made 100% in Nigeria to sell to their loyal followers who they have successfully convinced to join in the Beard Gang. So perhaps you are looking to buy Made in Nigeria beard products, be sure to take a good look at this page. We have already provided their contact details as stated above.

So, there you have the top five Instagram beard gang handles you should be following. You can make Instagram a place that will nurture your love for beards. Follow the right people, follow celebrities that that keep beards. These will help to keep the beard gang flame forever burning. Also, by following these accounts you get to see different styles that you can do with your beard. Because let’s face it, when the beard grows, you might be at a loss for how to shape it to look stylish. These pages will instantly solve all that problem for you.

Before we close the article, we will like to give you a few tips on how to effectively groom your beard. Although men share their beard routine publicly, sometimes, you might still be at loss for simple tips that will help your beard ignite. Some tips include;

1. Always use beard oil

On some of the Instagram pages we have listed, If you check through their posts, you would see that they would have at one time or the
other, shared the best beard oils that bearded men have been testifying to that works. This is one of the advantages of following a community of bearded men. They share their successes, joys and struggles with others so that you can learn from them. Beard oils are indispensable. You need them. Even if your only beard care product is just beard oil and beard brush, you are still good. You can exclude some other beard care products from your kit, but a beard oil is extremely useful for your beard. It moisturizes, softens and cares for your beard as a whole. You should also be sure to shop for a quality beard oil. A very quality one.

2. Always clean your beard and try to stay healthy

Cleaning your beard is essential for you. Because when you clean your beard, you open up your pores and increase blood flow to your beard
area. This will, in turn, boost beard growth.

Apart from the official beard gang accounts listed above, you can also follow a number of celebrities online that have beards and that are
certified members of the beard gang.  Men like Gabriel Afolayan, Wole Soyinka, Phyno and Davido who recently joined, and a host of Nigerian celebrities. They have Instagram handles and you can go follow them to tap some beard inspiration. Being a part of the beard gang is no easy task. Men with beards have been mocked continuously and suffered discrimination both in society and at work. So, it makes sense for one to seek a community of like-minded people to share ideas with and rub minds with. Being a man with beards is a privilege. This is
because some men can’t even grow more than a mustache beard. Why? Simply because it isn’t in their genes. Genes dictate a lot of things
in a person.

Some have the Beard gene, while others don’t. Either way, just be proud of what you are and have fun with your beards. Beards rock! If you are not yet a full member of the beard gang, why not join fully now.  Stop shaving off your beard and grow your beard! That is the catch for joining MyBeardGang. That is all you need to be a part.

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