What Does Beard Gang Mean?

What Does Beard Gang Mean? – The term Beard Gang has been trending recently all over Social media. All over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you see people use the hashtag, #beardgang. What is this beard gang fuss all about? What is the Beard Gang? Well, to put it simply, the beard gang is a gang of men who keep beards and are proud of it. So, the beard gang is more like a support group for these bearded men to come together and share their joys and struggles with one another.

Some people say that they have beards but are not a part of any gang of bearded men. Yes, they may not have pro-actively joined one but they are a part of the gang whether they like it or not. What makes those men that are part of the beard gang qualified is their possession of beards. Therefore, if you have beards you are a  part of the beard gang. So in short, the Beard Gang is a coalition of bearded men! And yes, they are proudly bearded.

Have you seen the vision of the MyBeard Gang Nation coined on the blog? You should check it out here!

What really prompted the Beard Gang trend is the dislike some people expressed towards beards and bearded men. Before the recent rush in the trend of beards, men were usually cleanly shaven. They flourished in the feeling of being cleanly shaven and bearded men were increasingly accused of their beards being dirty. So, there was this subtle discrimination against beards and the men who wore them. Until some men decided to start to disregard society’s criticisms and keep their beards as full and as long as they want. They took well and good care of their beards thereby making the clean-shaven men crave the bearded look. They made them crave to feel what it’s like to grow a beard. And funny thing is, it is obvious that many of them are converting. They are switching teams from Team Clean and Babyface to the Team Beard Gang.  This is not hard to believe since there has been a huge surge in the number of bearded men in the world recently. Which means that a lot of men are converting. Which is good for everyone!

So, now that you know what beard gang is and what it means, you will probably be wondering how you can also join the beard gang. Well, first of all, let me congratulate you on the awesome decision you have made. In order to join the beard gang, the only qualification you need is to grow a beard.

Growing a beard is a fairly easy thing to do provided that you follow the steps and take good care of it. There are so many benefits to growing a beard.  The first obvious reason is that you get to be part of the beard gang. Yes, that is an achievement on its own. You will now be officially accepted into the prestigious beard gang! Apart from that,  beards add to your look in a way you probably couldn’t have imagined. Beards help you to look more mature. They help you to look more handsome and attractive. Clean-shaven men have been accused of looking like babies. Not necessarily babies per se, but will look significantly younger than their bearded men of the same age. So, have you ever noticed that men look much different when they grow a beard? They seem much older, much bigger and aggressive.

Yes, beards do just that to a man’s face. It completely transforms your face. So, if you have battled with getting respect from people just because you look young, you might want to put on some beards. Beards bring up your look and add respect to your name. Beards also help to trap dirt and microbes while you are eating so that you don’t have to ingest these germs but instead your facial hair traps them. So, apart from adding to your look, apparently, beards also help in acting as a filter for the foods you eat. Cool huh?

We’ve looked at the benefits of joining the beard gang, and of growing a fashionable beard. But how about we give you a brief summary of how to grow a beard? We know you would appreciate this.

Growing a beard is not a complex process at all, but there are some things you will be needing regularly during this journey. And one thing is, don’t shave again. That is the first step you should take. Just quit shaving. Let your facial hair come out and just don’t shave at all.

Also, quit the idea that shaving or trimming your beard helps it to come out faster because that is all a myth. They are not true. Your first solid step to keeping a beard is to stop shaving. After stopping, you can add exfoliation of your facial skin to your everyday routine.

Exfoliation helps to open up your skin pores, allow more blood flow to your face which will, in turn, help your beard grow out faster. You can use an exfoliation scrub for this. Also week after week, always be on the lookout for ingrown hairs in your face. And don’t forcefully pull them out when you spot them.

After you have done those above, use a good moisturizer on your face. You can use a moisturizing oil like coconut oil or olive oil. Apply every day on your beard to remove and prevent dry skin. Beards will not grow on dry skin, but it will grow well on a well moisturized one. You can also use Jojoba oil daily too since it is very close to the skin natural oil. Another way to boost your beard’s growth rate is to exercise well.

Exercising will boost your body’s testosterone and dihydrotestosterone levels. Do daily exercises like morning jogs and walks, push-ups, and yoga to help boost your levels of testosterone. You can also take vitamin supplements for vitamin A, E, and C which help to boost hair growth. A lot of people also take Biotin supplements since Biotin is what the body uses most for hair growth.

All in all, being a bearded man comes with a lot of joy.  Patience and perseverance are key to having a full beard. You should also know that beards do not grow out overnight. It takes time so you will have to do a lot of waiting. Have this in mind so that you don’t give up on the way. Wishing you success in your beard journey!

Beard Gang in Africa

Previously, we gave the direct meaning of what beard gang means. We mentioned the Social Media platforms where the word beard gang trends, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Let is quickly state the meaning of the beard gang once more: it is coined from two English words “Beard and Gang” Which means a Gang of Males that Keep Beards.

These sets of males are so proud of the beard because it gives them that manly look women and men like them usually admire. Some people believe that the beard gang will still be history, but we are very well convinced that natural fashion does not die easily.

In Nigeria though, the community is growing and every young male Nigeria is jumping on the beard gang bandwagon. It is an exciting time for the bearded community in Nigeria.

Joining a Beard Club?

Imagine you are approached in the street by a journalist, and he or she asks you “What is a Beard Club?” What will be your reply? It will be embarrassing if you cannot give an accurate reply. To help you avoid this, we have the information here.

Beard Club was launched in the year 2015 by co-founders Chris Stoicus and Alex Brown. The aim of these two men was to establish a platform that helps you grow your beard which as a result will lead you to appreciate manhood. The Beard Club is a treatment subscription that is similar to the Dollar Shave Club. As we are typing, we want you to know that Beard Club subscription is really going viral—a big thank you to the wise marketing approach applied by the company owners.

The Beard Club charges members at the base of 2$ per month, for beard oil, and still allow subscribers to organize their own orders by creating a custom made boxes that contains selected natural beard care items under the uncut Beard Co. product line (Search this will lead you to Google search engine where the beard club is the first result you will see after the confusing word “Did you mean?

The beard club is configured to operate on a monthly bases, and as a result, replenishes your stock at a cheaper cost and then gives you a better chance to do better than the competition. The orders are normally shipped from California across the United States of America and Canada.

Beard Gang in Nigeria

Recently Nigeria, as usual, has joined the Beard Gang. You can learn more about how to groom your beard on many platforms especially this web site. Explore a page like this. It will give you some tips on how to groom your beard so that the growth will be enhanced.  There are various platforms in Nigeria where you find the beard gang members that teach people how to groom their hair; some are on Facebook while others run their packages through personal websites.

Beard Games

The scope of growing beards has gone beyond ordinary discourse, those who are concerned about the fundamentals of the growing beards have moved to the next level to create games for a beard. They are actually very serious about becoming manly. You can check this website out for a beard game. It will be fun.

Beard Gang Images

Men are known for admiring beautiful things—encourage a man to grow a beard by showing him how he will look if he keeps a beard. People are often urged to succumb to be loyal only when you can show them how the future will look.

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