How To Grow A Beard At 15 Years

How To Grow A Beard At 15 Years – Growing a beard is not a hard task if you are born with it in your genes. Let us start with that. You need to know that if you wish to grow your beards, it entirely depends on if your genes will allow. Some people just don’t have it in their genes to be able to grow even the smallest of beards.  But surely there is a way around this. You can manipulate your body to shoot out more beards than your genes dictate naturally.  Yes, there are ways to do that. But we will still get to that. So, how do you grow a beard as a 15 years old boy? That is why you are here, right? So you are in the right place. We will solve this puzzle together.

Is it even possible to grow a beard as a 15-year-old? For some boys, puberty sets in very early and they start to see signs of beard growth around their chin as early as 15-16 years old. That is common, but the beard that will appear will be very thin and scattered. Most men are physically able to grow a full beard until their mid-twenties to late twenties. It is extremely rare to find a fifteen-year-old boy with a full beard. If you saw one, you would probably think it’s abnormal. This is because it rarely happens and is somewhat impossible.

Let’s analyze this more and look at it from the perspective that you have the full and long beard gene. Even if you have a full beard gene, it will probably start to manifest when you are in your late teens or early twenties. Fifteen years is quite a young age for you to expect to grow a full beard. It is 99% not possible. What is possible is little strands of hair appearing randomly all over your chin. That is what is possible.  And even the hair growth will be so thin that it can’t be called a beard.

Even when you start to see little strands, you have to count yourself lucky. Why? Because most 15 to 16-year-old boys don’t even grow a single strand of beard. It is very rare, but what it means if you have strands of hair growing all over your chin is that you probably have a tendency to be very bearded. Since you are already growing out your beard at such an early age, it is an indication that you will be very full bearded in the very near future.

For now, you just have to let nature run its course and don’t rush things. So, our advice for you as a fifteen-year-old is to be patient and wait till when you are old and physically able to grow a full beard. For now, you can’t grow a full beard, it is best to face the reality of things.

But if you are really intent on accelerating the speed of nature, if you want to fasten the pace at which your beard grows, it is not impossible. It is very possible. There are a number of ways you can do that. But you will only end up with a few more strands and perhaps a mustache. But you will be prepping yourself for fuller beards in the future. So, how can you speed up the growth pace?  See below!

1. Try very hard to boost your testosterone levels

At your age, your testosterone levels are probably all over the place. This is very common among teenagers, they constantly experience hormonal fluctuations. You need more testosterone and dihydrotestosterone for your beard to grow faster. Testosterone levels have been closely linked to beard growth rate. The higher your testosterone levels, the more beard your body will produce. The lower the testosterone levels, the slower your beard will grow. There are ways you can boost your testosterone levels naturally. And one sure way is through exercise. Exercise is the quickest and shortest way to boost testosterone levels.

Do more of push-ups, jogs, carry weights and just work out. This has been proven to boost testosterone levels and hence your beard grows faster in the process.  So do you want your beard out in no time?  A sure way is to start exercising! Although you won’t see results overnight, over a month or two, you will find that you are the “beardiest” and hottest guy in your class in school.

2. Use Beard Growth Stimulants

There is a popular beard growth stimulant available on Amazon that a lot of men have been testifying to. The name of the beard growth stimulant is Minoxidil. This beard product has a lot of positive reviews from users. There are so many people testifying to the effectiveness of this product. Just click the link below to go to the Amazon page and see what I am talking about. It costs $31.99 on Amazon and is eligible for free shipping. Check the product out here. If you can buy this product, you are on your way to fuller mustache and beard. It is guaranteed, tested and trusted by many men.

3. Exfoliate and clean your face regularly

Cleaning your face and skin helps to open up your skin pores and allows for your pores to breathe. When you exfoliate, you remove dead skin cells which interfere with the beard growth process. One way to stop such interference is to exfoliate your skin, especially facial skin. When you remove the dead cells, you have given room for healthy beard growth. You can also use a mild cleanser for your beard or skin, this will gently clean out your skin without being harsh. As simple as this seems, just do this every day and watch your beard grow!

4. Use Eucalyptus oil

You can use Eucalyptus oil as a moisturizer for your skin to encourage the growth of beard. Use the Eucalyptus oil as a massaging oil. Massage your beard and chin area using the eucalyptus oil as a lubricant. As you massage this area, you encourage blood flow to the area.  And the more blood flow, the better and more rapid the beard will grow. Just shop for Eucalyptus oil from stores around you and us every day.

Just try to do the four things listed above consistently and you have increased your chances of growing a full beard before the age of 18! Which is a big feat! But it is mostly advised for you to let nature run its course. Don’t compare your beard with your classmate’s. You both are not the same and have a completely different body and genetic biology. Your beard will grow fully at the right time. But to speed up the process, try the four tips given above and start to see tremendous results.

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